How to run Python interpreter embedded in apk and run script?

I would like to know how I can go about running a Python interpreter that is embedded inside an Android Apk and making it run a .py script, or a pyc script. How can all this be configured from code?

How to run Python interpreter embedded in apk and run script?

I would like to know how I can go about running a Python interpreter that is embedded inside an Android Apk and making it run a .py script, or a pyc script. How can all this be configured from code?

Modify Powershell script to to copy from multiple sources to a single destination using Robocopy

want to write a script (preferably in PowerShell) to copy (robocopy) files from multiple directories to a single destination. I am able to do this for a single source directory. But need help to modify it to copy from multiple locations. Here’s the skeletal script:

Robocopy $Root $Dest /E /XX /COPYALL

autohotkey – 2 parts of AHK script that won’t function together, but work separately

I am trying to write an AHK script that will launch a program and then remap a key for use when this application is in focus. I also made it so that when the application is closed, so does the AHK script:

RunWait , %ProgramFiles%Epic GamesUE_4.25EngineBinariesWin64UE4Editor.exe
#IfWinActive, ahk_class UnrealWindow

The first part of launching the application runs fine, but the second part of remapping the keys does not.

If I simply use the code:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class UnrealWindow

and launch the program normally, the key remap works fine. So now its a question of; why dont both the actions of the script work together?

Google Apps Script create Google Doc and then save blob to PDF not working even after saveAndClose()

I want to copy a google doc (which is a template), save it as a new file name, add text to the doc, add an image to the doc, then make a pdf copy of the doc.

I can get the doc to copy, add the text, add the image, and that works fine. Then I add the line to convert to blob to create the pdf but the pdf is now just what the template was before the text and image are added. So then I do save and close and then re-open the doc and then do the convert to blob pdf – but in this case the text and image of the doc are blank and the pdf is blank. I have tried multiple iterations of save and close and re-open before creating the pdf. I don’t know why it’s not working properly.

  // Create template copy:
  const folder = DriveApp.getFolderById(destinationFolderID); // Get folder with specified destinationFolderID
  const copiedTemplateDoc = DriveApp.getFileById(templateGoogleDocumentID).makeCopy("file name xyz", folder); // Copy template to destination folder
  const docId = copiedTemplateDoc.getId();
  var doc = DocumentApp.openById(docId);
  const header = doc.getHeader();
  const body = doc.getBody();
  // Insert photo    
  if(imageURL) {
    const imageBlob = UrlFetchApp.fetch(imageURL).getBlob();
    const totalElements = doc.getNumChildren();
    const el=()
    for(var j = 0; j < totalElements; ++j) {
      const element = doc.getChild(j);
      const type = element.getType();
      if (type =='PARAGRAPH'){
          const styles = {};
          styles(DocumentApp.Attribute.HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT) = DocumentApp.HorizontalAlignment.CENTER;
          doc.insertImage(j, imageBlob).setHeight('144').getParent().setAttributes(styles);

  doc.saveAndClose() // the doc must be saved and closed before it can be converted to a pdf
  const testPDF = DriveApp.createFile(doc.getBlob()).moveTo(folder); // Export a PDF copy of the Lead Sheet doc to the SREC drive folder

web development – Run Python Script on Uploaded File

I would like to have a website whose entire page consists of:

  1. accepting a file as drop & drop upload;
  2. run my Python script on that file in the background;
  3. make the output file of the script available for download.

(Check the mockup below)

As a hardware developer I have no idea whatsoever what keywords to use to ask a Fiverr Developer for advice. Since anything “web” is complete black magic.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Get Free installation with HYIP Script – HYIPs

ECHYIP is the provider of the most secured HYIP Script that helps you in setting up your HYIP Program securely. The script includes features like multiple payment gateways, powerful authority over the website, MVC framework, CMS, UMS, Bug-free, etc. They provide free installation with their script. Get the details by visiting their website.

smartcontracts – Decode script return different value from my relative timelock

I want to lock a UTXO for 90 days.

My Binary is:


And my sequence is: 533B40

When I decode the witness script with bitcoin-cli decodescript I can see 4209491.
Where 4209491 comes from?


It’s seems that the 533B40 convert into little endian and the convert into base 10

printf 533B40 | tac -rs .. 

Then convert in base 2

echo "ibase=16; obase=2; 403B53" | bc

And then in base10

echo "ibase=2;10000000011101101010011" | bc

why decodescript has this behaviour?

c# – Como criar um job para rodar um script de teste quando o desenvolvedor subir versão?

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apache – How to trace script injection/infection in php app

This is about a PHP7.4 based shopping platform (opencart (v3.0)).

For testing purposes I had a dummy set up at The admin page of that was The login and pw for the admin page was also admin. I know, but the purpose of the dummy was just to check if a certain extensions and other things worked. And the dummy gets uninstalled/reinstalled the whole time. This live test environment is completely sandboxed in a vm/container.

Now I noticed a bunch of strange scripts got injected in to the site. Whenever I opened it up and checked the sources in the browser in developer mode, there were a number (3-4) of different adware scripts. I didn’t have time to check each of them individually because I needed to reinstall a fresh copy quickly.

But obviously it is a very vulnerable setup and will hopefully get infected again soon so I can replicate the scenario. I want to understand how to track/trace the infection.

I will be checking specific opencart files/logs (and if needed I will ask about it in the relevant forum).

On, I want to ask which specific server logs should I check to track how this happened. Within the live test vm/container, the opencart app is accessed via Apache24. On the main host, nginx handles connections. The only vector, AFAIK, is the admin login page. So this is probably just automated scripts doing their magic?