Adnow is a scam

So recently I started using adnow.
I won my first $ 20 and requested my first payment, as you can see on the following screen:

7 days after my website has been banned and money has never been sent.
Thanks Adnow for wasting my time.

Someone I don't know sends me a test email. Is this a scam?

In recent weeks I have received several emails in my work account (a small non-profit investigation). The format is similar for everyone:

  • "Test mail" in subject line
  • No body content
  • The address follows the format: (First name)(two or three digit number)(last name)
  • I don't recognize the names, and since it's a work account, I wouldn't generally receive messages from someone‚Äôs Gmail account anyway

This seems suspicious, but I can't understand what's going on here.

Marketing course scam

Hi. I recently paid 1k for an online marketing course that ended without delivering anything promised in the course. Does anyone know if PayPal could return my money under these conditions? I pray that I have not thrown this money down the drain.

Runners scam – Debates and help

Numerous merchants lose large amounts of cash and leave the market in light of the scam broker. They take their cash through undercover charges and boycott their account. Therefore, you should do a research package before choosing a broker. Control is a critical certainty to recognize the trick agent. Following the change of broker groups, I choose XeroMarkets. It is a regulated broker and authorized broker. In case something happens in my account, they will restore my funds quickly.

australia – Are some Optus kiosks a scam at Sydney airport?

It is not a scam in the sense that they provided a work simulator and did not run away with their money. But there is definitely unreliable behavior there.

  1. I did not offer the promotion when asked about the cheapest plan: technically they could have told the truth that 30GB for $ 40 was the cheapest non-promotion plan at that time. Regardless of the legality it is still very bleak.

  2. Additional charges: Merchants are prohibited from imposing excessive surcharges on customers using credit cards. From the ACCC website (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission):

The purpose of the ban is to prevent companies from charging payment.
excessive surcharges That is, charge a customer more
of what it costs the business to process the payment.

Credit cards generally have a higher cost for businesses, and can cost
the business up to 1-1.5 percent for Visa and MasterCard, and between
1.5-2 percent for an American Express card payment.

It is important to keep in mind that different companies have different costs.
Acceptance In general, the costs of smaller merchants may be higher than
These indicative figures.

Check your receipt for the breakdown of the $ 38. I think $ 2 is definitely too high.

If you wish to continue with this, contact the merchant that details the situation and how you want it rectified. Make sure your own demands are reasonable. If you and they cannot reach an agreement, contact the ACCC. Let them know what steps you have taken to solve the problem with the merchant. This probably won't return your money, but it can help other travelers in the future.

When traveling, it helps to investigate a little in advance. Some relatives came in July and I got them $ 10 sims (which came with a $ 23 refund!) That came with 30GB each and unlimited calls and SMS to any number in Australia.

Windows: scam virus, strange applications

I just woke up and my mother said she had a pop-up window on her computer when she was doing a genealogy that said she wasn't authorized to that site, and that she said she had a virus and couldn't leave the site. .

At this point I am thinking "Oh God", what did you do? He called the number that was in his pop-up window and they wanted to access his computer, so he gave it to them, performed some scans and said that Windows 10 defend was idle and installed an application called IP Protector, also installed a Microsoft security system that open a command prompt and say run scan or exit, IP Protector opens a command prompt and goes through connected IPs and says safe

she paid this boy $ 199.00 for 3 years of supportThen I called this number that had 1-844-926-1300 and the guy is Indian, I asked him his name and his business license number, he said his name was Matthew and he couldn't give me a license number, so I hung up, so far he has called again 3 times.

so I come here for someone to find out about this guy who calls, his scam business is called wm-rapids and to ask if someone has used IP Protector or the Microsoft system advocate because I can't find anything about them online. This is not a Windows defender, he also said that Malwarebytes and CCleaner do nothing for the computer.

At this point, I need to reinstall Windows and inform this guy to the Governor and change all my passwords.

these applications are not even in add or remove programs and have access to the system

I'm in the USA UU. On a computer with Windows 10.

australia – Are some Optus kiosks in SYD a scam?

In the international SYD terminal there are several Optus kiosks. When I flew to Sydney for the first time, I didn't know, and proceeded to the first Optus kiosk I saw (assuming there is only one Optus kiosk in this terminal). I knew there was an ongoing promotion that would provide 35 GB of data for 15 AUD (it was in July-August 2019). However, when I asked people at the kiosk about the cheapest plan, they said that 30 GB for 40 AUD was the cheapest plan. Assuming that the promotion I had in mind ended, I went ahead and bought this plan. But then, when I saw another Optus kiosk, and there was an announcement "35GB for 15AUD; promotion valid until August 26" (I flew to Sydney long before August 26).

So, I was wondering if the kiosk I used was a kind of scam.

Here are some additional things that I have noticed:

  • That kiosk, as far as I understand, is aimed primarily at Chinese and Indian tourists. (They were trying to get the attention of the Chinese and Indians who talked to them in Mandarin and Hindi).

  • They offered me a "student discount" of 5 AUD. I agreed. They said there was a fee of 2 AUD if I pay by card, I said yes. But the final amount charged to me, according to the receipt, was over 38 AUD. 2AUD is more than 5.7% of 35AUD, which in retrospect I think is a ridiculously high rate. Also, I have no idea why I was charged more than 38 AUD instead of 37 AUD.

Is Shortex a scam or not?

SHORTEX has recently contacted my company (

Has anyone ever worked with them? Are they a legitimate exchange or other scam? Thank you!

Verystream is a scam, don't bother subscribing to them |

It's been months since I set up my account with verystream, I never thought about their legitimacy because I thought that a company should fool people would not be open and would announce

boy I was wrong


they didn't pay me, I couldn't get in touch with them and my earnings are only there in their strange and confusing balance

However, I feel I have an obligation to warn others not to waste their time on this fraud and go with a legitimate transmission service that really pays

Link management site: scam or not?

It looks like a scam from the private blog network (PBN). Blogs (where backlinks are obtained) appear to be manufactured as mobile homes. Be realistic!:to block:

Okay, but isn't buying backlinks something Google hates?