media library – Does using the WordPress Import tool still include attachment data if “Download and import file attachments” is not selected?

I’m in a unique situation where I have to import WordPress content into a production server, but I don’t have SSH access to the server files or database. I can’t install plugins on the production server, so I am limited to the built-in WordPress Importer tool.

I don’t have any issues bringing over Posts and Pages, but it’s extremely hit or miss when bringing over the Media Library, of which I have something like ~2000 items.

What I do have, however, is access to the S3 bucket where the production server hosts the Media Library. The production server also automatically rewrites URLs for the media library to point to the S3 bucket.

My question is: If I migrate my Media Library files to my S3 bucket beforehand, then use the WP Exporter tool to export “All content” from my source site and import it into my production site and leaving “Download and import file attachments” unchecked, will my Attachment data (not the files themselves) still be imported into the database?

user experience – App Design – Engagement Type selected at beginning, or Radio buttons mid-request?

I am building an app wherein a user will be requesting one of three engagement types:

  • Appointment (no SLA)
  • Consult (2hr SLA)
  • Emergency (10mins SLA)

We are considering two different scenarios for submission of the desired request:

  • Option 1 – At the beginning
  • Option 2 – In the middle

Option 1:

User opens app with three buttons:

Engagement Types:

  • 1-Appointment
  • 2-Consult
  • 3-Emergency

Next screen requires inputs:
Enter Patient Details (Name, ID, Reason for Request)

User will then see the next screen with the option to add images of injury or chart –

  • If user selected Engagement Type 1 – Click NEXT (only option beyond image captures)
  • If user selected Engagement Type 2 – Text Box will be available to enter consult request detail – Click SUBMIT CONSULT REQUEST
  • If user selected Engagement Type 3 – Click SUBMIT EMERGENCY CALLBACK (will auto-send sms to on-call individual with Requestor Name, Patient Name, Reason for Request)

Engagement Type 1 Continued:

User will see a screen with an auto-generated Appointment Location/Date/Time


Option 2:

User opens app with one button: Start Request

Next screen requires inputs:
Enter Patient Details (Name, ID, Reason for Request)
Select Engagement Type:

  • 1- Appointment
  • 2- Consult
  • Click NEXT

Next screen has option to add images of injury or chart and different option depending on Engagement Type:

  • If Engagement Type 1 screen: Click NEXT (only option beyond image captures)

  • If Engagement Type 2 screen: Text Box will be available to enter consult request detail – Click SUBMIT CONSULT REQUEST (auto-sends SMS with Requestor Name, Patient Name, Reason for Consult)

  • If Engagement Type 3 screen: Click SUBMIT EMERGENCY CALLBACK (will auto-send sms to on-call individual with Requestor Name, Patient Name, Reason for Request)

Engagement Type 1 Continued:

1 – Appointment: User will see a screen with an auto-generated Appointment Location/Date/Time


Basically, is it better practice to have the user select the type of request up front, or to simplify with one button initiation and multiple radio buttons after the required inputs are completed?

Hiding Menu Bar does not work with macOS Big Sur with finder selected

I am on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1
I have hidden the menu bar in System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar > Automatically hide and show the menu bar
It works when other apps are selected (in front) but when finder is selected (when you click the desktop), the menu bar shows up again.
How do I make it no show up even when finder is selected? It is very annoying.

checkboxes – Radio buttons with none selected

I feel like there’s an answer out there but I can’t find it.

We have a situation where customers need to choose one of two options for billing their services, but we can’t choose it for them.

I’ve toyed with a dozen options, including some proposed by co-workers.

Here are the scenarios:

1. Use checkboxes like radio buttons:

Checkboxes as radio bittons

Here, neither is checked by default, clicking one or the other activates it and deselects the other.

I don’t like this option as it doesn’t follow checkbox conventions.

2. Radio buttons with a checkbox “enabler”.

Radio buttons enabled by checkbox

This has the advantage of making clear that no option is currently enabled (especially if they’re greyed out) and enabling the checkbox then enables the radio buttons.

The problem here is that a radio button “must” be checked (traditionally). I’ve been struggling to find a precedence where no radio button is already selected but haven’t found one.

If an unselected radio button is an option, there’s no need for the checkbox.

3. Dropdown/pop-up box

A drop-down menu will allow for a “null” option but, given that there are only three options (including null), it seems like overkill.

It’s also important to note that, once they choose either option, they cannot go back and choose the null choice.

Even as I write this, I’m leaning toward the “radio buttons with none selected but once one is chosen, they just toggle like normal radio buttons.”

I guess the questions are:

  1. Is there a better way?
  2. How much of a sin is an unselected radio button?

How to get Selected categories ids by jquery in product add/edit page

I want to get categories ids from the select box which are selected in the product add/edit time on the admin side by Jquery.

