Do I have to pay sales taxes?

Hi, we have been seeing more and more announcements about most states that now require sales tax to be charged for SaaS and cloud computing.

There seems to be a gray area for Internet data center providers and web hosting, as far as I can see. Has anyone investigated this more?

For example, one of my companies provides VPN services and we have our headquarters in New York. Therefore, I am not sure if a VPN service would qualify as SaaS or Cloud Computing. I realized that the data centers from which we rent our dedicated servers DO NOT charge sales taxes … so, in a sense, our service provides access to these dedicated servers for our users, similar to hosting web, wouldn't we be obliged to collect sales taxes?

I would love to hear your boys' experiences / thoughts about this!

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magento2 – Magento 2 multiple sales order grid (duplicate) based on order status

Hello, if you need a multiple order grid based on the status, then you need to create a module for that file Create below for your module as usual create


Create the namespace of your module for the administration area in etc / adminhtml / routes.xml file as below


Now create the menu to show separate grid in etc / adminhtml / menu.xml as follows


Create a driver file for the pending action of your module in Controller / adminhtml / Sales / Pending.php

_pageFactory = $pageFactory;
        return parent::__construct($context);

    public function execute() {
        return $this->_pageFactory->create();

Create your pending action design file in view / adminhtml / layout / multiordergrid_sales_pending.xml as below


Now you can see the order grid in your design, now we have to filter the order collection for our design grid for that creation etc / di.xml archive and cancel the order Grid collection file


Now create Collection.php file as the file below Vendor Multiordergrid Model ResourceModel Order Grid

_authSession = $authSession;
        parent::__construct($entityFactory, $logger, $fetchStrategy, $eventManager);

    protected function _renderFiltersBefore() {
        $objectManager = MagentoFrameworkAppObjectManager::getInstance();
        $request = $objectManager->get("MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp");

        $moduleName = $request->getModuleName();
        $controller = $request->getControllerName();
        $action = $request->getActionName();

        $url = $actual_link = "http://$_SERVER(HTTP_HOST)$_SERVER(REQUEST_URI)";
        if ($moduleName == "mui" && $controller == "index" && $action == "render") {
            $url = $_COOKIE("current_url");

        if (strpos($url, 'multiordergrid/sales/pending') !== false) {
            setcookie("current_url", $url, time() + (86400 * 30), "/");
            $this->getSelect()->where("status = 'pending'");


Now execute the basic Magento command and verify your pending grid, it will only show the order with pending status

Follow the steps above for the entire status of Magento orders.

Thank you

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