search engine – Ways to share folders from Mac Host to Mojave Guest in Virtualbox (using NFS Manager or other options)?

I have Yosemite Host and Mojave Guest VM through Virtualbox. I want to share the Host's folders with the Guest. I know there are at least three ways, but I have not had success with any of them. I am not an expert and it took me a while to get Mojave to be invited to Yosemite after several failed attempts with Parallels 10. The three ways I know are:

  1. Guest Aditions: I installed Guest Additions and added directories in the "Shared Folder" configuration of Virtuabox. However, I can't seem to find the shared folders in Finder in Mojave, should they appear under a shared network file, right?
  2. NFS Administrator (
  3. or configure a Mac server by configuring mac through the file sharing section.

What is the best / easiest way (in the previous or other ways) and is there a step-by-step video / guide on this?

Google Search Now highlights "key moments" in videos

Google announced that it is now adding the ability to find specific or "Key Moments" of videos in Search

Sharepoint online: Microsoft Graph API user search

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Python: go to the bot with the minimax tree search too slow

I'm reading the book "deep learning and the game of go" and I didn't get very far in the book; I wrote the basics (rules, auxiliary classes) and a Qt GUI interface. Everything works and I decided to write the examples of the minimax program, to see if I can beat it 😉
but it's too slow: it takes a few minutes to play a movement, with an initial 9×9 board. With a predetermined depth of 3 movements, I believe that the calculation of the first movement would take (9×9) x (9×9-1) x (9×9-2) ~ 500,000 positions. Ok, it's Python, not C, but I think this could be calculated in a minute at the most.

I deleted a call to copy.deepcopy (), which seemed to be time consuming. But it stays very slow.

Here are some things:
the computer thread:

class BotPlay(QThread):
    Thread de calcul du prochain coup par le bot

    def __init__(self, bot, bots, game):
        constructeur, pour le prochain coup à jouer

        :param bot: le bot qui doit jouer
        :param bots: l'ensemble des 2
        :param game: l'état actuel du jeu (avant le coup à jouer)
        QThread.__init__(self) = bot
        self.bots = bots = game

    played = pyqtSignal(Move, dict, GameState)

    def __del__(self):

    def run(self):
        bot_move =
        self.played.emit(bot_move, self.bots,

The movement selection method and its class:

class DepthPrunedMinimaxAgent(Agent):

    @bot_thinking(associated_name="minimax prof. -> LONG")
    def select_move(self, game_state: GameState):
        PonderedMove = namedtuple('PonderedMove', 'move outcome')
        best_move_so_far = None
        for possible_move in game_state.legal_moves():
            next_state = game_state.apply_move(possible_move)
            our_best_outcome = -1 * self.best_result(next_state, capture_diff)
            if best_move_so_far is None or our_best_outcome > best_move_so_far.outcome:
                best_move_so_far = PonderedMove(possible_move, our_best_outcome)
        return best_move_so_far.move

    def best_result(self, game_state: GameState, eval_fn, max_depth: int = 2):
        if game_state.is_over():
            if game_state.next_player == game_state.winner():
                return sys.maxsize
                return -sys.maxsize

        if max_depth == 0:
            return eval_fn(game_state)

        best_so_far = -sys.maxsize
        for candidate_move in game_state.legal_moves():
            next_state = game_state.apply_move(candidate_move)
            opponent_best_result = self.best_result(next_state, eval_fn, max_depth - 1)
            our_result = -opponent_best_result
            if our_result > best_so_far:
                best_so_far = our_result
        return best_so_far

I am almost certain that the problem does not come from the GUI, because the initial version of the program, given by the book, and completely in console mode, is as slow as mine.

Thank you

sharepoint online – SP Search – Exclude author

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Add a search function to a search column?



  • The library has several hundred documents, so it is very difficult to find the correct documents to add to the list item.

Is there any way to implement a looking for function above the list of documents so that the list dynamically filter When do I start writing the beginning of the document reference?

I still have to find a suitable solution to this problem and I need avoid using SharePoint Designer for maintenance reasons if possible.

expired domain search engine


Is there a recent tutorial to explain the use, because the interesting domains I find are already registered?

Why don't search engines index my content?

There are several reasons why your content may not appear in the search
engine results, however, it is important to keep in mind that
a search engine
The index may contain pages that are not displayed in your

How to know if your content is really indexed

Actually, it can be difficult to know if your content is indexed.

  • Search all the documents on your site and see how many are listed
    • Google: Enter (where is your domain, there should be no space after the colon).
    • Bing: enter site:
    • Yahoo: enter site: (or use the advanced search form)
  • Search for a specific document by a single sentence of eight to twelve words and look for that sentence in quotes. For example, to find this document, you can choose to search "the number of reasons why your content may not appear in search engine results"
  • In addition to the above, search for keywords with inurl: Y intitle: you can try something like keyword with another keyword This will bring upi pages that are indexed only for the specified domain.

    • Log in to webmaster tools to see search engine statistics on how many pages are indexed from the site.
    • Google webmaster tools: information is available in "Health" »" Index status ". If you have submitted site maps, you can also see how many documents in each site map file have been indexed.
    • Bing webmaster tools

In some cases, the documents may not appear indexed through one of
these methods, but documents can be found in the index using other
methods For example, webmaster tools can report that few documents
are indexed even when you can search your sentences and find the
documents in the search engine. In that case, the documents They are
Actually indexed.

