Blurry lines across screen

I have just started using Ubuntu and there are four horizontal, blurry lines on the screen. The lines are not present on windows.

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS

security – Screen Lock Service as a Device Administrator


I was looking at the device administrators of my phone in the settings and saw a device administrator called “screen lock service”. It’s description is “Activating this administrator will allow the app Google play services to perform the following operations: set password rules”.

A previously unsettled question is found here.

I searched the net for the apk file of the application but could not find one. So as per suggestions, I ran

adb shell dumpsys package resolvers | sed -n /,/:/p

The output for the above code was:
    438a74 com.motorola.demo/.admin.DemoModeAdminReceiver
    a9980b6 com.oasisfeng.greenify/.DeviceAdmin

The data for the code is quite unsettling for the fact that none seem to correspond to screen lock service.

For reference, I am using Moto G5 Plus (not rooted, stock build with no customizations)

Also note that, I own another same device which is rooted and runs Pixel-Experience (Android 10 latest build) and unfortunately it does not have the Screen Lock Service.

An insight/breakdown for this application is helpful.

mac – How to tile windows without going into full screen?

Pressing the green traffic light button would cause the window of most macOS apps to go full-screen.

You can press and hold the Option key when clicking on the green traffic light button to prevent the window from going into full-screen mode.

If you want to tile and align various windows belonging to same of different apps, you can use one of the many 3rd party window and tiling manager apps.

One such app that I use and find very useful is Divvy – Window Manager. It lets you tile windows quickly and efficiently for any macOS app and supports multiple displays too.

P.S.: No affiliation whatsoever with the developer of the app. Just a satisfied customer.

In Unity, what’s the difference between Screen Space-Overlay and Screen Space-Camera?

What does each one mean, and how do I decide which to use?

webcam – Is there any existing software which can read the data from LCD screen via camera and put it to CSV or any other machine readable format?

For example, I have cheap 1 euro Chinese thermometer like this

enter image description here

and I want to make a graph of the temperature depends on time of the day. This cheap device does not have any integration with PC/Phone, no USB input/output, no bluetooth, nothing. It has just baterry and digital screen.

Ideally I would like to point webcamera to this device and get the data as CSV or text format table with 2 columns: datetime and temperature. Is there any software/website which can do this via OCR or Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning? I tried to use some web based OCR and it does not work well for this kind of devices and also it can do OCR of 1 image, not the table of data.

Of course I can buy the device which can give me nice graph, data in any format via bluetopoth/wifi/USB Cable, etc., but it will cost like 50$ and I do not want to spent this money :] Yes, I want to spend 1$ and get the same results as for 50 :] Webcam and PC I already have.

Another reason, that I want to have generic solution, which will work with most of the devices, that I do not need to buy 50$ device every time I want to measure something. Today I need a temperature, tomorrow I will need humidity, after tomorrow maybe voltage in 230 V socket and see if it changing over the day to complain to electricity provider, etc.

ios – Problem sharing screen on Zoom on iPad with OS14

In case this helps anyone, I contacted Zoom support about this issue. This is what they wrote back:

“Thank you for your email. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues after updating to the latest iOS. We have identified a bug and a fix will be included in our future 5.3.0 client update.”

EDIT: I know that this question has been closed, but in case someone is still dealing with this issue, this is what worked for me:

  1. Uninstall Zoom from your iPad
  2. Restart your iPad
  3. Download and re-install Zoom on your iPad

Doing the above solved the issue for me.

menu – Showing more information while decluttering the screen

I’m designing an educational app with gamified elements to it. The way the app has evolved the left side is what we consider the most important information for the user. The items to the right are all considered of equal weight.

The first prototype shows the toolbar/header as this:

enter image description here

I find it very cluttered, and I’m wondering how I can show more information while decluttering…

The ideas I have thought of:

  1. Have another bordered cell to the right and have a constant rotation between the secondary items, like this:

enter image description here

Something like this, clicking on the cell brings up a menu for the user to navigate to all items individual screens.

  1. Maybe something more experimental.. I’m not sure about this one

enter image description here

I’m curious what y’all think on the best practices in this situation..

Thank you

Rear side of screen – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

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Windows 10 setup showing blank/white screen during new installation

I wiped and reinstalled a thinkpad T480 to sell. All good until doing the new setup and I get to this:

Screen just before Account page

Account page – showing a install modal, but a white box where the content should be

The ‘Account’ screen simply displays a white screen with no details. I’ve rebooted many times and gotten the same page. I’ve tried going into recovery mode but the ‘fix my install’ (not sure of wording) option says it can’t do anything.

How can I fix this?

xiaomi – How to avoid black screen on call?

I have an Xiaomi Mi Max which for some reason stopped the proximity sensor at 0 and this means I get black screen on every call (Whatsapp calls in particular) and I cannot do anything but restart. The phone is rooted and I wish to find a way to use my phone otherwise I have to probably throw it away as the sensor itself cannot be found in my country.

Is there any trick or application which can help me disable or otherwise set the proximity sensor to a number that it doesn’t bug me?