dnd 5e – What are the rules for owning and training animals?

It is important to understand the fact that even training basic commands to a wild animal is not an easy task, and the adventurers would have to dedicate time every day reinforcing teaching of even basic commands before moving on to the commands that they are looking for.

Until the creature is trained, it won’t listen to commands, it is unlikely to do what the player wants, and it may end up lashing out at some party members. It can create a great in game role-playing scenario, and that alone may make it worth justifying limited combat skills and such after the time has passed to allow that form of training to have been completed.

Mechanically, nothing is defined at all, but a series of a few months worth of skill checks to train the animal based on a DC that the DM decides is appropriate for that specific beast to be trained over time would be appropriate. If your DM disallows it, then that is simply the way it is, but most DM’s outside of organized play are likely willing to work with you in at least a limited sense if it promotes role-playing and takes work before it has any mechanical merit.

I would say that the first step is to ‘tame’ the creature so it won’t attack players or bolt at the first opportunity. After this, it should have a check/training attempt associated with each trick it is to be ‘taught’. “War training” should be separate as well, so they don’t bolt in combat. The DC should be based on the DM’s discretion, considering the trick and the animal. (War training a rabbit is unlikely.)

As this method would need to consider both active days (perhaps during long rests) and inactive (downtime) days, it is likely in the Player/DM’s best interests to look at the downtime rules to design something similar to the crafting or carousing rules in order to better create mechanics for training an animal. It would give a codified way to take care of the process that keeps it from being too bogged down by rolls every day.

The carousing rules seems like a particularly good fit, allowing animal handling to adjust a table for a single roll that has results ranging from the animal leaving/going berserk to becoming a very well trained creature.

The cost of food/shelter for the creature would need to be considered, of course, and will be as important to an animal trainer as they are to a knight with his horse, and this would adjust the normal downtime day costs for the character.

Magento 1.9.x Zip code Rules

I’m trying to create a rule using zip code to give a discount, but the rule of greater or equal, is not working.
for example:

zip code greater than or equal to: 01000000

zip code less than or equal to: 19999000

but it doesn’t work, could someone help me?

uk – What are current rules for short stays in England?

Government site says tests are needed for the second and eighth day.

Shorter stays are not mentioned. What if I stay three days – why do I need to pay for the day 8 test? Or is that at the discretion of the Border Force?

If I only come visit for a day, do I need day 2 test?

commerce – Using rules to Flag a Product Display Node on Checkout

Every user is supposed to purchase Particular product only once.

So i have a view to list the Product Display which by using FLAG module i can list only Unflagged Product Display nodes (Products which are yet to be purchased).

The issue now is how to use Rules to Flag the Product Display node on checkout Completion.

Note: i am using Drupal 7.

Your help will be appreciated.

Pass a webform value to a node via Rules?

I have a rule that is successfully creating a node of a content type when a webform is submitted. How do I pass a value from the webform into the created node via rules? (This is a Drupal 7 site.)

interaction design – How would you visualize authorization deviation with 90+ rules?

Users can preselect an authorization set (1). And, later on, modify the set. As a user, I want to see how the original authorization set differs from the one I changed. So I can see which permissions are disabled/enabled in permission. The totality of rules is around 90.

Any patterns out there that can help me solve this problem?

Adsense Rules

Hey …

It's been a while since I have been involved with Google Adsense and I have a question. On a page where I have Adsense ads running … would I be allowed to run an affiliate banner from let's say Clickbank or Max Bounty?



permalinks – Rewrite rules showing blog pagination 404 error

I added below script in my website to setup custom language slug like th, se etc.

After adding this below script my pages are working like.

Issue: but my blog pagination like throwing 404 error.

