Why did the stock market react so positively to the news that Sanders was abandoning?

Because socialism is about stifling government oversight, literally erasing business and competition from the landscape. It's awful that a jerk like Sanders can go as far as he does. The ignorance of young voters cannot be overstated. They don't have real-world experience to see the madness of their decisions, and they need to understand that

nothing is free. Until we clean the house with a liberal academy, we will continue to produce brain-dead progressives.

Trump was quick to comment on Bernie Sanders who dropped out of the presidential race. Shouldn't you be managing the virus crisis?

Of course he was quick to comment, silly. Old Bernie was a fan favorite on the far left. That deserves a comment or two.

With Bernie and most other far-left nut jobs out of the question, Trump worries more and more. With Biden at the helm, it means Democrats chase voters in the middle. Those are the voters who decide the outcome of each election.

Just as Trump pleased the Wall Street gang and the Guns & Jesus crowd, Bernie was pleased with the dyed-hair feminists and the I'm a Victim crowd. That's not a smart campaign strategy, because it completely ignores the average reasonable voter. Double campaigning makes no sense, because it only attracts the support of staunch supporters. Hardcore fans have already made up their minds, so there is no need to convince them how to vote.

However, it pays to compete for the average swing voter. They are the vast majority and maintain a balance of power. Undecided voters do not give loyalty to a candidate or party, they expect it of them. They will vote for whoever offers them the best deal, and their votes are absolutely for sale.

Is Sanders getting the biggest economic stimulus of all?

Since the pandemic is affecting the economies of the nations of the world globally, the United States has an opportunity to recover economically. First world countries have a lot to lose economically, and third world countries have little to lose economically. The economies may have restarted, but the first world countries have the means with their infrastructures in logistics, manufacturing, service, retail, resources: chemicals, fuel, minerals, academia, engineering and science for their economies to recover. Chances of third world economies to outperform first world economies are nonexistent due to crime, corruption, and the brain drain of specialized skills.

A national economic closure due to a pandemic or war is when socialism clings to food and finally takes over. The green New Deal is the new communist manifesto. The feeling of economic closure at this time will be permanent under the New Green Deal. So far what is missing is the absolute rule. Anyone who has lived in Venezuela or has escaped from Venezuela knows this feeling. Once great technologies, great oils, great pharmaceuticals, great farms, and private property are nationalized. The green New Deal of the Senate and the House of Representatives (D) will shape the United States economy in line with Venezuela and Cuba where bureaucrats control the economy and profits (ready for corruption). All will be working for government-assigned jobs deemed necessary, or distributed rationed assistance unemployed and renting shabby apartments for free in shabby condition.

The Senate and House (D) s are filling any pork they can in aid projects that did not involve the pandemic crisis out of their special interest. It is the opportunity for (D) representative agencies that have the power of the portfolio to exploit this pandemic for their special interest. Prepare for big inflation and massive taxes when this pandemic ends. (D) Congress wants to spend and print money up to a quarter of a billion, if not a quadrillion, copying the Zimbabwean, if not Venezuelan, model of printing endless money that inflation renders useless where $ 1 is as high as the billion in currency of Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

If Bernie, the Squad, ANTIFA and BLM get their way, then he's here to stay as Bernie Bros. predicted on hidden camera. Unlike Sweden, it will be financed by those who hate the top 21% (millionaires and billionaires) and reverts it with the top 0.0001% in solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea, which will eliminate the existence of the middle class crushing income for all classes between rich, middle and poor.

A lesson for the United States: Sweden is not a socialist.

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Sweden is a paradise for millionaires and billionaires. It is very difficult to be a millionaire if Bernie & AOC takes 70% -90% of the wealth, income and property of an entrepreneur. The middle class and the working poor are the ones who finance most of the government assistance in Sweden. Bernie & AOC wants full assistance from Cadillac (cannot happen). Bernie always praises Cuban and USSR (rationed single-payer healthcare) and indoctrination and mediocrity education, where the entire United States public school system is headed.

US policy UU. – Sanders vs Biden | Forum Promotion

Sanders is too extreme for the conventional Democratic party. However, its extreme nature is normal for the left-wing parties in Europe. Anyway, however, he cannot overcome the link that Biden had with African-Americans, being the vice president of Obama and everything.

Do you think Sanders can return?

What would you do if Bernie Sanders won?

Well, I wouldn't be happy, that's for sure. However, he would not have a sibilant attack and would remain a lunatic for four years as the Democrats did after Trump was elected.

As with other presidents in the past, with whom I did not agree or vote, I would smile and endure it (and write to my representatives, urging them to continue protecting the Constitution) until it is rejected and prayed that it cannot. Too much damage while in office.

That said, I don't think Bernie has a chance to win. Yes, you will get many votes from people you don't know better, but IMO is not enough to win.

Is there a big difference between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders?

If you look at what they promise and how they plan to "pay it", their platforms are quite similar … and that was largely by design.

From the beginning, it was quite clear that the entrenched Old Guard group in DC named Warren and Harris as their hand-chosen candidates … but as has been their custom in recent years, they completely overestimated their own intelligence and greatly underestimated the level of voter sentiment against them …

Warren was supposed to be "Eligible Bernie" … someone who made all the promises right while sounding less "nuts" and appealing to established voters in the Northeast … Harris was supposed to attract voters from the West and the youth vote in general .

However, their calculation errors have now put them in trouble. Harris left a long time ago, Biden … once called "the favorite to beat Trump" … he may have left for this week next week … the notion of a Warren VP position may be a proposal to lose / lose for both Bernie and the old guard …..

First, Bernie is astute enough to know that he needs a balanced ticket to overcome the "crazy old socialist" label … Warren is only 8 years younger than Bernie and may seem "too much of the same."

The Old Guard, on the other hand, probably sees a Bernie nomination and a defeat to Trump in November as an emerging scenario of "best case" … allowing them to do what they do best: fan the flames of anger and division until it can be manipulated in your favor.

[ Politics ] Open question: Is Bernie Sanders a pinko?

[Politics] Open question: Is Bernie Sanders a pinko?

[ Politics ] Open question: Will Bernie Sanders beat Donald?

[Politics] Open question: Will Bernie Sanders beat Donald?

What will the United States be like after 4 years of Bernie Sanders?

Probably more like a country that follows the Nordic economic model, or at least the beginning of it. Taxes may be higher, but everyone can be insured and attend classes or workshops without tuition.

Oh, and many angry rightists drive with their AR-15 and trucks full of AN / FO.

It will be great.

Sources]: Perhaps if they leave the carpentry, President Sanders will take strong action with the ATF and the National Guard once and for all, LOL.

[ Politics ] Open question: Conservatives were raised to respect their elders. So why don't you respect Bernie Sanders? Is he much older and wiser?

[Policy] Open question: Conservatives were raised to respect their elders. So why don't you respect Bernie Sanders? Is he much older and wiser?