dnd 5e – What would be the effects of changing the duration of a round from 6 seconds to 5 seconds?

1. Some encounters in published adventures are may be written assuming six seconds per round.

This is probably the most significant problem. I can give a couple examples. From Storm King’s Thunder, there is an encounter involving timed hazards:

Characters who have a passive Wisdom (Perception) score of 14 or higher notice gaps in the ceiling, suggesting the presence of two hanging blocks of stone. Characters who search for traps and succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom (Perception) check also notice these blocks, which constitute the temple’s outer defenses.

Each block is a 40-foot-tall, 40-foot-wide, 20-foot-thick slab held up by mechanisms buried in the mountainside. When the lever in area 2A is moved to the down position, the block of stone closer to the entrance (area 1) falls, sealing off the tunnel. When the lever in area 2B is moved to the down position, the inner block does the same thing. Each block takes about 6 seconds to drop to the floor, allowing time for creatures to get out of the way.

At 6 seconds per round, the party has a single turn each to get out of the way of the hazard. At 5 seconds per round, they potentially have two rounds (how are you going to adjudicate 1/5th of a round?).

We see a similar issue with an encounter in Tomb of Annihilation:

With a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check, a character discerns that the entire floor of the corridor is a single pressure plate. The adamantine propeller has AC 20, 30 hit points, and immunity to all damage except force damage. It thunders into motion whenever more than 20 pounds of pressure is placed on the corridor floor. Once activated, the propeller spins up to full speed in 6 seconds. If the weight is removed from the floor, the blades take a full minute to slow to a stop.

While the propeller is spinning up or slowing down, a creature can leap through a gap between two blades with a successful DC 20 Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. On a failed check, the character takes 33 (6d10) slashing damage as it passes through the blades.

Again, a timed hazard, where a 5 second turn potentially gives the party more time to avoid it.

2. It makes the Acquisitions Incorporated spell gift of gab a bit odd to rule:

When you cast this spell, you skillfully reshape the memories of listeners in your immediate area, so that each creature of your choice within 5 feet of you forgets everything you said within the last 6 seconds.

When used in combat, casting the spell would retcon anything you said on your last turn. If a turn is five seconds, now it can include words from the last two turns.

dungeons and dragons – Why does a round last 6 seconds?

In the Dungeons and Dragons series, a round is typically 6 seconds, but I don’t understand how/why that number was decided on in particular. (Also, lots of other RPGs I’ve played have also defined a round as 6 seconds, for whatever reason.)

Why is a round 6 seconds in particular? For example, why isn’t it 5 or 7 seconds? 5 looks nicer and “rounder” to me. Also, who decided it would be this way?

Query to include + or – 5 seconds


I have a table that records meteor events – each record amongst other things has the date and time. I want to search for an event and specify the date but also the time but i want to have a + or – on the time, i started with this
duration_events.date = '2020-05-15'

but I want the search bring back events that are + or minus 5…

Query to include + or – 5 seconds

Is there a linux tool that will print Load Average and CPU percent idle every x seconds?

I cannot seem to find a tool that prints LOAD AVERAGE and CPU PERCENT IDLE every X seconds in a terminal window.
I am looking for something along the lines of vmstat but with those two values that top shows.

macos – USB keyboard is not working for tens of seconds at a time

I have a 2020 MacbookPro with 64gb RAM and Catalina factory installed. I have been using a non-apple USB ANSI external keyboard during this entire time. Until maybe a week ago it only had one problem: there would be a 10 to 20 second delay for it to be recognized after re-inserting it via a usb-C hub.

However in the last week or so the lack of recognition by MacOS has started to happen even when just idling the computer for a few seconds . It does not happen right in the middle of typing but can happen under about any other circumstances afaict. But now it does not revive after a few seconds. I have had to pull out and plug in to a different USB port (randomly – no pattern about which one(s) work better). Or restart the computer.. But even so it may take multiple times. There is no reliable / consistent treatmeent.

What might be the cause(s) of the usb keyboard frequently not being recognized by macOS ?

macos – I want to create a script in script editor that will press a key and then press enter every 60 seconds

I want to create a script in script editor that will press a key and then press enter every 60 seconds. However, I don’t know how to make a script that presses a key. Does anybody know how to make a script that does this? I tried to keystroke “enter” but what is did was type out the word enter. Also, sometimes the code will crash and an error message will pop up saying that script editor cannot do keystrokes.

