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Ryan Deiss – How to design a brand plan


Design a brand that creates authority and increases sales
Become THE voice of authority in your market … WITHOUT sacrificing leads and conversions

This is what we will create together
In this brand new training, you will follow my proven step-by-step plan to build a brand that not only takes advantage of direct response tactics to sell your product or service … but also positions your business as the answer to all of your Customer Problems. customers.

You too …

Use Ryan Deiss' "Brand Model Template" to complete your ideal leads and position your business as the top of its category.
Discover the core concepts of branding and positioning (and why the vast majority of companies misunderstand it).
Follow Ryan's proven 5-step process for "reverse engineering authority" (and learn why it has nothing to do with "fake it until you get it done").
Learn how to code your brand "voice" so you can scale without losing your identity and soul (TIP: this is the key).
Identify your "Authority Amplifiers" to discover your brand's mission, vision and values ​​… and how to position them in your message to build a lasting bond with your audience.
Discover the key to finding an authentic voice that brings like-minded customers right to your door
Take advantage of Ryan's "6 Point Brand Audit" worksheet to streamline your overall brand strategy and ensure your messages are consistent across the board.
It's 2019. Ignoring your brand and focusing solely on deals and funnels is no longer an option …

By the time we're done, you'll have a "Brand Plan" that contains all the core assets you need to clarify your brand's messages and positioning, so you can attract your ideal customer and position your brand as the primary authority in your space. .

Engage this workshop and let's start building YOUR brand that SELLS today …

What you will learn and take advantage of
Messages that create a lasting emotional connection with your customer
Just "show up" and hope that the sale is no longer enough. Your customers want to know who you are and why they should trust you about their competition. By creating a voice for your brand, one that describes a clear mission, vision and set of values, your company can stand out in a crowded marketplace and provide a storm port for your prospects.

A clear path to success that positions your brand as the solution to your clients' problems
If your brand doesn't answer your customers' questions as soon as (or even BEFORE) they ask, you're just another noise generator in an already HIGH and crowded market. Through the resources and methods taught in this workshop, you will go with a scalable plan that establishes you as THE voice of authority in your market.

Apply direct response copy and storytelling to turn more sales and make customers loyal brand advocates.
The simple truth is that your customers won't trust you if they don't know you. By creating your Brand Plan, you will have all the tools you need to tell a compelling story about your business … who you are and why your product is as important as everyone else. You are giving your customers the information they need to make the obvious decision: YOU.

What you will learn

The key to finding an authentic voice that brings like-minded customers right to your door
Ryan's secret strategy for the reverse engineering authority (and has nothing to do with "pretend until you do it")
5 quick steps to take what you already know and believe, and make it a brand that SELLS
The tools to develop a structured narrative that keeps your brand messages consistent, no matter who on your team is creating the content
How companies like Angie’s List, Shinola and SeaVees use automated emails to move MILLIONS of dollars from a wide range of products, PLUS …
DigitalMarketer's proven email copy and paste template (5 series and 37 total emails) that makes creating high conversion promotional email campaigns as easy as "COPY … PASTE … SEND"


[ Movies ] Open-ended question: Name a Tom Hanks movie that you liked much better than Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan?

Mine is big

[FREE] Azon Master Class (home study course by Ryan Stevenson, Azon) |

(FREE) Azon Master Class (Azon home study course by Ryan Stevenson)

Azon Master Class is a new Amazon affiliate training course (Ryan Stevenson), which was completed on October 14, 2013!
See the replay of the free webinar below for this series.
After you start playing the video, set it in full screen and change the quality to HD
(click on the settings icon in the lower right corner) to get the best viewing experience.

Get instant access to the 12 HD video recordings of these training webinars (approximately 2 hours each)
and the electronic book of each webinar in the Azon master class

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What makes Paul Ryan a much better speaker than Pelosi?

Nothing, Ryan was just a partisan obstructive moron who couldn't do anything good for the American people. Pelosi does things and always does. No one can gather the house like Pelosi, we have seen it before and we are seeing it again. The most effective speaker in our lives.

GET – Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery |

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Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery


Why focus on audience generation and traffic generation?

Five important reasons:

1. You can classify the products by selling them to real customers (without paid launch services);

2. You can contact your audience to launch new products;

3. You can build customer loyalty and promote new products;

4. You can increase the rating of your brand by creating an audience;

5. You can boost sales whenever you want and stay on page 1 more easily.

Are you understanding the power of controlling your own traffic?

Before telling you more about FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery, let me ask you some questions:

Are you struggling to increase your sales on Amazon?

Are you fed up of your competitors beating you?

Can't keep a ranking on page 1?

Do you think a 5% or 10% increase in the conversion rate could change your business overnight?

Are you totally confused about how to boost sales of Facebook, Adwords, Instagram and Pinterest?

When it comes to improving the rank on Amazon, are you lost and overwhelmed?

Do you feel that you are missing something huge in which everyone else is "stuck"?


Learn to master Facebook ads: I reveal the most important aspects of Facebook advertising that you need to know. No lint or "stuffing" material.

Product launch and momentum classification: create an audience to which you can launch and relaunch products.
Get comments: to get comments, you need real customers that you can contact. These methods will give you that ability.
Master ChatBot Marketing for Amazon sellers: ChatBots are absolutely the most powerful marketing tool that Amazon sellers have at their disposal today. Instantly communicate with your Amazon customers through Facebook Messenger. This allows you to increase sales with the click of a button. You can use ChatBots to create an audience, launch products with a traffic tsunami, get regular customers and create your opinions.
No more gifts for business hunters. No more review groups. Deliver your product to really interested customers.

Module 1


1 hour

Implementation (1 week)

+ see one by one

Amazon brand

How to make smart product decisions (product selection)

Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks

Maximizing the lifetime value of your customer

Customer services and automated emails (JUICY!)

Brand pages (best practices)

Module 2

Organic Optimization

45 minutes

Implementation (1 week)

Keyword selection with tools

Listing Optimization for Amazon Rank

How to optimize third-party traffic

Module 3


120 minutes

Implementation (3-4 days)

Facebook advertising essentials

Pixels and conversion events

Campaign and ad breakdown

Advanced audience creation, specifically for FBA vendors (save thousands with this knowledge)

Use of your customer lists

Adsets and advanced segmentation

Amazon sales ads with examples

Breaking down the data

Automation rules (to scale and control expenses)

Module 4

Releases and funnels

(Chatbot domain included)

120 minutes

Implementation 8-14 days

How to set up your first funnel based on the landing page

How to set up your first ChatBot funnel (ManyChat)

The "review" funnel I use to get tons of TOS-compatible reviews

Aggressive strategy to launch the first page 1 (Chatbots)

Aggressive strategy to launch the first page 2

New ChatBot launch strategy with a 96% success rate

Secret method to obtain full-price sales used by 8-figure sellers

Loyalty flows for lifetime customers (Chatbots)

Viral Informational Video Funnel

Advanced Amazon classification tricks (long tail classification and more)

Contest Funnels

Retargeting funnels

Module 5

Evergreen Marketing Skills

120 minutes

Email marketing flows, suggested tools

Messaging flows and menu settings

Structure a world class social media strategy with a budget

How to use social networks for the promotion of physical products

Module 6

External channels

120 minutes

Configure Shopify

Third-party sales channels (How I added $ 8,000 per month to my sales)

Focus discussion

Module 7

Time management and escalation

65 minutes

Tools I use to work less

Tools I use to manage people

Goal setting and progress monitoring

Module 8


Trademarks and legal matters

Funnel Inspiration

Advertising inspiration

Google Adwords to promote Amazon products

Use of Facebook groups to launch products

More than 20 questions and live recorded responses of my Monday meetings!


GET – Ryan Deiss – Social and community domain |

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Ryan Deiss – Social and community master


What are you about to discover:
The framework of the "Cycle of social success" that provides instant clarity on the 4 categories of marketing activities in social networks (and the category with which all companies should start).
How to create your Customer Avatar to design a social media strategy that attracts potential customers and buyers (our simple Customer Avatar Worksheet will show you how to build your avatar).
How to recognize and take advantage of the strength (and avoid the weakness) of the social media channels "Seeker" and "Commitment".
The "10-minute Social Network Audit" that immediately identifies gaps in your social media marketing so you can close them.
The two categories of social media marketing that can (and should) be automated through software (do not worry, we tell you what programs to use).
The process of "feedback" that exponentially increases the impact of marketing on social networks in the development of products / services, customer service and content creation.
The 5 categories of keywords that are important when monitoring the web for reputation and customer service issues ("Listen" for these keywords and you will immediately join the social conversation about your brand).
The social listener keyword research planner that makes the social listening campaign easy.
How to set up social listening with paid tools (and an alternative method with free tools for those on a tight budget).
The simple 3-step social network customer service plan that is used when dealing with angry customers on public social channels.
4 methods to grow connections in any social channel (look for the processes of "indoctrination" and "rebound").
7 blog post templates that create high quality blog content and "share" with speed (never get stuck by the ideas of the blog post again).
The map brochure of social networking themes that transforms boring and boring social media channels into thriving social communities.
The 6-step "socialization" process that you will apply to each new piece of content you create (this will maximize your exposure on social networks).
How to defeat the "Social fire hose" (and create social network updates that are noticed in the sea of ​​social status updates).
How to take advantage of the "Long Tail Media Outreach" (to generate traffic, links and authority of blogs, podcasts and more).
How to combine Maps of social media themes and the "Short list" process to create a network of influential people (this can really "move the needle" for your business).
How "Reverse Media Outreach" works today (and how to position yourself to take advantage of it)
The strategy of "The first value" that transforms in a perfect and subtle way the connections of casual social networks in potential clients (without being sordid).
3 types of "Value First" offers (and when to use each one).
How to use "Content segmentation", social networks and social advertising to promote social connections to potential clients and customers.
How to use content and social networks to interact with "The customer's journey" from the stage of Consciousness to Conversion.

