OVH – US? Run as much as you can ..

Hi guys,

My problem with OVH is not even big.
I rent a server, I pay for it … and I release an OS in the box …

The server is working … | Read the rest of

[ Politics ] Open question: What will America be like if it was run by women or homosexuals?

Unfortunately it seems that we are going in that direction.

for installation – You have problems for Drupal to run the evaluation demonstration in Windows 10

I installed xampp and started Apache and mysql, which start without errors (I have not changed any ports, etc., so everything is predetermined).

When I run & # 39; php core / scripts / drupal quick-start demo_umami & # 39; from the shell xampp, everything works fine and, nevertheless, it is installed when it finishes and opens the browser (chrome) I receive a Virus Detected message from my antivirus s / w (AVG):

& # 39; .ht.router.php & # 39; contains the virus & # 39; IDP.Generic & # 39; – I have scanned the Drupal zip file without problems and I have checked the antivirus website for more information that it can be a false positive due to version control, but be careful if it is not s / w you usually use.

I repeated the installation in a security room and when I apply an exception for the virus message, I have to launch Drupal in my browser, but it works very slowly and keeps on informing the messages of "not responding". If I try ctrl-c drupal in the xampp shell, nothing happens, so I can not close drupal and it seems to have crashed.

Any idea what he's doing here? – I got both Drupal and XAMPP from the Drupal website, so I think that the virus report can be a false positive, but this does not explain the problem of the slow execution and the fall of the drupal …

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How to run the RocksDB service in Ubuntu for performance testing?

I'm trying to test the performance of RocksDB. I installed DB-Bench for performance tests and also RocksDB. I have no idea how I can start the RocksDB service in Ubuntu and run the performance test using db-bench. Any help / advice is very appreciated

scripts: run a shell script and pass arguments from math

Is it possible to run a shell script and pass arguments to it from Mathematica? I have searched thoroughly and I have not been able to find a way to do this.

I want to avoid having to write a .wls for this particular instance, although I'm starting to fear that I have to do it.

mysql – Run .sql files in php

I have a database in mysql, the thing is that every time I enter new data I need to execute a series of functions and processes located in different archivos.sql, so I need a way to run the "source file.sql" from php.
Thanks in advance

Programming: how to run a specific cell in a notebook from another notebook

I have a long Mathematics Code in a notebook, denoted by NB1. Since it is a very long code, and I just need some of the results of NB1 to be used in another laptop indicated by NB2, I assigned Mobile Tags to those cells NB1 that generate the outputs required by NB2. I like to know how to remember the cells labeled in NB1 in NB2.

I know how to run NB1 while it is in NB2, but I do not want to execute all the operations in NB1 since I only need a subset of the outputs of NB1.

Here is an example of NB1:

Clear[Evaluate[Context[] <> "*"]];
Clear[n, d, G, transfer, absorption, info, capParam, infoStock, 
edgeCapacityMat, infoStocks, system, reducedSystem, sa, wG];

n = 6;
d = 0.3;
G = RandomGraph[{Round[n], Round[n*(n - 1)*d]}, DirectedEdges->

transfer = Table[t[i], {i, 1, n}]; (* transfer capacity *)
absorption = table[a[i], {i, 1, n}]; (* Absorption capacity *)
info = table[x[i], {i, 1, n}]; (* information stock capacity *)

(* parameterization *)
capParam = Table[{t[i] -> RandomReal[], a[i]-> RandomReal[]}
{i, 1, n}]//Flatten;
infoStock =
Table[x[i] -> RandomInteger[{1, 10}], {i, 1, n}]//Flatten;

absorptionCap_] : = (# - DiagonalMatrix[Diagonal[#]]) &[
KroneckerProduct[transferCap, absorptionCap]];
InfoStocks[stock_] : = DiagonalMatrix[stock];
system = infoStocks[info].edgeCapacityMat[transfer, 
absorption]; (* completely defined system *)

ReducedSystem =
Adjacency matrix[G]*
system; (* the system associated with AdjacencyGraph "G" *)
sa = SparseArray[reducedSystem];
wG = Graphic[sa["NonzeroPositions"],
EdgeWeight-> sa["NonzeroValues"], DirectedEdges
-> True, VertexLabels -> "Name"];

(* Answer by @ KGLR: use this to formulate "attention
assignment problem in my work *)

Clear all[edgeW];
edgeW = Module[{g = #, 
e = DirectedEdge @@@ Partition[#, 2, 1] & / @
FindPath[##, [Infinity], Everyone]}
Transpose[{e, PropertyValue[{g, #}, EdgeWeight] & / @ # & / @

desiredOutput1 = edgeW[wG, 5, 2]
desiredOutput2 = HighlightGraph[wGedgeW[wGedgeW[wGedgeW[wGedgeW[wG, 5, 2][[All, 1]]]

I like to use desiredOutput1 Y desiredOutput2 in NB2, therefore I have created two cell tags in NB1 it must be recovered from NB2, but I do not know how to recover only the two cell labels of NB2.

Thanks for your help.

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How to execute server permissions scripts, specifically RUN IN SYS.XP_PROP_OLEDB_PROVIDER?

I could not write the following permissions on the server side:


but thanks to the following question I found a solution to that:

How to write the concession view in the login permission?

Now I have a similar problem:

I have a process that grants the following permission from the server side for a login:


that is working well, however, I need to write all the permissions of the my_company my_login but I can not find a way to write this permission.

How can I do that?

magento2 – How to configure the indexer to run at night?

Create a module with the file. etc / crontab.xml with the content below to override the default index job and schedule it to run every day at 9pm.

            0 * / 21 * * *

You can use the n98-magerun2 to verify the actual programming as shown in the following image.

n98-magerun.phar sys: cron: list

enter the description of the image here