optimization: take school courses efficiently

I want a design algorithm that allows a student to take important courses quickly until graduation. no time, room number, teachers are needed here. Only my selected courses that I know will allow me to graduate, but the best way to take them based on the prerequisites.

any suggestions and how to do it. Trees, graphic adjacency list

Hi guys, I am a newbie to Python and I am at school learning if any of you could help me, it would be great regarding these questions

1.Write a function that returns the first n prime numbers as a numpy.ndarray object. The only input to its function is n
for example if n = 3, then the output should be (1,2,3) if n = 7 output (1,2,3,5,7,11,13)

def get_primes(n):
    numbers = set(range(n, 1, -1))
    primes = ()
  1. A farmer is close by and wants to encircle a rectangular field that borders a straight river. The trick is that you don't need a fence around the river. Write a function that for any fence length f returns the dimensions of the field (xandy with x≤y) with the largest area

c ++: log into the school system

I am a beginner with C ++, I am working on "Educational Management System Project"
so I had trouble coding the login part and registering,
I am not comfortable with this approach, I am wondering if there is a solution to simplify this code and reduce the if statement and functions in the file authenticacion.cpp.



using namespace std;

struct Person;
struct Doctor;
struct TeacherA;
struct Student;
struct Course;
struct Assignment;
struct AssignmentSolution;

// Main data
struct Person
    int id;
    string username;
    string fullName;
    string email;
    string password;

struct Doctor
    Person info;
    vector > courses;

struct TeacherA
    Person info;
    vector > courses;

struct Student
    Person info;
    vector > courses;
    vector > assignmentSolutions;

struct Course
    string code;
    string title;
    shared_ptr  lecturer;
    shared_ptr  assistant;
    vector > registeredStudents;
    vector > assignments;

struct Assignment
    string content;
    int maxMark;
    shared_ptr  course;
    vector > assignmentSolutions;

struct AssignmentSolution
    bool isMarked = false;
    string solution;
    int mark;
    string comment = "There is no comment";
    shared_ptr  assignment;
    shared_ptr  student;
extern vector > doctors;
extern vector > teachersA;
extern vector > students;
extern vector > courses;


#include "ems.h"

vector > doctors;
vector > teachersA;
vector > students;
vector > courses;

int main() {
    cout <<"* Welcome in Educational Management System Project *n";


int mainMenu() {
    int role = -1;
    while (role) {
        cout << "nPlease enter a choice: n"
            << "t(1) Doctorn"
            << "t(2) Teacher Assistantn"
            << "t(3) Studentn"
            << "t(0) Exitn"
            <<"Your choice: ";

        cin >> role;
        if (role) startMethod(role);

int startMethod(int role) {
    int method = -1;
    while (method) {
        cout << "nPlease enter a choice: n"
            << "t(1) Sign Upn"
            << "t(2) Sign Inn"
            << "t(0) Backn"
            <<"Your choice: ";
        cin >> method;

        if (method == 1)
        else if (method == 2)


#include "ems.h"

void signUp(int role) {
    Person info;
    cout << "nPlease enter the following information:n";

    cout << "Full Name: ";
    getline(cin >> ws, info.fullName);

    cout << "E-mail: ";
    cin >> info.email;

    cout << "Username: ";
    cin >> info.username;

    cout << "Password: ";
    cin >> info.password;

    info.id = createID(role);

    if (role == 1 && !verifyDoctorData(info.username, info.password)) {
        addUserInfo(role, info);
    else if (role == 3 && !verifyStudentData(info.username, info.password)) {
        addUserInfo(role, info);
    } else {
        cout << "This user already exist";

void signIn(int role) {
    string username, password;

    cout << "Username: ";
    cin >> username;

    cout << "Password: ";
    cin >> password;

    if (role == 1 && verifyDoctorData(username, password)) {
        loginMenu(role, username);
    else if (role == 3 && verifyStudentData(username, password)) {
        loginMenu(role, username);
    } else {
        cout << "Username or Password Incorect";


bool verifyDoctorData(string username, string password) {
    for (auto doctor: doctors) {
        if (username == doctor->info.username && password == doctor->info.password) {
            return true;
    return false;

bool verifyStudentData(string username, string password) {
    for (auto student: students) {
        if (username == student->info.username && password == student->info.password) {
            return true;
    return false;

void addUserInfo(int role, Person info) {
    if (role == 1) {
        shared_ptr  newDoctor (new Doctor);
        newDoctor->info = info;
    } else if (role == 3) {
        shared_ptr  newStudent (new Student);
        newStudent->info = info;

android – Help with notifications for the school application (Java)

I am developing an Android school timetable application in Java and would like to receive help with the notification system, I want you to send a notification at the end of each time.