Script custom permalink and rewrite rules

/*---------------Page permalinks ---------------*/
    add_filter( 'page_link', 'prefix_custom_link_option', 10, 3 );
    function prefix_custom_link_option($link, $post_id , $sample){
        global $wp_rewrite;
        $category = get_the_terms($post_id, "nk-post-translation");
        $post = get_post($post_id);
        if (!empty($category) && $category(0)->slug == "th") {
            $link = str_replace(home_url(),home_url('th'), $link);
        } elseif (!empty($category) && $category(0)->slug == "se") {
            $link = str_replace(home_url(),home_url('se'), $link);
        } else {
            $link = str_replace(home_url(),home_url(), $link);
        return $link;
    /*-----------------page rewrite rule -----------*/
    add_filter('page_rewrite_rules', 'my_new_page_rewrite_rules');
    function my_new_page_rewrite_rules($page_rewrite) {
        $rules('^th/(.*)') = 'index.php?&pagename=$matches(1)'; //for thai pages
        $rules('^se/(.*)') = 'index.php?&pagename=$matches(1)';  //for swedish pages
        $rules('^(.*)') = 'index.php?&pagename=$matches(1)';   //for default or english pages
        return $rules;
    add_filter('post_link', 'custom_permalink', 10, 3);
    add_filter('post_rewrite_rules', 'wp_insertMyRewriteRules');
    add_filter('init', 'flushRules');
    // creating of post permalink from taxonomy slug
    function custom_permalink($permalink, $post, $leavename) {
        $category = get_the_terms($post->ID, "nk-post-translation");
        if (!empty($category) && $category(0)->slug == "th") {
            $permalink = str_replace(home_url(),home_url('th'), $permalink);
        } elseif (!empty($category) && $category(0)->slug == "se") {
            $permalink = str_replace(home_url(),home_url('se'), $permalink);
        } else {
            $permalink = str_replace(home_url(),home_url(), $permalink);
        return $permalink;
    //flush the existing rules of taxonomy slug rules
    function flushRules() {
        global $wp_rewrite;
    // inserting new rules of taxonomy slug
    function wp_insertMyRewriteRules($post_rewrite) {
        $post_type = 'post';
        $rules('^th/(.*)$') = 'index.php?post_type=' . $post_type . '&post=$matches(1)&name=$matches(1)'; 
        $rules('^se/(.*)$') = 'index.php?post_type=' . $post_type . '&post=$matches(1)&name=$matches(1)'; 
        $rules('^(.*)$') = 'index.php?post_type=' . $post_type . '&post=$matches(1)&name=$matches(1)'; 
        return $rules;

world of darkness – How does a Hold or Clinch maneuver interact with the blind fighting rules in Vampire: The Masquerade v20?

Say two kindred are clinching one another, or one performs a Hold maneuver on another, in blind fighting conditions (in pitch darkness for example).
Let’s say one of them is Gangrel with Eyes of the Beast. Eyes of the Beast should mitigate effects of blind fighting (V20 Core Rulebook, p. 274).
Would they have the same Brawl+Str difficulty on rolls to break free from a Hold or Clinch? Or would someone who is under effect of blind fighting have +2 difficulty?

Another question:

Let’s say Arms of the Abyss is constricting a victim inside Shroud of Night. The description of Arms of the Abyss (V20 Core Rulebook, p. 189) states:

Breaking the grasp of the tentacle requires the victim to win a resisted Str roll against the tentacle (difficulty 6 for each).

Should the blinded victim roll difficulty 8 to break free? Or is it still difficulty 6?

rules – Issues with Domain Access module

Using Drupal 8.9.13. I cannot seem to make the site I am building functional with the Domain suite of modules installed. Symptoms:
After installing and enabling the Domain module, the site generates a general error when I log in. There is an error in the dblog:

TypeError: Argument 1 passed to DrupalCorePluginContextContextHandler::DrupalCorePluginContext{closure}() must implement interface DrupalCorePluginContextContextInterface, null given in DrupalCorePluginContextContextHandler->DrupalCorePluginContext{closure}() (line 76 of C:UserseugeneSitesacquianewfaceswebcorelibDrupalCorePluginContextContextHandler.php)

I narrowed it down to some kind of conflict between Layout builder module and Domain module. If either one is uninstalled, the error is gone. When Layout builder is uninstalled I can create domain records and then re-enable Layout builder. At this point there will be no errors.

When I continue to enable other modules in the domain suite, they seem to install fine, until I install Domain Source module. It seems to be in some conflict with the rules module. I cannot view user profile, including my own with the error indicating that memory of 512M is exhausted (no error in the dblog). Uninstalling either modules removes the error condition.

Please help. I don’t see any similar issues here.