Mod of hot keys for spells and screams using the PC keyboard in XBox One (Skyrim Special Edition)

Is it possible for someone to create a mod in XBox One that adds spells and shouts like hot keys on a computer keyboard?

Microsoft allowed the use of the keyboard and the mouse in XBox One for games, but it depends on the game developer if they want to add support for this or not. As far as I know, Bethesda (developer of Skyrim) does not have keyboard and mouse support for this game, and that's why I'm asking if you could develop a mod to do this.

Personally I would find it great because I recently started using Kontrol (XB1 hotkey mod) and the game is much more fun now that I do not have to open menus every few seconds during combat. If there was a keyboard mod, I would still play with the XB1 controller, but I would also have a small keyboard in my lap for all the extra access keys I would get.

For your information, mod Kontrol:

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