Any help is welcome as I have no idea how to do it

Why does society have the notion that school / university is all there is to success in life?

It offers the foundation they need to succeed in their fashion.

Youtube thumbnail

& t = 4s

Others choose to make their own way and others never choose.

An education prepares you for life even though part of it is never used in your life, but it does offer the tools you need to succeed in life. Finding your way to a happy life is another story.

Although I must say that the US educational system. USA It is broken and is the shameless favorite. When we all have access to our own personalized education, I think that we will benefit a lot from Virtual Reality because there is a big difference between seeing a person and maybe an assistant or two buzzes in class and that you become part of it in a VR environment

What laptop setup to buy for school and office work


I plan to buy a laptop for my high school student and at the same time I also want to use it for office work. Can I know the settings for purpose 2 above? Purely for school and office

Thank you

Javascript – Calculation of school grades using an object, is it possible?

My intention is to make the famous school grade algorithm to calculate the student average, which is usually done with matrices, but I want to know if it is also possible with the use of objects, my attempt was this, however, I am undefined as a result:

var alunos = ()
var media = 0;
var soma = 0;

for (let i = 0; i <= 3; i++) {
    const aluno = {
        name: prompt('NOME: '),
        nota1: Number(prompt('NOTA 1:')),
        nota2: Number(prompt('NOTA 2:')),
        nota3: Number(prompt('NOTA 3:')),
        nota4: Number(prompt('NOTA 4:'))

    soma += aluno.nota1.nota2.nota3.nota4
    media = soma / alunos.length;

    // zerando os dados para realizar o cálculo dos próximos alunos
    media = 0;
    soma = 0;

If the question is not clear, the purpose of the algorithm is to receive the student's name, their 4 grades and then calculate their average.

Content identification – What school are Kitsune Scouts from?

The kitsune use alternative paths for other schools. Secrets of the empire Account on page 249, in the Mantis section, and on page 250, in the Minor Clan section, a complete list of the versions of the fourth edition of schools and roads that (always) are available for the Kitsune:

Kitsune Shugenja (Shugenja)
L5R 4th Edition Core Rulebook. . . . . . . .219

Children of Chikushudo (Shugenja)
The book of the earth. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .196

Craftsman Kitsune (Shugenja)
Strengths of the Empire. . . . . . . . . . . . .25

Kitsune Ranger (Bushi)
Great clans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .170

Kitsune Summoner (Shugenja)
The second city . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .N / A (sic!)Correct Pointer: The Second City – The People, p99

Diplomat of the minor clans alliance (courtier)
Strengths of the Empire. . . . . . . . . . . .169 This does not require you to be courteous at all. Just pre-Mantis.

Looking at The big clansp170, the Kitsune Ranger alters Tsurushi school by changing the ability of the second-rank school for an alternative that focuses on hunting and stealth, as well as detecting people. This makes the Kitsune Ranger the excellent explorer mentioned about the cost of the potential damage inflicted.

In his description, he also says that, before the Kitsune joined the Mantis, this path was / was open for Kitsune (and Kitsune's allied Ronin) of none Bushi training, which replaces the ability of the second school of the original school (or grants it for out-of-school Kitsune), which allows other schools to be used.

Especially well it seems to be paired (in addition to Tsurushi Archer) with Hiruma Bushi, Moto Bushi, Bayushi Bushi and Daidoji Bushi, who have the opportunity to obtain stealth as School Ability. In this, the Hiruma take the lead in the statistics while obtaining Chase (a requirement for the road) and Stealth as School Skills anyway, the Moto takes a second place because the Unicorn and the Fox are somewhat close and the Moto Bushi gets Hunting – through cavalry is not something that the Kitsune has had since the departure of the Ki-Rin.

passwords: Can my school track me on my home wifi?

I am a little paranoid that my school can see what I am doing with my personal account in my home Wi-Fi. It is a managed device, but we are allowed to take them home and use them for homework and return them the next morning. Is it possible that my school may still be tracking my personal account and my Wi-Fi at home? I am not doing anything to get in trouble, I would simply prefer that my school did not snoop through my personal account that I needed to access. Sorry if this was not enough information.