I tried to get value from the hidden box but not able to find a hidden box for selected categories id in product form.

enter image description here

Fetch satellite imagery data for selected coordinate using API for JavaScript

I am developing a system to display real time satellite imagery band data for selected coordinate using api for JavaScript. Basically I need to fetch NDVI,R,G,B information for given coordinate as json response. Looking to get updated data using landsat8 or modis .can any one direct me to free api to fetch these data globally
it need to be real time
at least 15 day temporal resolution data

I tried agro api and eos api and strugle to find suitable one

c# – How to pass values of selected checboxes to controller

I can’t pass the values fro my view to controller i tried some of methods but nothing works fine for me.
I have one input field but on my web app when admin access to that page, only admin can select boxes for every employee, my last update was, I can made to do select only one by one checkbox, but when I try with jQuery or something else that doesn’t work.
Here is my cshtml.

    <table class="table table-striped grid-table" id="tableLabel">
                <button type="button" class="checkall" onClick="checkAll()">select/deselect</button>

@foreach (var item in (IEnumerable<cit.Models.getCheIdTip_Result>)Model)
                 <div class="pure-checkbox">
                 <input type="checkbox" idtip="@item.idtip" class="checktip" 
                 checked="@(item.idemployee == ViewBag.idemployee ? true : false)"
                 name="" id="" />
                 <label for=""></label>
    <input type="hidden" value="@ViewData("idemployee")" name="idemployee" id="idemployee" class="idemployee" />

This is js code below, I successfully select all of the boxes but when I try to pass values to controller with form collection nothing happen, or when I need to click to sellect all I open inspect element and go to section network to try catch some error or something, so there is also nothing on click event.

        var isChecked = false;
function checkAll() {
    var checkboxes = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
    if (isChecked) {
        for (var i = 0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) {
            if (checkboxes(i).className == 'checktip') {
                checkboxes(i).checked = true;
    } else {
        for (var i = 0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) {
            if (checkboxes(i).className == 'checktip') {
                checkboxes(i).checked = false;
    isChecked = !isChecked;

Is there any solution or function to resolve this problem?

applescript – How to automate Voice Control to manipulate the currently selected text?

Because I have limited use of my hands, I use Voice Control to dictate most of my text. (I’m using it to speak this question.) Voice Control offers the ability to add custom commands, including those that will run an Automator workflow. Automator, in turn, can execute arbitrary JavaScript or AppleScript. (I prefer JavaScript). What I want to do is to create a script that takes the currently selected text in whatever application is active, manipulates it, and then replaces the selected text in place. For example, imagine creating a “hyphenate this” command that converts selected text like this—”Mac Voice Control scripting”—and changes it to this—”Mac-Voice-Control-scripting”. Writing the JavaScript or AppleScript to transform the string is the easy part. The problem is how to get the currently selected text for the current application, whatever it may be.

In Automator, you can create a “Quick Action” workflow that is supposed to pass the currently selected text and enable you to replace it. In practice, however, in Big Sur (at least) I could not get this workflow to receive text from any application. Given a standard run() function, the input array was always of length 0.

How do I create a workflow that may be executed by a custom command in voice control that receives, processes, and replaces the currently selected text in the current application?

windows – HP laptop HDD write behavior–is this normal? (Multiple files selected but simultaneous writes)

I currently use an HP laptop with i7-7700HQ and GTX 1050 with internal 256GB Samsung SSD (MZVLW2560H1Q1TB) and 1TB HGST HDD (HTS721010A9E630J).

The weird thing I see is that whenever I select multiple files and copy them from SSD to internal HDD, the speed shoots up to 1GB/s and drops down to 100MB/s (fig. a). Finding this rather abnormal, I checked the Resource Monitor and it shows that the files I selected are being written all at the same time.

Is this normal to happen? I’m more concerned for the lifespan of the hard disk since the heads inside will have to move back and fourth endlessly whenever I copy multiple files at once.

Initial 1GB/s speed:


Clearly multiple files selected at once, but simultaneous writes on Resmon?


blockexplorer – Why does the block explorer show a different fee rate than what I selected in my wallet app?

Feerates on the Bitcoin network are expressed in sats/vbyte (where vbyte is bytes, but taking the segregated witness discount into account). shows sats/byte (where byte refers to the actual number of bytes used to serialize the transaction); this metric is meaningless for fee estimation purposes. doesn’t show sats/vbyte directly, but you can compute it from the sats/WU that they do show (1 vbyte = 4 WU, so N sats/WU means 4N sats/vbyte).

I recommend using a different block explorer (or none at all; your own wallet will tend to give you more correct interpretations, without needing to trust a single site).

See also: