Do you believe in the right-wing prophecy that a savior will emerge and lead conservatives to a successful investigation of Hillary Clinton?

Hillary will never be president, her credibility is in the toilet and her political career is over. I would say that counts as punishment for their crimes.

However, one thing he never did, and would never do, is to throw the United States under the bus in lieu of a series of murderous dictators. Trump has reprimanded US intelligence and solid evidence in favor of his falling in love with a dictator who kills his own citizens by attaching them to explosives in public, another that probably interfered with the US electoral process, and another that ordered the brutal murder. dismemberment of a journalist who works for a US newspaper.

It's funny, I do not see you stinking any of that. I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but she's a choir girl compared to the skid mark of a human being named Donald Trump.