posts – Full width section for block

Sorry if this is not posted in the right section but I am developing a wordpress site, and my client has just asked (right as they are happy with everything an getting ready to go live) for the ‘News Carousel’ to be in a grey area thats the full broweser width.

Now I used teh Catch Starter theme as a starter and I use the Ultimate Blocks post carousel for their news. The problem I am having is that the content of the pages with Catch Starter is set to a max width, which I changed to 1610px, therefore I cannot just add the post carousel into a section and make it grey as the section will adhere to the max width.

Is it possible to somehow break the width or parent divs before a block and the reapply after or am I at the stage where I am going to have to redo the page setup so that the page contents are not bound by the 1610px max width?

Its frustrating because everything that they agreed to before hand was ok to be within the area, not they have cnahged their mind on this one section and I dont want to have to recode it just for this!


How to organize common android UI components such as comment section?

I’m developing a social media app. One of the common components is the comment section. I’m wondering how I can organize my code better to reduce redundancy, because I think it doesn’t make sense if I created the same XML file for every screen that uses the comment section and all the logics needed. But if I make a reusable component will there be any drawbacks, in terms of flexibility and maintainability? I wanted to know what’s the best approach on this.

popup – How to handle map section navigation in mobile

Given a section which takes full height of the device’s viewport and have the following controls at disposal of the user:

  • Can pan through the map within a certain boundary (a country);
  • Can select an state to view it’s information;
  • Can input or select a city’s name to view it’s information;
  • Can see only one of the informations simultaneously (accordion).

How does one accommodate these functionalities in a handheld device (i.e. mobile phones)? Without annoying the user with:

  • Mistakenly get his touch input while scrolling down the page to pan the map (“scroll hijack”?);
  • Visual pollution with too much screen elements (e.g.: Map + Information panel);
  • Very small font size.

Here’s what the designer came up with:

Map mobile version

Disclaimer: he/she doesn’t have much experience with UX/UI nor have I.

I came up with this prototype*:

Initial state State selection state City selection state
Map initial state Map state selection Map city selection

*Made in figma

But I don’t think it is the “best” solution, for the following reasons:

  • The user don’t see the selection on the map, it would just popup above it, giving the animation of the selection in a window of 200 milliseconds (maybe delay it to ~750 milliseconds);
  • The user’s pan interaction is removed, because the panel is now above it.

But it have its pros:

  • The user is given space top and bottom to scroll the rest of the page, the section itself is about 75% of the device’s total viewport height;
  • No extra information noise/pollution on the initial state (inert, i.e.: no first interaction);
  • The user is given an option to exit the information panel (top right corner).

My initial question remains, as I’m not too confident with this “solution” that I’ve provided. I hope it isn’t too subjective and there are better solution for this.

Here is a preview on desktop:

Initial state State selection state City selection state
Map initial state Map state selection Map city selection

The most important elements of the map section are:

  • The map itself;
  • The information panel.

English is not my first language so any edit/suggestion is appreciated.

thumbnails – How can I change the behavior of cropping in medias section of admin?

I have a problem : in my admin section, I changed the size of the thumbnails to 800×600 because I need it.

Now, when I try to crop an image (only the thumbnail) in the media section, it wont crop it if the crop’s size is smaller than 800×600..

A simple solution would be for the user to upload the same image, crop it to his needs and I would display this image in the gallery instead. But it’s definitly not user friendly so I would like to change the behavior of the cropping system in admin ! (By the way I am making my own theme).

I tried using this filter : How to scale up featured post thumbnail? ! But it wont work… Can you help me pls ? (Sorry in advance for my bad english, I’m french 🙂 )

Google Docs: how to selectively make section visible to certain users?

I would like to make a section of a Google document only visible to certain users. However the means to do this is non-intuitive; the primary collaboration controls are an all-or-nothing affair. How can visibility be applied within a google doc?

sql server – How to model a course > section > lesson structure where lessons can belong to either sections or courses?

I have three entities:

  1. Course
  2. Section
  3. Lesson

Each “course” is made up of several “lessons”.
The “lessons” inside a course, can either be categorized into “sections”, or not.

So, the contents of a course could look either like this:

Foo Course:
    Lesson 1
    Lesson 2
    Lesson 3
    Lesson 4

Or like this:

Bar Course:
    Section 1:
        Lesson 1
        Lesson 2
    Section 2:
        Lesson 3
        Lesson 4

So, in other words, a course can either directly have “lessons”, or it can have “sections” that in turn have “lessons”.

From the other perspective, a “lessons” can either directly belong to a “course”, or belong to a “section” that in turn belongs to a “course”.

I’m struggling with how to implement this structure in a a relational database.

If every “lessons” had to necessarily belong to a “section”, it would be easy, I could just simply have a “Course” table, a “Section” table with a “CourseId” column, and a “Lesson” table with a “SectionId” column.

But my scenario is not as straightforward as that. A “section” can potentially exist as a middleman between a “course” and several “lessons”, but it can also be absent, in which case a “course” directly has the lessons and no there are no “sections”.

I’d appreciate any suggestions regarding how such a structure can ideally be implemented in the context of relational databases.


How to create a Landing page on Sharepoint that includes both a news section and a document sharing one?

I would need to create a landing page on Sharepoint that includes a few different sections:

  • 2 for document sharing
  • 1 for news
  • 1 containing graphs for key statistics

Is it possible to do so? How would you proceed?


What’s are some best practices for responsive images (e.g. for section headers)?

Silly me is letting a client upload their own header images. I’m checking if they’ve uploaded something, and if found I add it as a background image with an inline style in the template.

But, how do I swap images based on device used?

Normally, I’d just add media queries and swap out the images in my css, but when they’re inline backgrounds, I’m not sure what to do.

How do you handle it?

Country name missing magento 2 checkout page billing address section

Country name is missing on magento 2 checkout page billing address section
can anyone know the solution of this issue magento version is 2.3.5

enter image description here

forms – How to create a new parent section on the Configuration page?

When one navigates to Manage » Configuration, the page is divded into sections which (in the “Seven” theme at least) shows up in individual boxes. These sections have headings like “People”, “Content authoring”, “Development”, etc.

I am able to create a settings form and place this inside any of the existing sections on the configuration page by associating it with the parent key in


  title: 'Salutation settings'
  description: 'Configure the salutation message.'
  route_name: hello_world.greeting_form
  parent: system.admin_config_development

This places a link to the settings form for the “Hello World” module in the “Development” section.

However, neihter this, nor any other of the pre-existing sections, are suitable for my use case.

I want to create a new section named “Experimental”, place along the others on the “Configuration” page. And make this the parent of my menu link. How do I do that?