The aim for this script is to create an xp farming discord bot to farm xp on a server by sending messages.

7 – Cron timeouts at 60 seconds, but all the related timeouts are set higher

We’re getting 504 Gateway Timeouts on AWS from a Drupal 7 site at 60 seconds, but everything AFAIK is greater than that. The timeout is specifically during running the feeds_source_import in Ultimate Cron.

We have a NLB with two TCP listeners that forward to the IPs of an ALB. According to the docs, the NLB has a timeout of 350 seconds for TCP connections. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticloadbalancing/latest/network/network-load-balancers.html#connection-idle-timeout

The ALB is using an HTTP and HTTPS listener, and we have the Idle Timeout set to 300 seconds.

Finally on the servers themselves are running CentOS 7.7, Apache 2.4 and PHP-FPM 7.2.
reqtimeout_module is turned off completely.
Here are some values from php.ini:

max_execution_time = 300
max_input_time = 120
max_input_vars = 4000
memory_limit = 300M
default_socket_timeout = 120

And apparently cron lock time is set to 240 in Drupal Core. https://stackoverflow.com/a/9220479/5004648

Is there anything else we’re missing that would terminate the connection at 60 seconds?

Given that we have several feeds, I decided to try to also run the importer manually by visiting: /import/video_importer and also get a timeout. For reference, the feed is pulling only a 128KB CSV file that has 912 lines.

google sheets – Show difference between 2 time stamps in seconds and 1/10ths of a second

I’m looking for a formula to show the time in seconds and 1/10ths of a second between two time stamped cells (produced using CTRL+SHIFT+:) in a Google sheet. The max time between the cells will be less than 1 hour. To make it easy for people to understand it needs to be in the format 123.4 for 123 seconds and 4 tenths. Could anyone help please

networking – Internet connection drops for a few seconds

I am having a problem with an internet connection, let me explain:

I use my phone to connect to a WiFi network that uses EAP-SIM. In fact, every person who has a SIM card from the “Free” carrier can connect to these kind of WiFi Hotspots.

These hotspots are hosted from people’s routers in their home so I don’t really have access to the router configuration.

Then, I use a USB cable to tether connection to my PC running Windows 10. The problem is that when I watch Youtube videos or download things on the internet, the connection drops for some seconds then goes back normally and this happens multiple times.

I have managed to bypass this problem by using a connection to a VPN using OpenVPN client with the option redirect-gateway which is supposed to route all the traffic through the VPN network (This solution worked when using TCP for the VPN, on UDP I get the same problem…). I don’t know if this is some kind of throttling or if it is a problem with the connection.

Do anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem? Why does it work correctly when using a VPN with TCP? Note that the problem also occurs on my phone and not just PC.

Other things I have tried:
Changing the MTU for the network interface on my PC.
Using another phone to connect to the WiFi network.

PS: This is my first post so excuse any missing information.

malware – Browser threw me on same ad-site some seconds after scrolling on completely separate webpages

I was scrolling on two completely separate web pages, pages I have visited many times before. However they do both have ads. My browser is Opera, and I use an adblocker (on the other site it doesn’t always block all ads). After opening the page and scrolling on it for a while, I’m not sure but after maybe 5-30 seconds on the page, the browser redirected me to a different page (in the same tab), which was a page advertising an ISP/phone company, but it was a false ad, which would surely give viruses/etc if clicked on. These incidents happened within 10 hours of each other, and when the second one happened, I had many tabs open, including one from the page where it happened first.

In the past I’ve encountered many kinds of popups and ads, but this one seems strange because 1) it directed me to the same malware-ad page from two totally separate pages (the topic of these pages is nothing similar, one is blog about music lyrics and the other a game wiki), and 2) I did not click anything at the moment when it redirected me to that page. Also my Opera settings says “popups and redirecting” is disabled. A whois-service said the IP had been registered yesterday.

Quick virus scan didn’t find anything, I am now running full scan. I want to know how this kind of thing works, and what should I do to prevent it / does it mean I have malware?

EDIT1: I googled about the first site that did this. I reveal that the site is wowhead.com (wiki-style page for World of warcraft -videogame). There was lots of forum threads complaining about redirecting ads on that page, dating from 2016 to 2019. If it was caused by their ad, I’m not sure why my adblock let that ad through. Also, I had a wowhead tab open while browsing the other page that did this, so is it possible that the same script would somehow redirect me in another tab of a different page?