applications – Install Galaxy S5 Weather Widget on S21

I just replaced my Samsung Galaxy S5 (which I loved) with a new Galaxy S21 (standard model from Verizon). The phone is nice and, of course, much faster…but there is one remaining thing from the S5 that I really want to try and bring to my S21. That is the weather widget, which I believe was by AccuWeather (but might have been third-party developed?). This was a really nice 4×2 widget with a nice little background that changed with the weather and also updated to the town/city you’re currently in. If it’s sunny you get a grassy field with blue skies; if it’s raining you get raindrops on a window; if it’s snowy you get a snow-covered house. I loved that.

Current AccuWeather widgets for the S21 update the town/city well enough, but they’re all smaller and not nearly as pretty, without the changing backgrounds. The S5 widget looks like this:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Weather Widget

So, here’s what I would like to accomplish: bringing the S5 weather widget over to my S21. Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?

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How to bypass the lock screen from “Always On Display” when my Samsung S21 is already unlocked

I have enabled “Always On Display” (AOD) mode on my new Samsung S21, as well as “Smart Lock”. I have also enabled pattern and fingerprint (FP) unlocking.

“Smart lock” is set to trust my home address based on GPS coordinates so when I am at home, the phone is unlocked most of the time (please note that “home” is where I live and “Home” is the phone Home screen).

When the AOD screen is on, I can double tap to exit AOD and ideally go to the Home screen. When I do that at home, it takes me to the lock screen first however, where I have to swipe in order to go to the Home screen, even if the phone is already unlocked.

This intermediate step is unnecessary as since the phone is already unlocked, there is no need to show the lock screen. Instead, I would like to go from the AOD screen directly to the Home screen when double tapping.

When I unlock using the FP on the AOD screen, that actually does take me directly to the Home screen, as expected. However using the FP is no longer an option as FP unlocking stopped working after I put on a screen protector (not an issue since the FP didn’t work that well anyway – I needed usually at least three tries for my FP to be recognized and be able to unlock the phone, despite storing several version of the same FP).

My old Samsung S8 used to work better from this standpoint as it had an option to show the Home button on the AOD screen, which when pressed would take me directly to the Home screen. I could not find a similar option on the S21.

My question: is there a way to configure the S21 to bypass the lock screen when AOD is active and the phone is already unlocked thanks to “smart lock”?

untagged – Samsung S21 where is enable auto space after period setting

I cannot find the setting for auto space after period when I’m typing a message on my Samsung S21.

Anybody knows where it is?

*hope it’s not part of the autocorrect, because I have that turned off, because it’s making a mess in my language

samsung – Looking for a specific clock widget to use on s21 ultra?

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I’m looking for this specific clock widget with this specific font. It looks amazing! I’m on an S21 ultra and have tried every APK under the sun to no avail; none of them will install. I’ve been an iPhone user for 6 years so coming back to Android is a bit of a change. Is there any way I can get this widget?

How long is the after-shutter-press delay when taking a flash picture with the S21 Ultra?

I can’t think of anything to add to the wording in the Title.

But in case the answer is disappointing: Can anyone suggest specific mobile phones (or failing that, point-and-shoot cameras) that have virtually instantaneous flash?