How to analyze a specific RSS feed in a blogger post

Is it possible to analyze a specific RSS feed in the blogger post? I would like to make the RSS feed of the news site as my permanent blogger post for each post, but I'm not sure if this is possible, if so, how can it be done?

Thanks in advance

I receive the following error while using RSS Feed in Sharepoint online. Why?

Do you use the web part of the RSS feed viewer?

If so, the RSS feed viewer web part does not support authenticated RSS feeds.

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There is a similar publication:

Searching RSS from Yahoo Finance

Searching RSS from Yahoo Finance
Does anyone know how to get the RSS feed from this page?

Subscribe to the Facebook group post via RSS?

Is there a way to subscribe to a group discussion of posts via RSS to receive new feedback from comments?

After Microsoft patches in January 2018, the WebPart RSS viewer stopped working in SharePoint 2010

In December 2017, the web part of the RSS viewer worked fine, in January 2018 new Microsoft patches were installed on the SharePoint server, after that it is giving error in the web part of the RSS viewer

The requested RSS feed could not be displayed. Verify the configuration and URL of this feed. If the problem persists, contact your administrator.

When I reviewed the ULS records I discovered two exceptions below:

RssWebPart: exception given to HandleRuntimeException.HandleException System.Net.WebException: cannot connect to the remote server —> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: a connection attempt failed because the connected party did not respond correctly after a period of time, or the connection established failed because the connected host could not respond ...: 8089

in System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoConnect (EndPoint endPointSnapshot, SocketAddress socketAddress)

in System.Net.ServicePoint.ConnectSocketInternal (Boolean connectFailure, Socket s4, Socket s6, Socket & socket, IPAddress & address, ConnectSocketState state, IAsyncResult asyncResult, Int32 timeout, Exception & exception) –

– End of internal exception stack tracking —

in Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.BaseXmlDataSource.GetXmlDocument ()

in Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.SingleDataSource.GetXPathNavigatorInternal ()

in Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.SingleDataSource.GetXPathNavigator ()

in Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.GetXPathNavigator (String viewPath)

in Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.PrepareAndPerformTransform (Boolean bDeferExecuteTransform)

RssWebPart: exception given to HandleRuntimeException.HandleException System.Net.WebException: the underlying connection was closed: an unexpected error occurred in a shipment. —> System.IO.IOException: You received an unexpected EOF or 0 bytes of the transport stream.

in the System.Net.FixedSizeReader.ReadPacket (Byte (), Int32 offset buffer,
Int32 account)

in System.Net.Security.SslState.StartReadFrame (Byte () buffer, Int32
readBytes, AsyncProtocolRequest asyncRequest)

in System.Net.Security.SslState.StartReceiveBlob (Byte () buffer,
AsyncProtocolRequest asyncRequest)

in System.Net.Security.SslState.ForceAuthentication (Boolean
ReceiveFirst, Byte () buffer, AsyncProtocolRequest asyncRequest)

in System.Net.Security.SslState.ProcessAuthentication (LazyAsyncResult

in TryCode (Object userData)

System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers.ExecuteCodeWithGuaranteedCleanup (TryCode
code, CleanupCode backoutCode, Object userData)

in System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run (ExecutionContext
executeContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)

in System.Net.TlsStream.ProcessAuthentication (result of LazyAsyncResult)

in System.Net.TlsStream.Write (Byte () buffer, Int32 offset, Int32

in System.Net.PooledStream.Write (Byte () buffer, Int32 offset, Int32

in System.Net.ConnectStream.WriteHeaders (Boolean asynchronous) –

– End of internal exception stack tracking —

Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.BaseXmlDataSource.GetXmlDocument ()

Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.SingleDataSource.GetXPathNavigatorInternal ()

Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.SingleDataSource.GetXPathNavigator ()

Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.GetXPathNavigator (String


Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.PrepareAndPerformTransform (Boolean bDeferExecuteTransform)

Below is the list of patches that we install on our server (Windows Server R2 Enterprise) 6-1-4 1-4-6-2-4-7 -windows-for-fiji

Is anyone having the same kind of problem?

WordPress – RSS podcast on the blog homepage?

I've been trying to solve this all day, so I hope someone can help. I have had a self-hosted WordPress blog for three years, with two feeds coming from the home page, RSS content and RSS comments. Last month I launched a podcast, hosted by Pippa, which provides a website under the Pippa domain.
I want to move the podcast feed to my blog site for brand and traffic. However, I don't know where to put the feed. According to Google, a podcast feed must be on the homepage of a website, and there should be only one alternative tag on the podcast feed page.
Can another page of my WordPress blog work as the podcast homepage? Or should I put the podcast feed on the homepage and move the blog content feed to another page?
Thank you!

Add-on development: Modify XML sources in WordPress RSS feeds

I have needed to modify the attribute of an individual RSS feed. Here is the code I am currently running, but this adds other at the end of each RSS2 element.

' . $mynewlink . ';
    echo $output;
add_action('rss2_item', 'modify_rss_feed');

An example of XML it can look like this

This is a title link
Sun, 03 Nov 2019 18:44:00 +0000

How can I modify the existing fields in the RSS feed at, etc. .

Facebook RSS link

How can I find my Facebook page RSS FEED Link?

How to configure RSS and WordPress with filter code?

I am publishing on WordPress through RSS and that rss is constantly updated, so at once there are 25 posts on my website. I need a filter code that allows the applet to run once per hour. Thanks in advance ;-]

How to find the rss link or site map?

I have a shopify based site. Now how to find RSS and the sitemap link? My site is