web application – How to secure the embedded code that contains the REST API call

I am creating a service similar to Google Analytics in which you embed the generated code in your website and track certain data. I have a back-end REST API, but I'm not sure how to securely deploy a call to it on the interface without all the authentication data being exposed. I am concerned that if a user inserts this code into their website with authentication, such as a session ID or a user ID, anyone could take that data and make a call to the api before the session expires and mixes. The user's data Is there any way to avoid this risk and securely design the back-end API and the call so that it is much more difficult or impossible for people to make calls to a user's private API?

How can keys be kept secure through prime factorization?

Sooo I under n = pq where p and q are big cousins, so it makes them inefficient to the point of being impossible, but there must be a list of primary sets (do people hear them call them traps, I think?) Is that known? As if p and q are both pairs of knowing, you could not look at n and go well, I know, so I do not need to even solve it, I can tell you that it is pq. Or is there an infinite number of primes available and is limited by the size of the key? Is not there a finite number of prime numbers available in 2048 bits that would not be so difficult? It's obvious that it has not been cracked for so long, but I do not understand why not, since you know how many prime numbers there are and also what they all are.

Secure your investment – Discussions and Help

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Searching for a secure email service


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client server: Can the HTTPS web server host an HTML page that JS uses to connect to a web protocol multiplayer game with secure connection like the js node?

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Exporting secure seeds using bitcoin core

I'm trying to secure my own bitcoin.

I want to generate a lot of addresses from an HD seed, however, I am paranoid about the security of any seed generated from any website and, therefore, I only trust the bitcoin central client.

I have downloaded and compiled the bitcoin-core client, but I have trouble understanding how to export the seed and / or seed + my password.

This feature is not available in bitcoin-core and, if not, there is something else that people use to secure large quantities or bitcoin using a personalized HD + password.

My final plan was to obtain one of the addresses generated from this seed, plus another 2 addresses of other seeds in other remote machines and then create a multi sig address to secure my bitcoin.

Any help / input appreciated.

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