Breakdown of the course:
Module 1: Start here

Lesson 1: from the author
Lesson 2: Social success cycle
Lesson 3: Marketing objectives in social networks
Lesson 4: The client's avatar
Lesson 5: which social media channel is right for you
Lesson 6: Commitment vs search channels
Lesson 7: 10 minutes of social media audit
Lesson 8: Social networks do not do
Lesson 9: When to automate

Module 2: Social Listening

Lesson 1: Why listen?
Lesson 2: Social listening goals
Lesson 3: Social listening tools
Lesson 4: Social listening metrics
Lesson 5: Setting up social listening
Lesson 6: Planning social listening keywords
Lesson 7: Demonstration of tools: Keyword alert settings
Lesson 8: Listen without paid tools
Lesson 9: Using a feedback loop
Lesson 10: Demonstration of tools: Configuration of labels and tasks
Lesson 11: The 3-step social customer service plan

Module 3: Social Influence

Lesson 1: Why influence?
Lesson 2: Social influence goals
Lesson 3: Tools of social influence
Lesson 4: Metrics of social influence
Lesson 5: Growing social profile.
Lesson 6: Social Bouncing
Lesson 7: Map of social media themes
Lesson 8: 7 Blog Publications Templates
Lesson 9: Socialize blog content
Lesson 10: Step 1 – Splinter
Lesson 11: Step 2 – Visualize
Lesson 12: Step 3 – Transmission
Lesson 13: Step 4 – Label
Lesson 14: Step 5 – Monitor
Lesson 15: Step 6 – Schedule
Lesson 16: Demo of tools – Edgar
Lesson 17: Defeat the "social fire hose"
Lesson 18: Demonstration of tools – Facebook Boost Post function
Lesson 19: What is your SOP?

Module 4: Social networks

Lesson 1: Why the network?
Lesson 2: Objectives of social networks
Lesson 3: Social networking tools
Lesson 4: Social media metrics
Lesson 5: What is the means?
Lesson 6: Extension to long-tail media
Lesson 7: What does Long Tail Media want?
Lesson 8: Networks by theme map
Lesson 9: The "Short List"
Lesson 10: Reverse Media Outreach
Lesson 11: Staying in compliance

Module 5: Social sale

Lesson 1: Why sell?
Lesson 2: Social sales goals
Lesson 3: Social selling tools
Lesson 4: Social selling metrics
Lesson 5: The Value First strategy
Lesson 6: Value First Offers
Lesson 7: The customer's trip
Lesson 8: Content segmentation
Lesson 9: Segmentation + Retargeting
Lesson 10: DEMO: Setting up a segmented website
Lesson 11: Content + Social Media + Retargeting Ad
Lesson 12: Putting everything together


[GET] – Ryan Deiss – Master in email marketing and certification |

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Who has the highest approval rating? Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Paul Ryan or the mainstream media?

The president of the House of Representatives of the United States, Republican Paul Ryan, who announced earlier this year that he will retire in January 2019, has the most positive ratings: 40% favorable and 45% unfavorable. His net result of -5 in the picture is compared to his counterpart in the Senate, the majority leader, Mitch McConnell, -26. Across the aisle, the net favorability of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of -24 is similar to that of McConnell, while Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer -15 is somewhat better.

US voters rely more on the media than on President Trump 54: 30 percent to tell the truth on important issues. Republicans trust Trump more than the media 72 – 12 percent, the only group that trusts Trump more. White voters without a university degree are divided, with 45 percent trusting Trump more and 43 percent trusting the media more.

The media is an important part of democracy, says 69 percent of voters, while 21 percent say that the media are the enemy of the people. Republicans say that 47 to 31 percent of the media is the enemy of the people rather than an important part of democracy, the only group on the list that feels that way.