search results: Are all the attachments from the list tracked in SP Online?

I have problems to recover any result from my sharepoint list.
I have some jpg files, ms word / excel and pdf attachments and sometimes I get results sometimes now.
Any idea of ​​what is being crawled in content sources for online SP?
How can I know when was the last time the resource was traced? I have repeated so many times without any change.
If someone from the MS team can give some clue here.
Thanks in advance

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How to block specific search keywords in WordPress?

I would like to block some prohibited keywords specific to the WordPress search.
Or I would like to show a redirect when someone searches for specific keywords.
How to do?

Arrangement based on binary search tree out of bounds

The problem is that I have a matrix-based binary search tree that needs to take almost 2000 lines of information from a text file read from an IO file.

However, I continually get a matrix index outside the 3012 limits.

I have tried to make the matrix as large as possible without exceeding the limit in Java VM. But even that was not enough to store the file.

I have tried with smaller files and it works fine.

You can find examples of text files at:

ArrayBinary public class implements Serializable
Private class entry implements serializable
private int key;
private object element;
Public entry (int k, object e)
this.key = k;
this.element = e;
Private entrance [] tree;
private int size;
int private height;
left private;
private right int
static final private int MAXCAPACITY = 2000;
Public ArrayBinary ()
size = 0;
height = 1;
left = 0;
right = 0;
tree = new entry[MAXCAPACITY];
for (int i = 0; i <MAXCAPACITY; i ++)
tree[i] = null
empty public insertion (int key, value of the object)
Input node = new entry (key, value);
Boolean added = false;
int index = 0;
while (added)
yes (tree)[index] == null)
tree[index] = node;
size ++;
aggregate = true;
yes (key <tree[index].key)
index = index * 2 + 1;
else if (key == tree[index].key)
index = index * 2 + 2;
index = index * 2 + 2;

I hope the file is read without informing any out-of-bounds matrix and may contain an entire 2000 int file.

How to offer Google Adwords and Bing Search Credits

Hi all!

I have searched all over the internet and it seems that I can not find what I am looking for. I would like to offer Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing credits to my clients. Does any other web hosting provider know how I can get these coupons? Is there a fee? Could someone just tell me the correct address so I can do some research on this?



Hi, I'm looking for a change in the WP search results

I am using ajax search pro to perform a search on my website. What is to show the list of users in the search term, but I'm using the default WordPress search results page to display the list of users here is the website link –

Try typing any keyword as compliance and it will give the search page the username of the user on the website. Instead, I would like to show the User's First and Last Name as the result of the user list.

So how can I change the default WordPress search page to show the user's first and last name? Meaning of change in seacrh.php to work on the name of the publication title.

screenshot of the search results page

search – Karp-Rabin – what is the entry for the complexity of the worst case scenario?

I'm trying to determine the entry for the worst case of Karb-Rabin complexity, regardless of the hash function used. However, I am seeing these two answers on the internet:

  • Chain "AAAAAAAA" and pattern "AAA"
  • Chain "AAAAAAAB" and pattern "AAB"

Which of these entries would have the worst execution time in Karp-Rabin? Thank you!

Why are not the search engines indexing my content?

There are several reasons why your content may not appear in the search
engine results, however, it is important to keep in mind that
a search engine
index may contain pages that are not displayed in your

How to know if your content is really indexed

It can be difficult to know if your content is indexed.

  • Search all the documents on your site and see how many are listed
    • Google: enter site: (where is your domain, there should be no space after the colon.)
    • Bing: enter site:
    • Yahoo: enter site: (or use the advanced search form)
  • Look for a specific document for a single sentence of eight to twelve words and look for that sentence in quotes. For example, to find this document, you can choose to search "number of reasons why your content may not appear in search engine results"
  • In addition to the above, search for keywords using inurl Y intitle can you try something like keyword with another keyword inurl: this will bring upi pages that are indexed only for a specific domain.

    • Log in to the webmaster tools to see search engine statistics on how many pages are indexed from the site.
    • Google webmaster tools: the information is available in "Health" »" Index status ". If you have sent site maps, you can also see how many documents in each site map file have been indexed.
    • Bing Webmaster Tools

In some cases, it may appear that documents are not indexed through one of
These methods, but documents can be found in the index using others
For example, webmaster tools can report that few documents
are indexed even when you can look up your sentences and find the
Documents in the search engine. In such a case, the documents are
actually indexed.

