put some function in the cloud and run cell phone or tablet or laptop from anywhere

In general, I would like to recover a small chain produced after entering some integers …

anyway the functions are:

pw(j_Integer, nd_Integer, sl_Integer, oeo_Integer) := 
 Style(StringJoin(" ", 
   Map(ctec((# + 1)) &, 
    First(RealDigits(N(1/Prime(j*sl + oeo), (j*sl + oeo)*10*5), 
      Length(ctec), nd, -sl*oeo))), " "), FontSize -> 25, 
  FontColor -> Red, Bold, Background -> Yellow)

where ctec is a list of all the characters that can be used with a Latin-kb password

Ability to run an executable without access to the folder

The environment is Windows 10. We want to give permission to run the XYZ program to a user who is not an administrator, but blocking access (view, copy, delete, write) to the path "Program Files XYZ", due to certain data confidential.

Any way to handle this?

multi-thread – Run Bash scripts in parallel

I would like to run a script several times in more than 10 folders in parallel. What I need to know is how to structure the arguments by number. My non-parallel script is:

For i in {1..10};
    do python myscript.py "folder_"$i;

I have heard of mpirun but I am not sure how to structure the arguments by folder number or something similar.

rbac – SSH jumphost does not run ForceCommand

When I have a "ForceCommand" in my SSHD configuration, when I log in directly to the host, I see that the script specified in the "ForceCommand" is executed. However, when I use the host as Jumphost, I don't see "ForceCommand" running, my intention is to write a script to validate if the user can connect to the destination host from a jumphost perspective. Any ideas on how to make a jumphost call a script that can do this?

Run a java program from a shell script with redirection

I have a java program (Main.java, uandf.java and node.java), where the Main program takes the contents of an input file and does things. For my task, I have to write a shell script that compiles and runs the program, but the input file must be redirected to the shell script: that is, shell_script.sh <file.

Is there any way for the contents of the file to be passed to the java program as a command line argument?

What I have so far:


javac -O Main.java uandf.java node.java
java -cp Main "$1"

I am running the script with ./shell_script.sh < filename

configuration – Lighttpd – can be run, but does not appear as a service in Ubuntu

I have a small Atom box in which I am running Xubuntu (18.04.3 Ubuntu LTS with Xfce) and I have lighttpd up and running by setting the port number in the conf file (to avoid a collision with Apache on port 80).

I can start lighttpd using & # 39; service lighttpd start & # 39; but when I do & # 39; service –status-all & # 39 ;, lighttpd does not appear (as a + or -). I can ps and see the process and I can netstat and see that my port is active (and I can navigate to that port and see my index page).

Shouldn't lighttpd appear as a service –status-all if it can be started with a service command?

Is there any configuration or place that –status-all extracts its information about what is a configured service? (a text table somewhere or something)?

I have a configuration that works, but now I would like to:
a) Make it behave as a service (even appear in status queries)
b) Have it start automatically with the machine

So what am I missing for these things to happen?

How to make an html image entry and then run a python algorithm on it (for a website)?

I hope to create a website where the user enters an image and then runs an algorithm, how would he do it?

How to run a background process, after getting a user entry in bash shell

set -e


#mkdir -p $DUMP_DIR
echo "Spawning processes=$NO_OF_PROCESS"

for i in $(seq 1 $NO_OF_PROCESS)
    # This command will expect a password and has to be spawned
    # into multiple processes after getting the password

The bash script above cannot obtain the password, if it is started as a background process Y

Is there any way to get tickets and let the process go to the background?

if the command is true for X seconds, run the code in the bash shell script

I want an if statement to be executed only if the condition in the declaration is true for at least 3 consecutive seconds, how do I achieve it in the Linux Bash shell script? I haven't done it before, and I couldn't find anything specific searching on Google and would appreciate any help! I don't mean a loop that executes the condition x number of times, but a function that verifies the condition is true for at least x consecutive seconds / minutes before it executes a block of code.

thanks in advance

ansible: run the script on the remote host that is not at stake

I am trying to include the execution of a script on a remote host before completing a set of tasks in another host list. Specifically, I am trying to run a script in my local yum repository, to synchronize the repository, before running a yum update on a host set. The local repository server may not be on the same inventory list as the hosts that are updated, so how could this be achieved? Any help would be highly appreciated.