How content is indexed

Before search engines index content, they must find it using a
web crawler
You must check your web server logs to see if
Search engine crawlers (identified by your user agent, e.g.
Bing / MSNbot)
You are visiting your site.

Larger search engines like Google and Bing usually crawl sites
frequently, but the crawler may not know about the new site. You can
notify search engines of the existence of your site through
register as your webmaster (Google Webmaster
, Bing Webmaster
) or, if the search
engine does not provide this installation by sending a link to your
trackers (for example, Yahoo).

How long has your site / content been online?

Search engines can index content very
quickly after it has been found, however, these updates are occasionally delayed.
Smaller search engines can also be much less responsive and take weeks to index.
new content.

If your content has only been online for several days and you don't have
any links from other sites (or their links come from sites that
trackers do not visit frequently) probably not indexed.
If your site has not been active for more than a few months, search engines
You may not trust enough to index much of it.

Has the content been excluded by the webmaster?

This step is especially important if you are taking control of a site
someone else and there is a problem with a specific page or directory:

exclusions and remove them if you want crawlers to index the content
being excluded

Is there a technical problem that prevents your content from being indexed?

If you have an established site but no specific content is being used
indexed (there are no web crawler visits in the URLs where the content is located
resides) the webmaster tools provided by Google and Bing can provide
Useful diagnostic information.

Of Google Crawl

the documentation provides extensive experience on common problems for the web
crawlers that prevent content from getting indexed and, if you use
Google webmaster tools, you will receive an alert if any of these
Problems are detected on your site.

Correct errors and incorrect settings as quickly as possible to ensure
that all the content of your site is indexed.

Is the content of poor quality?

Search engines do not index most of the pages they crawl. They only index the highest quality content. Search engines will not index content if:

  • It's spam, gibberish or nonsense.
  • It is found elsewhere. When search engines find duplicate content, they choose only one of the duplicates to index. Usually, that is the original that has the most reputation and links.
  • It's thin You need more than a couple of lines of original text. Preferably much more. It is unlikely that pages created automatically with little content, such as a page for each of its users, will be indexed.
  • You do not have enough reputation or links. A page may be buried too deep in your site to rank. It is unlikely that any page will be indexed without external links and more than a few clicks from the home page.

Is part of your content indexed, but not all?

If your site has hundreds of pages, Google will almost never choose to index each page. If your site has tens of thousands of pages, it is very common for Google to choose to index only a small part of those pages.

Google chooses the number of pages to index from a site based on the overall reputation of the site and the quality of the content. Google often indexes a higher percentage of a site over time as the site's reputation grows.

dnd 5e: the food search function of the natural scout of the Rangers and the background tramp function for the food stack?

Rules as written probably don't work together, so ask your GM

The rules on "Food Search" (DMG page 111) state:

Characters can collect food and water while the party travels at a normal or slow pace. A food-seeking character performs a Wisdom (Survival) check each time he requests it, with the DC determined by the abundance of food and water in the region …

A search character finds nothing on a failed check. On a successful check, roll 1d6 + the character's Wisdom modifier to determine how much food (in pounds) the character finds, then repeat the water run (in gallons).

Certainly, the Natural Ranger Explorer feature would apply here:

When you forage, you find twice as much food as usual.

But the Wanderer function of Outlander Background says:

In addition, you can find food and fresh water for you and five other people every day, provided the land offers berries, small game, water, etc.

The question now is "Does the Wanderer function count as foraging?"

Foraging is defined (and only mentioned) in sections that talk about things to do while Travel. However, the Wanderer function does not have that restriction, in fact, it never mentions a time requirement or anything like that. Like many background features, it is not a very defined skill in terms of the rules of the game.

Although the search for food is certainly similar to the common sense in English of the word "forage", the DMG specifically defines the process of food search and it does not seem that the Outlander's characteristic follows these same rules, so I would say yes no Count as foraging.

Ultimately, there seems to be no set rules on how Wanderer's food search capability works. it just happens while foraging, as defined in the rules, implies a control of Wisdom (Survival).

The Wanderer function does not follow the same rules as the food search (or really any rule), so it will be up to your GM to decide if it counts as a food search.

c ++ – How to do the search and insert operation in an n-ario tree?

I need to know how to do the search and insertion operations recursively in a general or n-Aryan tree, starting from the fact that the nodes interconnect with the son and brother pointers.

I tried to do it as if it were a binary tree but it doesn't work for me and when doing the search I get a lot of crap.

    void Arbol_Multicamino::Insertar()
        cout<<"nInserte el Nombre del estudiante."<>nom;
        cout<<"nInserte la Edad del estudiante."<>ed;
        cout<<"nInserte LA FACULTAD del estudiante."<>fac;
        Nodo *NuevoNodo;
        NuevoNodo=new Nodo(nom,ed,fac);

            cout<<"nSe ha insertado un nodo en la raiz (Padre)";
                string Padre;
                cout<<"nEsriba el Nombre del Padre para insertar hijos: ";
                    Nodo *Aux=Raiz;
                    Nodo *Temp;
                    Temp=Buscar(Aux, Padre);
                        if(Temp->hijo!=NULL && Temp->hermano==NULL){

    //Partimos de que Temp es igual a la raiz...

Nodo* Arbol_Multicamino::Buscar(Nodo *Temp,string Padre)
    ///Nodo *Temp=Raiz;
         if (Temp->Nombre == Padre)
             return Temp;
        return 0;

And the mistake is that when I insert a node in the root and one like his son does not show it well and he crashes …