looking for 3 VPS in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

We need 3 VPS in the Saudi Arabia location, the servers should be located in KSA, not just IP routed there.
server specification

CPU: 1 core
Ram: 1 GB
H.D.D: 20 GB
IP: 1
Traffic: not important
SO: Ubuntu
Location: Saudi Arabia (important)
unmanaged server without control panel

server usage: LAMP, DNS, CDN

Thank you

Can Indian citizens obtain visitor visas upon arrival in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain?

I am an Indian citizen and my family has US visas. UU. In your passports. Can we get visitor visas upon arrival in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain?

universal analysis – @ SOUTH AFRICA SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTION WORLDWIDE + 27780171131, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

@ SOUTH AFRICA SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTION WORLDWIDE + 27780171131, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, GHANA, Uganda, Limpopo, JORDAN, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Johannesburg, Lebanon, United States, Kenya, California, Dallas, England, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Pretoria, Durban, Wales, France, Norway, Sweden, Cape Town, Tanzania, North Cape, New York, Limpopo, London, Sweden, Rwanda, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, Poland, Canada, United Kingdom Get SSD

Do you think the Iranian general was killed by Trump because he gave a bad review of Trump Hotel Saudi Arabia?

Trump said he ordered on January 4 to kill the Iranian general due to mafia damage to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad on 12/31/2019. The idea is that, when you hit a tough guy like him, he responds. BUT!! Subsequently, on January 8, Iran fired missiles at US troops at an air base and wounded 50 soldiers. Trump did nothing. On January 26, Iran hit our Baghdad embassy with more missiles, and Trump has done nothing. Trump looks inconsistent and weak if he can't respond to all these additional attacks. Where is the tough guy?

Iran – Travel to Saudi Arabia

I am currently booked to travel to Dammam in Saudi Arabia, next to the Persian Gulf and across the water from Iran, this Friday. I am very concerned about the events in Iran and Iraq in recent days and the increase in tension in the region.

Is there anyone currently in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia who can give a personal idea of ​​the current situation in Saudi Arabia? I would like to hear from someone on the ground about whether there has been any indication of danger, threats or increased tension in the region … will it be safe to travel at this time or is it better to cancel my trip?

Do I need a transit visa if my stopover is in Saudi Arabia?

Hi, I have a Tunisian passport and I travel to Malaysia through Jeddah, do I need a transit visa if my stopover is 5 to 6 hours and I do not plan to leave the airport? I also have to return in the same way, is it permissible to have two stops in Saudi Arabia if my trip lasts 2 weeks?

Thanks in advance.

Consultation on the Schengen visa application from Saudi Arabia

I, my wife and our son are residents (holders of Iqama) in Saudi Arabia. My mother-in-law has a multiple-exit re-entry visa with 2 years of validity and stays with us most days of the year. If we need to apply for the Schengen visa, can my mother-in-law also apply for it from Saudi Arabia? Or do you have to apply for a visa from our country of origin (India)? It will stay almost until the moment of our travel dates to Europe and, therefore, will not have enough time to return to the country of origin to obtain the sealed Schengen visa.

Kindly reply so we can plan our trip accordingly.

Can I travel from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and return with a passport that expires in less than 3 months?

I am working in Saudi Arabia and I plan to travel to Pakistan for a month, starting November 20, 2019. My passport will expire on January 15, 2020. Can I make this trip without problems with my passport?

Buying and selling now is easier with the best Saudi market: everything else

Each person plays multiple roles in life. From being a child at some time to being a father at another time, we play multiple roles. In the same way, we are buyers at some point in our life and sellers of things at other times. Buy and sell are two activities that cannot be completed without the other. For something to be bought, something must be sold. Despite the close interconnection between these two commercial activities, it is often observed in Saudi markets (اسواق السعودية) that buyers and sellers struggle to get in touch with each other.

There is a big gap in the market where people barely know all the sellers who are willing to sell them the various varieties of products and then there are sellers who cannot meet the demands of consumers on time due to lack of demand information existing. in the market. This gap can be attributed largely to advertising deficiencies. If there was a suitable place to announce the offer and manifest the demand, that could have been different and much better. With the advent of the Internet, this gap and this insufficiency have been resolved to some extent. Some platforms have emerged that help people advertise what they are selling and help shoppers find the best sellers and products in Saudi Arabia.

But what is the most effective advertising platform that links buyers and sellers? Well, the most reliable platform is Aswaq Saudia. It is a platform that helps buyers and sellers get in touch with each other. On the AswaqSaudia website, buyers can easily find local suppliers and then contact them for further communication.

And what is the most interesting thing about Aswaq Saudi? It is the fact that it is a portal that can be used by buyers and sellers of almost anything. From fashion accessories to accessories for phones, tablets, laptops and more, you can find vendors selling products from around thirty categories. In addition, they have an easy-to-navigate platform that can be used to contact customer suppliers and suppliers can obtain more customers with this platform. They ensure that buyers and sellers meet. Heaven for buyers and sellers!

About Aswaq Saudia:

Aswaq Saudia They are its integral platforms that help buyers meet the sellers and vice versa. Aswaq Saudia: help buyers and sellers meet.

To know more, visit https://www.aswaqksa.com/en/

customs and immigration: is my name in my spouse's passport sufficient to prove the relationship and take it to Saudi Arabia with a family visit visa?

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