the site is super slow GET customer / section / load /? sections = cart & force_new_section_timestamp = false & _ = xxxxxx

My site became super slow since yesterday. I can't find out what extension causes this. I thought it might be due to the Google Tag Manager Weltpixel, I disabled it. run configuration: update; di configuration: compile; s: s: d, but the site is still very slow.

This is the request that makes the site so slow

enter the description of the image here

ag.algebraic geometry: flat connections and global sections of vector packages

Leave $ X $ be a complex surface (not singular) and $ (V, nabla) $ be a vector pack $ V $ equipped with a flat connection $ nabla $ in $ X $. Set a point $ x in X $ Y $ v_0 in V_x $ an element in the fiber over the point $ x $ of the vector pack $ V $. Is there a global section? $ s $ of the vector pack $ V $ such that at the point $ x $, take the courage $ v_0 $?

Vector pack and smooth sections

Let π: E → X be a vector pack, and let s1, s2: X → E be the two smooth sections of E. We define their sum s1 + s2 by the formula: (s1 + s2) (x): = s1 (x ) + s2 (x), x ∈ X. Show that s1 + s2 is a smooth section of E.

Advertising – Use of Google Adsense in hidden domain sections

I got a verified Google Adsense account a few years ago when I was running my own little blog related to my web design business. Then I could use the same registered account to set up ads on a music website that I created under a new dedicated domain.

Now, I would like to use adsense on my new website, but it is a bit complicated since the pages are hidden behind a wall.

Let me explain.

My domain is a business and does not need adsense on any of the main pages, but I have created a background section (, where pages containing adsense banners will be placed.

There is not index page in /extra As the sites there have a very different theme and, in general, I don't want to go to the trouble of creating a main index page: most visitors will come through searches and social networks.

Any ideas on how I can make sure Google doesn't mark my ads to technically "hide" my pages this way?

Alternatively, are there other ways to monetize a site like this without the use of banners? I like the idea of ​​placing banners, but I am willing to try other methods if they are more suitable for the configuration of my website.

How to create links to sections within the same page ..?

Hello friends,

How to create links to sections within the same page ..?

WordPress contact form 7 – Remove WordPress from the sections of

I want to remove the WordPress tag from the From section when I use the contact plugin 7 in WordPress. How can I do this?

Wordpress email tag

See below the settings I use for the Contact 7 add-on.

enter the description of the image here

Architecture plans, sections, 2D plans, 3D of AutoCAD and Sketchup for $ 10

Architecture plans, sections, 2D drawings, 3D of AutoCAD and Sketchup

Hi, I'm Uzban, an expert architect. I have more than 3 years of experience as an Executive Architect.

Some of my services include

  • Design of plans, sections and plans.
  • Convert handmade drawings into CAD.
  • Modifying old plans to new high quality plans.
  • Professional quality representation

If you are looking to make professional floor plans, and sections, I am here to help you.

Do not hesitate to contact me.


seo – Will Google index and assign keyword value to content in closed accordion sections?

It depends on you and you do not have to worry about leaving the accordion open or closed.

Let's say that the content is hidden for the user, the accordions use JavaScript to hide or show the content, as long as the javascript is accessible for Googlebot, it will not have any problem with its SEO, since Google can access the Javascript code and understand that you are using to hide the content and you can also analyze or read the hidden content of the source code.

You should check that the robots.txt file on your website is not blocking Google to understand that the hidden content is temporary. To go and make sure that no folder or file containing the accordion javascript code is blocked as

User agent: *
Do not allow: / folder / accordion / javascript
Do not allow: / javascript

AWSTATS Special Sections – Webmasters Stack Exchange

I'm trying to get a special section in AWSTATS to collect data on clicks to a specific click through an ad from Adrotate.

I have tried the following with the URL in ExtraSectionFirstColumnValues1 as below and also "HOSTS"

ExtraSectionName1 = "X Details"
ExtraSectionCodeFilter1 = "200 304"
ExtraSectionCondition1 = "URL,  / wp  -content  / uploads  / 2018  / 12  / Signature  -showhome  -banner  -728x90  .gif"
ExtraSectionFirstColumnTitle1 = "X Details"
ExtraSectionFirstColumnValues1 = "URL,  / wp  -content  / uploads  / 2018  / 12  / Signature  -showhome  -banner  -728x90  .gif"
ExtraSectionFirstColumnFormat1 = "% s"
ExtraSectionStatTypes1 = H
ExtraSectionAddAverageRow1 = 0
ExtraSectionAddSumRow1 = 1

this next one is deleted with a hash that makes it appear huge on the web page

& # 39; # MaxNbOfExtra1 = 20

MinHitExtra1 = 1

No matter what I do, I get an error in the awstats output:

"Failed to extract the key"

I tried to figure out how to use DEBUG with the awstats PL script, but the documentation is too complex to understand and I can not know where to start.

Can someone please tell me where I'm going wrong?

2010 – Hide quick start sections on a specific page using the content editor

I have a SharePoint list page (2010). I have already found a useful code that works in the content editor to hide the quick start bar:


This works brilliantly.

However, I am also using the metadata navigation filter in my list and when I hide the quick start bar, the metadata box also disappears.

Is there any way to use the HTML code of the content editor to hide the following sections?

  1. Surveys
  2. Sites
  3. Libraries
  4. Lists
  5. The debates
  6. Contents of the site

(I'm not so worried about the recycling bin and all the content on the site).

This would leave me with the bar that contains only the filters section.

Note: I have seen elsewhere that you can manage this at the site level, however, I want the fast launch to not be affected by all the other pages.