camera settings – How do i keep the self timer selected with the Nikon D5600?

This is really very annoying. If i set the release mode to timer and take a photo, the release mode reverts back to single shot. And i have to set it to timer mode again each time i want to take another shot.

When i know , i am going to be shooting all my photos in timer delay mode, i still have to turn it back to timer delay , before every shot. Is this common for all Nikon cameras ? How about other DSLRs?

Am i missing something in the settings ?

MySQL 8 insert values into selected columns only

I have a huge insert sql script for insertion and the problem that this insertion was possible in MySQL 5.5 version, but not in Mysql 8:

  `NickName` varchar(24) CHARACTER SET cp1251 COLLATE cp1251_general_cs NOT NULL,
  `Password` varchar(64) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'NULL',
  `RegIP` varchar(16) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No IP Adress',
  `OldIP` varchar(16) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No IP Adress',
  `CheckIP1` varchar(16) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No IP Adress',
  `RegData` varchar(16) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No IP Adress',
  `Referal` varchar(24) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No Referal',
  `Mail` varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No Mail Adress',
  `Telephone` varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No Telephone',
  `ForumName` varchar(30) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No Forum Name',
  `Level` int(11) NULL,
  `Exp` int(11) NULL,
... more than 150 columns

I’ve tried to disable all sql modes by setting it to: --sql-mode="NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION". I checked then it in DB and was set, even after this it doesn’t work. Before was too many modes like strict_trans_tables and etc.

Then the game returning in logs:

(ERROR) CMySQLQuery::Execute(OnPlayerRegisterMysql) – (error #1364) Field ‘Exp’ doesn’t have a default value:

(Query: "INSERT INTO `accounts` (`ID`,`NickName`,`Password`,`RegIP`,`CheckIP1`,`RegData`,`Level`,`Sex`,`Age`,`Race`,`Referal`,`Mail`,`Telephone`,`Money`,`Bank`,`HouseKey`,`BizKey`,`From
`,`OOC`,`Snow`, `VirMoney`, `Online_status`,`Online`) VALUE (NULL,'Jonny_Sky', 'password', '', 'No IP Adress', '2021-7-23', '1', '1', '0', '0'
, 'No Referal', 'No Mail Adress', 'No Telephone', '10000000', '0', '-1', '-1', '-1', '0', '1', '10000', '1001', '3')")

Is there any setting in MySQL 8 that will allow such insertions? As I mentioned everything was working in MySQL 5.5.

Hide selected cell indicator from other users

When i shared a spreadsheet, i will see that if other users click on a cell , it will be higlighted in my end. I don’t want to see this because it’s quite annoying.

Is it possible to disable the highlight from other users?

Share only selected sheet with a scripted button/image to be executed by user

I have the MAIN big sheet and 2 other sheets (REVIEW and REVIEW_UI). MAIN is the central of my data where i don’t want other user to have access. The schema is like this:


I only want to give access of my ‘REVIEW_UI’ sheet. This sheet will serve as (UI) user-interface so user can input data. The UI looks like this :

enter image description here

In this REVIEW_UI, all other cells are protected ( user can view but can’t change) except there are 2 special cells i want to open to the user (B4 as SHOTID and E4 as REVIEW) , so they can write to it. Also there’s a SUBMIT button/image where a function script has been assigned to. So i want user to be able to click this image/button to run the script. Basically user will select SHOTID then write REVIEW then SUMBIT it.

The script will execute a task where it will send the data (that user has entered in the REVIEW_UI sheet) into REVIEW. So user need have access to REVIEW sheet as well (Not a direct access to view the sheet , but so the input from REVIEW_UI can get write access into the REVIEW ).

So summary :

  • MAIN : no public access, no share at all.
  • REVIEW : write access exclusively via button in REVIEW_UI.
  • REVIEW_UI : write access only to that 2 cells and can execute function by clicking SUBMIT button.

How can i manage those sharing setup and how to share with button/image still clickable, while i don’t want to share to user as editor ?

forms – How can I select multiple rows from a table and let the submission handler know which rows have been selected?

In a custom module, I have a form showing a table with multiple rows, as in the screenshot.


Once users select one or more rows, and they click on the Delete button, rows in the database should be deleted.

I’ve built a tableselect table with type. I cannot understand how to get the selected table rows in the submission handler.

How can I achieve this?

The following is the code I am using to build the form.

foreach ($result as $row) {
  $data() = (
      'data' => (
        '#theme'      => 'image',
        '#alt'        => 'catImg',
        '#uri'        => File::load($row->Image)->getFileUri(),
        '#width'      => 100,
    t("<a href='editKitty/$row->id' class='db-table-button 
    db-table-button-edit use-ajax' data-dialog-type='modal'>Edit</a>"),
    t("<a href='delete-cat/$row->id' class='db-table-button
    db-table-button-edit use-ajax' data-dialog-type='modal'>Delete</a>"),

$header = (
  t('image'), t('Name'), t('Email'), t('Created'),
  t('Edit'), t('Delete'),

$build('table') = (
  '#type' => 'tableselect',
  '#header' => $header,
  '#options' => $data,

$build('submit') = (
  '#type' => 'submit',
  '#name' => 'submit',
  '#value' => $this->t('Delete'),

magento2 – How to show all images in configurable product before user has selected an option

It is very comfortable to the user navigate between all images product before select an option, but its confusing show all images when user has an option selected.

I’m looking for a way to show all thumbnails images when the user has no option selected yet.
It means: Show all simple product’s images in gallery and possibility to view them before the user select an option in swatch, but when user select it, shows the simple product image (default behavior*)
*The default behavior is show the configurable product image and the simple product image.

Show all products images even when a option is selected is not the point of this question

How can I achieve it?

20.04 – Activities search box not automatically selected when pressing Super Key

I’ve had this really annoying bug for the last few days: when I press the Super key and type, the input appears in the window I was working prior to launching the Activities overview (i.e. not in the “Type to search” box). However, the search box works correctly when I access the Activities overview via the hot corner.

Is this a known Gnome or Ubuntu 20.04 bug? How can I fix it?

Is there a way to link to a SharePoint List with a specific item selected?

So let’s say we have a SharePoint list with 1000’s of items.

And I want to share a link to a single list item.

But the List Item details view is not what the user wants to see. They want the list to be displayed with the specific list item visible.

Is there a special List URL format to show a specific item, but not to show the List item details?

How can I highlight selected text within tooltip in HTML

My goal is to highlight specific text within a tooltip

<abbr title="this is <b>tooltip</b>">text</abbr>

However, the above bold element has no effect when rendered within a tooltip.

In the above example, how can I make the word “tooltip” rendered in bold?

Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler – How do you create a Relational Model based off selected tables and tables related to them

I have a database with about 900 tables that I’m reverse engineering. I’ve identified 30 tables and have been able to create a new relational model view for those. The next step is I want to add any table that is related to these 30 tables. The relationships have been established in the database already, I just want to expose them in this new view.

Is there a way to automatically import these tables or do I need to identify all of the related tables manually by looking at the properties for each table. Then select them individually and import them.