online resources – website is safe or not?

Is it safe?

Well, it’s certainly not safe enough for me to send my credit card details over this site. Here’s why:

  • Website is not encrypted and does not allow encryption:enter image description here

  • It does not matter that the flight selection site ( is encrypted, you will afterwards be redirected again to a page for the credit card payment which is again partially unencrypted (verified with a http proxy tool).

  • A Whois lookup reveals the following: enter image description here

  • I suspect that this site is highly susceptible to being hacked (IIS 7.5 has at least one known vulnerability:

  • The server located on UAE territory will invariably collect your personal information.

Even though they claim differently:

All credit/debit card transactions are carried out on behalf of Iraqi
Airways ( by Barclays EPDQ Merchant bank PLC (after
ticketing confirmation the user is forwarded to a secure payment
system guaranteed by Barclays EPDQ Merchant bank PLC where the user
may pay for their booking).

Can you print the issued ticket immediately after the purchase?

No. It will be processed first and you likely have to wait up to 24 hrs before you get an email confirmation with the ticket issued.

Solution: Normally in such cases I call the UK office (+44 207 724 8455) and book through the agent, or I use a local travel agent service asking them to book the segments through their direct GDS connection. Last but not least (in case your inquiry is about domestic flights), flying in Iraq used to be cheaper with hard cash (USD) paid upon arrival after some negotiating.

power supply – Is it safe to use a 19v – 3.42A adapter on a laptop that requires 19v – 6.32A?

The original power adapter for my Asus laptop is broken. A spare adapter I have with me has different power specifications.


Original: 100-240V ~50-60hz 2.0A

Spare: 100-240V ~50-60hz 1.5A


Original: 19v – 6.32A

Spare: 19v – 3.42A

The polarity matches. Since the voltage is the same, is it safe to use this adapter on my laptop?

bitcoin core – How safe is BitcoinCore since it is using owner’s passphrase?

No, not all passphrases are used to generate the private keys for a wallet. Only specifically brain wallets do that.

Passphrases in actual wallet software like Bitcoin Core and Electrum are used to encrypt the wallet. The private keys are still randomly and securely generated. Your passphrase is only used as an encryption key so that the private keys are stored encrypted on disk.

It is safe and recommended that you encrypt your wallet with a passphrase. If you choose to not encrypt your wallet, then the private keys will be stored unencrypted on disk and any person or malware with access to your computer can steal your private keys and thus your Bitcoin.

safety – How Does An Beginning Photographer Appear Safe and Serious To A Model?

So, I’ve decided to take up photography on the side. I’m starting w/ some simple Urban Exploration and Astrophotography stuff but I know the projects I want to do will eventually require working w/ models.

However, given that I’m 50 years old w/ no track record of working w/ models I’ve pretty much got all the warning signs of ‘GuyWithCamera’.

So what are the things that models would be looking for to see me as a safe and serious amateur? I’m assuming shooting in public locations and encouraging them to bring a friend would go a long ways. But are there other things models look for?

If it helps, my target audience for a model would probably be in the 30-45 year old range. I’m not looking to do nudes or anything along those lines. More ironical themes like a fashion shoot in front of a house w/ a foreclosure sign or a black wedding dress shoot in an abandoned church.
Thanks –

Am I safe if 16 words in my 24 word seed are leaked?

I use a 24 word seed for my private key. I split the 24 words into 16 words in three pieces of paper, so one needs to have at least two pieces of paper to recover the wallet. However my question is, if someone gets one piece of paper, can they easily brute force the remaining 8 words?

web browser – Safe mobile browsing

What actions can I take to make web browsing on mobile phone (android) as safe as possible? My main concern are sites that would install malware (has happened before on desktop computer). On a computer, I would run browser in a sandbox environment (e.g. Sandboxie). Are there similar alternatives for mobile phones? Or are mobile environments more completely sandboxed by nature?

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Is it safe to expose port 22 on a database VM?

I have seen many answers to this question in different scenarios but I am still unsure of the actual answer.

I have a VM in the cloud (Azure), which will be hosting my production database. Is it safe to have port 22 open for my SSH connection? it also has a public IP address, is this safe too?

This is my first time having to concern myself with these types of questions so apologies for the lack of understanding.