What is the common practice of how many screenshots should be taken during tests?

We have a large set of tests and we send our screenshots to AWS for use in debugging if a test fails. I wonder what is the common practice for how many screenshots to take during each test case.

Macos: screenshots take forever to appear in Finder

New installation of macOS Catalina 10.15.2

In the screenshot options, I disabled the "show floating thumbnail" option and set the screenshot folder to ~ / Downloads.

Sometimes I take a screenshot and it takes more than 5 seconds to appear in Finder.

The behavior seems random.

How do I make the screenshots appear consistently at most half a second?

Quickly create screenshots, add borders and cut and paste

I often need to take screenshots of screen regions and paste them into emails, Jira, Confluence, etc. In another operating system, I use a screen capture tool that allows me to select the region, add a nice border with a single click and put it on the clipboard with a second click.

I know how to take a screenshot, but I didn't find a utility on board that puts an elegant border around it with just one (or very few) clicks, routinely.

(As an additional advantage: shift-ctrl-command-4 does not show a magnifying glass when selecting the rectangle; if there is a tool or workflow that would include this in addition to the border, it would be great …).

What would be an easy way to achieve this?

I am technically inclined and I am not reluctant to write something with any tool … any solution based on that would also be fine.

Website design: what is the best way to create screenshots with calls to show the characteristics of a program?

As for the screenshots, if it's on Windows, just press the print screen button (on my keyboard, it's right next to F12). It will copy an image of your current screen to your clipboard, at full resolution. Usually, Photoshop or Fireworks is your best option to manipulate images and you can simply paste the copied screenshot into a new document. If you don't have any of those programs, GIMP is an open source option. If you are really desperate, PowerPoint can export it as an image.

I encourage you to also consider screencasts. Video almost always has a higher conversion rate. You can download CamStudio for free. If you don't like your voice, it also allows you to add subtitles.

Main screenshots of Proxies123.com file sharing earnings

Hi everyone,

This thread is made to challenge and motivate affiliates (old and new) to continue uploading content to file-sharing hosts.

Share your screenshots of the PPS and PPD earnings reports daily with the following details;
– The Filehost website you win.
– The type of plan and what percentage (%) you earn.
– The type of content that goes up (multimedia, software, magazines, pornography, etc.)
– Where you are sharing the content (example: forum, public website, private website of your property, it is not necessary to share the exact URL)

Do not send spam to this thread and share only one post per day with only one screenshot.

At the end of each month, random rewards will be granted, which we will update soon.

After this post, I will present an example of what a post should look like.

Good luck to you all,
And happy, fruitful 2020.

Publication merged automatically:

My screenshot earnings for today:

Host: Nitroflare.com
Plan: 70% Sale and surcharge + $ 5.00 per 1,000 unique downloads.
Content: Multimedia
Website: Using my own website.

screenshot: take screenshots with the command line of a specific window

I want to take a screenshot of a specific application using the command line. Doing

screenshot -h

Show the "-o" option

-or in window capture mode, do not capture the window shadow

It seems I could do what I need, but I don't know how to use this option. Google didn't show any response

Thank you!

unit: occasional performance spikes in a highly optimized game (profile screenshots are included)

So I have been working on a platform game based on mobile devices for some years. I have spent more than a year optimizing the game for mobile devices as much as I could. Almost each and every one of my tights use mobile / diffuse shader. When I test the performance of my game (on my phone) with the profiler, the frame rate is kept clean at 60fps for the most part. The CPU time fluctuates between 16 ms and 17 ms. The representation statistics are also excellent, with extraction calls that fluctuate between 18 and 25, triangles that fluctuate between 1.0k and 2.0k and vertices that fluctuate between 2.0k and 3.1k. Below is a screenshot of the rendering profile generator when the game runs smoothly. I think for a mobile device, these should be very good numbers.

Statistics of Render profiler

However, from time to time, I see a peak in the profiler window (see below):

Appearance of a spike

According to the profiler, the peak is being caused by Render.OpaqueGeometry.


In normal scenarios (when performance is fluid), Render.OpaqueGeometry takes between 1 ms and 2 ms of CPU time. However, as you can see in the previous screenshot, Render.OpaqueGeometry is taking 5.36 ms of CPU time and the total CPU time has increased to 24.16 ms.

According to my observations, this peak appears once or twice a minute. Sometimes, they spend several minutes without spikes. And very rarely, the peak can appear 3 times in a single minute (although I don't think it happened the last times I tried it).

So why do you think this is happening even though the game is very optimized? I read in a post on Unity Answers that Render.OpaqueGeometry spikes are prevalent in all games and it's nothing to worry about. But do you think 2 peaks per minute are too frequent for a simple platform game?

web application: screenshots of the software on the landing page

If your software is super ugly, yes, it could hurt you. If your software is less UI, then obviously not, you don't need a screenshot.

However, if your software has an elegant interface and is very attractive, it might actually help.

However, there is a significant drop in software screenshots, which you should avoid.

A full screen capture at a reduced scale will have no value.

You can make a partial screen capture or a full screen capture using a magnifying glass on top like here:


If there is any particular feature that you can describe and support with a partial screenshot, then that should work.

screenshots – The HTML viewer showed tracking and tracking logs and was not factory reset correctly … malware?

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macbook: why does this command fail to "Change where screenshots are saved"?

Screenshots are saved on the desktop but not in a specific folder. I want to remedy that, so I found instructions to do it through Terminal. I am following the instructions but I receive the message that it has NOT changed. Here is what has been entered … what was wrong?enter the description of the image here