privacy – Can my school track my history on my school laptop?

I was given my school laptop to do my homework a few months back. Right now I’m at home and I wondered whether or not my school could see what I do. I use my home wifi if that changes anything. I don’t think my school has installed a VPN though. I play a lot of games on this laptop since school hasn’t started giving homework yet. I don’t want to wake up to a day where my parents receive an email about me and the laptop. I know there are similar questions to this, however, I really didn’t get a clear explanation.

i will write any type of school project for $1

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google chrome – How do I remove my school management from my Chromebook? (model XE500C13-KO2US)

I just graduated my grade and we are allowed to take management off of our chrome books so we can take them home. I have tried to power-wash my chrome book a few times now. It puts me into Developer Mode and it is supposed to take the school’s management off, but it still makes me sign in with a Enterprise Enrollment! I just can’t seem to bypass it. Any help?

MFA security issue with Sharepoint when setting access for work or school in Windows 10

We have a Office 365 E1 license.
Our users has unmanaged Windows 10 personal devices.
We use MFA for authentication.
In Windows Settings Access work or school, user can enrol their device.
The user is asked to do that after he choose to open a document with desktop App (Word).
The administrator can see that users has done this.
Afterwards when these users type in the url he no longer is asked to authenticate with MFA.
When the setting in Windows 10 is removed he again is asked to signin with MFA.

What is wrong in our server setting that this security problem arise?
Please help.

I am bullied every day. I feel like bringing a gun to school?

The answer to being bullied is swift and blinding violence, BUT NOT WITH A WEAPON.

Next time you are being bullied, you hit that person just as fast and hard as you can by total surprise, and you keep hitting them until they are down on the ground in a fetal position.

You may lose this fight, you may win it.  But you’ll be known as the guy who won’t be bullied.  And if you are expelled, problem solved!

Dungeons and Dragons: Which school of magic is Mordenkainen most closely associated with?

With which magic school is Mordenkainen most associated? In particular, I am not interested in speculation or opinions, but rather whether such a thing has ever been directly stated in any officially published D&D material, or that it can at least be objectively inferred from things like the type of spells he most closely had associated with.

He has appeared in a couple of 5e adventures:

In Strahd's curse for 5e, it appears under the alias Mad Mage of Mount Baratok on p. 39:

The Mad Wizard of Mount Baratok (CN Male Human archmage) arrived in Barovia more than a year ago to free his people from Strahd's tyranny, but he underestimated Strahd's control over the land and the creatures within it.

However, their stat lock is just the generic archmage's, with no association with any particular school, so this doesn't help me. It shows a custom list of spells prepared on that same page, but none of them show particularly strong bias for any magic school (except possibly evocation, but even so, that just means it was battle-ready, which makes sense. given why it's there).

In Baldur Gate: descent to Averno by 5e, he appears as himself on p. 97:

Mordenkainen, a chaotic neutral human archmage, often staying at Avernus to study how the Nine Hells affect magic schools. This archmage of Oerth leads a powerful group of adventurers called the Circle of Eight and is the author of several blueprints. He has also performed many renowned spells.

Again, he is simply given the statblock of a generic archmage, and the surrounding flavor text only mentions that he is interested in "the schools of magic," without pointing to any specific one.

Speaking of the spells you've created, in 5e there are four spells that include your name in the title:

The above could imply that the conjuration is his "main" magic school because he made a total of two, but I know there is also a ninth level abjuration spell called Mordenkainen disjunction from 3.5e, which puts the abjuration and the conjuration on a keel (or even the abjuration may be the "winner" because that's the highest level spell it did), so I'm not sure if this method of Inference gives a clear answer after all (since I'm not limiting this to just what's in 5e).

So has there been any clear mention in any official material regarding which Mordenkainen school of magic is most closely related, or can it be inferred from the official material if not?

High school basic algebra

I just wanted to know if there is any shortcut to solve these kinds of questions orally,

Shakti and Selene's current ages are in the 10: 3 ratio. After 3 years, the ratio becomes 23: 9. Find the difference in their ages after 17 years.

(I know the approach where you assume the common multiple is x and you solve the equation accordingly, I just wanted to know if there is any shortcut, it would be great if someone could help me, thanks!)

What is the best medical school in the Philippines?

Gullas UV School of Medicine It is also a good option. Guaranteed admission for MBBS in the Philippines to the best universities for Indian students. No advance is required. Format according to the USA USA Apply directly online.

windows – Can the school see my computer?

Basically, during all of these covid-19 things, my school is allowing students to sign computers and take them home by the end of the school year. When you log into computers, you log into your school's email, so even though I'm connected to my own wifi network, can they see my screen at all times? I know you can read my emails, but if I had to go to Omegle or something like that, would you know?

Why do feminists and other SJWs deny the existence of the Frankfurt School and its theories of cultural Marxism?

"Why do feminists and other SJWs deny the existence of the Frankfurt School and its theories of cultural Marxism?"

Cultural Marxism is the defense of radical social change. TODAY's feminists still want us to believe that feminism, in its current form, is a simple defense of women for equal rights and NOT a cultural Marxist ideology for radical social change.

If most people really analyzed what feminists were up to with their adherence to cultural Marxism, then most people would not support feminism because most people did not actually support cultural Marxist goals.

I will repeat that last one. Most people do not support Marxist cultural goals.

And this is the reason why all cultural Marxists hide their true identities and prefer to call themselves "progressives" or for "social justice" or some other nonsense that doesn't really apply to what they are doing.

It doesn't really help that self-proclaimed unconscious or unconscious "feminists" come here to apologize for cultural Marxist feminists just because they both share the name "feminist," but that only adds to the battle for truth.