serialization – How can I pass python objects to one script to multiple independent parallel scripts?

I need to pass an object (a list of lists of floats) from a python script to multiple parallel (10-20) scripts at specific times (say every minute). I tried to pickle the object but every once in a while I get an error (EOF – run out of input) probably caused by the processes attempting to read the file exactly at the same time. Is there something similar to multiprocessing Queue but for independent scripts? Unfortunately multiprocessing is not an option, I need them to be independent. I am open to every suggestion.

Discord Integration | Nulled Scripts Download

Discord Integration allows you to establish a connection and manage your Discord server from the comfort of the XenForo Admin Control Panel. This is a free upgrade if you already own an active license to the original Discord Integration.



  • Allows for XenForo user groups to be synced with Discord server roles. Essentially this allows you to automate the giving and…


[TH] Ignore More

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[TH] Ignore More – Users remove what they don’t want

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Ignore More
Let your users remove content from their view by ignoring forums or threads.


  • Add a ‘Show ignored content’ link when content has been hidden on the news feed and latest activity pages, allowing the…

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[TH] Style Switch

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[TH] Style Switch – Don’t ask, just theme




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[TH] Filter | Nulled Scripts Download


If you’ve got a lot of content on your forums that cover a wide variety of subjects, how do you organize it all?

Utilizing nodes is only half of the solution. Too few and your community will have a hard time finding the specific content…


[TH] Activation Reminder & User Purger | Nulled Scripts Download

Activation Reminder & User Purger
For larger forums, managing membership can be a daunting task. With Activation Reminder, automatically send an email to users who have registered but never activated their account after a set number of days. If they still don’t activate their account, utilize User Purger to…


[TH] Notifier – with Slack integration | Nulled Scripts Download

Notifier – with Slack integration
Know what’s happening on your forum and stay up to date by sending notifications from XenForo to Slack and Mattermost. Set up the actions you would like to receive notifications about and further define it by choosing the nodes…


Jenkins vs shell scripts

why would Jenkins get a different result from shell scripts(redhat 7) alone? I have shell scripts that run fine if I execute them from a terminal, however when I run the scripts from Jenkins they get different results
Jenkins 2.263.4

uCloud – File Hosting Script – Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files | Nulled Scripts Download

– Fix for remote download vulnerability when gopher protocol installed.
– Fix for SQLi vulnerability within admin area datatable scripts.
– Fix for XSS in admin ‘log file viewer’ and ‘get all file server paths’ script.
– Improved uniqueness of password reset hash.

Release notes: There are no database changes in this release. Changed files:

/admin/ajax/ – Entire folder


[DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce: Tickets | Nulled Scripts Download

This product requires DragonByte eCommerce to function!

DragonByte eCommerce: Tickets is the perfect companion to DragonByte eCommerce, allowing you to easily deal with any support query your users might have.

Fully integrated with XenForo 2.1 and DragonByte eCommerce, Tickets uses forums to house your support tickets, giving you the stability of the XenForo core along with…