equipment protection – Is there any camera safety precautions i should keep in mind when taking long exposure photographs of the night sky?

I plan to take long exposure photos of the night sky, anywhere between 1-2 mins to 8-10 mins ( i will figure out the exact time through trial and error ).

Is there any specific precautions i should take purely for the safety of camera ?

I am not asking about tips to get good image quality ( using tripods, correct aperture, pick dark location, cloudless sky etc.).

I am also not asking about physical safety of the object ( falling over with wind, getting stolen etc. ) or about carrying spare batteries . I will be accounting for all these other issues.

I am talking purely about any possible damage to the mechanisms or working of the camera. Like maybe some harm to camera, due to shutter staying open for long, or sensor being exposed for long , or some other part/mechanism/electronics leading to some problem ( i have no idea what).

I am using Nikon D5600 with the default kit lens Nikkor AF-P 18-55 mm 1:3.5:5.6 G VR

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safety – Car shipping Do’s and Dont’s

1: As long as you have tags, registration and insurance, there should be no other paperwork required.

2: Always a good idea, as proof of condition before shipping.

3: Once you accept the car and drive it off the delivery yard, they are absolved of claims for damage that you discover later. Always good to do a walk around before signing the delivery receipts.

4: Opinion based, not really allowed on this forum.

5: Depends on the shipping company, some consider personal effects to be extra cargo and charge accordingly. But if it is OK, I wouldn’t put anything of value in there. The car company will likely want keys to car and trunk.

UK Safety Regulation Question….


Fairly urgent and new-to-me issue…

I’m setting up a few data rooms for a client and one main that will be uploading data on sch… | Read the rest of

safety – How safe are cable cars?

Firstly, it depends on the ‘cable car’ meaning – I take it you mean the ones hanging above the ground, instead of the San Francisco-style ones which were named one of the most dangerous forms of transportation around.

So on to the type you’re talking about. Safety regulations will surely differ in every country. However, since many are made in Switzerland and exported elsewhere (including the 50 and 100-person gondola at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver), I’ve found some statistics out of Switzerland:

For every 1000 passengers in 2008, there were 0.000005 deaths. If I’m doing my maths correctly, that is one in every 200,000,000 passengers, or a 99.9999995% non-death carry rate 🙂

In 2009, same chart – there were no deaths.

The same page looks at the deaths in rail, trolleybus and other forms of transportation, all of which have a higher accident and death rate. So basically, if you’re willing to get into a method of transportation on the ground, statistically, you’re safer off travelling by gondola/cable-car 🙂

privacy – Please help is this illegal I’m worried for my safety

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safety – USB miner and risk of fire

I wanted to try-out mining from a pool from a raspberry pi. I ended up buying a USB ASIC miner (not sure I can post brand here). It’s a bit bigger than a USB drive and mounted with heat sinks and fan. It is connected to a USB hub which is powered separately. I think it draws about 10 watts ( 5v x 2A)
My question is, if I let it turned on all the time, does it have a risk of fire? The electricity in my house is reliable (wires are safe), but I’m concerned about the heat. Or any other risk it starts a fire while I’m sleeping (for now I’m not letting it on when I leave the house).
Am I being paranoid? Any particular recommendation?

safety – Are steam train rides safe?

I found an interesting tourist place I’d like to visit that runs half a dozen old steam trains. It is in the USA.

I know from studying history of railroads, that boiler explosions once were a common problem, and could be dangerous, as they threw pieces of the metal engine quite far. Compound upon this most of the trains they are running are now 120 years, it seems the danger would be increased.

Is the danger of a boiler exploding on a steam train still a reality?

CPU too warm for safety

there is a laptop where the CPU is at 60 Celsius frequently. I know that 60 Celsius does not mean the machine will fail, but I would prefer a lower temperature. I have watched several videos of people opening up the bottom of the case, and I spent a long time opening up the case, but I could not get it done properly. I will not attempt to open the case again. When I use a large external laptop fan underneath the laptop, it still does not cool the CPU.

What is the next solution to this issue that does NOT include the following:

Opening the case, including paying someone else to open the case,
using the computer less in any way,
lowering the temperature of the room.

Thanks everyone.

safety – What are the risks associated with swimming in the Mekong River?

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