How content is indexed

Before search engines index content, they must find it using a
web crawler.
You should check the logs of your web server to see if
search engine crawlers (identified by your user agent, for example,
Bing / MSNbot)
They are visiting your site.

Larger search engines like Google and Bing usually crawl sites
frequently, but the tracker may not know about the new site. You can
Notify search engines of the existence of your site through
registering as your webmaster (Google Webmaster
, Bing Webmaster
) or, if the search
engine does not provide this facility, presenting a link to its
crawlers (for example, Yahoo).

How long has your site / content been online?

Search engines can index very content
Quickly after it has been found, however, these updates are occasionally delayed.
Smaller search engines can also be much less responsive and take weeks to index
new content.

If your content has only been online for several days and does not have
any link from other sites (or their links come from sites that
crawlers do not visit frequently) is probably not indexed.
If your site has not been active for more than a few months, the search engines
You may not trust enough to index much content from it yet.

Has the content been excluded by the webmaster?

This step is especially important if you are taking control of a site from
someone else and there is a problem with a specific page or directory:

Exclusions and delete them if you want the crawlers to index the content.
being excluded.

Is there a technical problem that prevents your content from being indexed?

If you have an established site but the specific content is not being
indexed (there are no results of the web crawler in the URLs where the content is found).
resides) the webmaster tools provided by Google and Bing can provide
Useful diagnostic information.

Of Google Crawl
The mistakes

The documentation provides extensive experience in common problems for the web
crawlers that prevent content from being indexed and, if you use
Google Webmaster Tools, you will receive an alert if any of these
Problems are detected on your site.

Correct errors and misconfigurations as quickly as possible to ensure
that all the content of your site is indexed.

Is the content of low quality?

Search engines do not index most of the pages they crawl. They only index content of the highest quality. Search engines will not index content if:

  • It's spam, gibberish, or nonsense.
  • It is found elsewhere. When search engines find duplicate content, they choose only one of the duplicates to index. Usually that is the original that has more reputation and links.
  • It's thin. It needs more than a couple of lines of original text. Preferably much more. It is unlikely that automatically created pages with little content, such as a page for each of your users, will be indexed.
  • It does not have enough reputation or links. A page may be buried too deep in your site to classify it. It is unlikely that any page will be indexed without external links and more than a few clicks from the homepage.

Are some of your content indexed, but not all?

If your site has hundreds of pages, Google will almost never choose to index each page. If your site has tens of thousands of pages, it is very common for Google to choose to index only a small part of those pages.

Google chooses the number of pages to index from a site based on the overall reputation of the site and the quality of the content. Typically, Google indexes a larger percentage of a site over time as the reputation of the site grows.

Google Search: tracking parameters of web trends in the URLs of our site are causing duplicate content and SEO problems

We have some problem with the duplicate content in Google SERP. The problem is that we are using click tracking in Webtrends that adds a parameter after the URL. This is how a URL can look when Webtrends is loaded on the web page:

As I know, Google Crawl links and also adds the parameters so that this content is duplicated because if you delete everything after ? The same content is displayed.

How can I prevent Webtrends from adding this or Google not tracking these parameters? I have seen some ideas but I have not found a real answer that I can use:

  1. Add self-reference
  2. noindex in the parameter "WT.xx =. *"
  3. Add the parameters after crawling with JavaScript
  4. Add the parameter to a meta-tag

I am not familiar with the method that I can use and is the best?

jquery – Program search field in the drop-down list

I have a list called Store List. In one of the columns that is a drop-down menu, I am trying to make a search field in the upper part, so that the user does not have to scroll through hundreds of stores. After a lot of research, this does not seem very feasible, except the use of external files, something like chosen.jquery.js, which is what I'm trying. The code is what I found in one of the files ($ (SPUtility.GetSPFieldByInternalName (& # 39;) & Controls) .find (& # 39; select & # 39;). Selected ({width: "300px "}). Stores is the name of the field I'm trying to create the drop-down menu in. When I upload this in the Content Editor, nothing happens. Could someone help me with a solution?