Algorithm: this iterative routine of post-order travel occurred to me and my wife

I wanted to receive feedback on the correctness and efficiency of this transversal order routine that both my wife and I found really easy to understand.

def postOrderTraversal(root: TreeNode):
  curr = root
  stack = ()

  while stack or curr:
    if curr is None:
      if stack(-1).right is None or popped == stack(-1).right:
        popped = stack.pop()
        curr = stack(-1).right
      curr = curr.left

The recursive routine blocks the unit

I want the limits (left wall and right wall) to follow the position and of the player, a couple of times. however, when I use this code as soon as it is executed, the unit hangs.
Any idea why?

public Transform bounds;

//in another function

IEnumerator Follow_Bounds(int a)
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(1f);
    while(a < 3)
        StartCoroutine(Follow_Bounds(a + 1));
   bounds.position = new Vector2(bounds.position.x, transform.position.y);

Ensure a node addition routine without problems

I am building a site in Drupal 8, where users can add training programs. An example of such a program might look like this:

Simulated training

In my view, I will need 3 types of nodes:
Type 1 Node: Program (with a Set entity reference)
Type 2 Node: Set (with a Exercise entity reference)
Type 3 Node: Exercise

When adding a Program node type, can have multiple Set entity references. When adding a Set, – you will need a Exercise entity reference.

But how to ensure a routine of adding "Program" without problems? Then, by adding a set to a program, the user will be sent back to the program after creating the necessary Set-node.

I hope my description makes sense. Any ideas?

How to export routine MySQL information? Third party tool?

So, apparently, only the $ 2,000 SE version of MySQL Workbench has a built-in documentation export, so, using the MySQL CE version, I need to find a tool that exports all the routine information along with its parameters and comments for Let our developers make reference. I've spent hours trying to find that tool, but every solution I find costs more than $ 500 or is not a real solution. I am quite surprised that there is no standard open source tool that simply generates the HTML exports required by the Routine developer for the MySQL database.

Can anyone recommend something?

I adjusted my local backup routine

I am a little crazy.

He was a computer technician, and then he owned a computer repair / consulting business, before selling that business, he … | Read the rest of

unit: stutter when using movetowards in a routine

First, sorry for my English;
I have the following problem with a WebGL project I am working on:
I have an object that I want to move away and move to a specific position at the same time, for this, I have created a routine called by clicking. On my computer, everything works perfectly fine, but every time I try this function on a non-high-end computer, this routine stutters a little.
I tried to disable every shader or sprite that this object is using to rule out the use of graphics, but the problem persists even if the object is a blank circle.

This is the routine I am using:

IEnumerator restorePosition() {
        float counter = 0;
        while(counter < duration) {
            counter += Time.deltaTime;

            if (counter > duration) {
                counter = duration;

            float framesPerTime = Vector3.Distance(zoomedTransform.position, storedPosition) / (duration - counter) * Time.deltaTime;
            zoomedTransform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(zoomedTransform.position, storedPosition, framesPerTime);

            float framesPerTimeZoom = Vector3.Distance(zoomedTransform.localScale, storedScale) / (duration - counter) * Time.deltaTime;
            zoomedTransform.localScale = Vector3.MoveTowards(zoomedTransform.localScale, storedScale, framesPerTimeZoom);

            //restore solar system to original position
            float solarSystemFrames = Vector3.Distance(solarSystem.position, solarSystemStartPOS) / (duration - counter) * Time.deltaTime;
            solarSystem.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(solarSystem.position, solarSystemStartPOS, solarSystemFrames);
            yield return null;

        //zoomedTransform.position = storedPosition;
        zoomed = false;
        spriteMask.frontSortingLayerID = originalFrontLayerID;
        spriteMask.backSortingLayerID = originalBackLayerID;
        zoomedTransform.localScale = storedScale;

        foreach(SpriteRenderer s in spriteChildren) {
                s.sortingLayerName = originalLayer;

        foreach(OrbitController o in planets) {
        inTransition = false;

        //set moon layer  values back to original
        if (moon != null) {
            moon.gameObject.GetComponent().isCustomRangeActive = true;
            moon.gameObject.GetComponent().sortingLayerName = moonLayerName;
            foreach (Transform child in moon) {
                child.GetComponent().sortingLayerName = moonLayerName;
            //reset null transform and layer names
            moon = null;
            moonLayerName = null;
        yield break;

Could you give me an idea of ​​what I am doing wrong? I also tried Lerp and that didn't solve the problem.
Thank you!

public key: in search of a pedagogically simple example of asymmetric encryption routine?

This may not be the mathematical example you are looking for, but it is an easy metaphor to understand.

In symmetric encryption, Alice and Bob have a copy of the same key. They exchange messages by placing them in a locked box with a lock that can be locked and unlocked with the keys. The lock needs a key to close. Then they exchange the closed box between them, using postal services.

In the corresponding asymmetric encryption metaphor, the public key is an open lock, and the private key is the corresponding key. Alice gives identical locks to all who ask for it. Bob gets one. Bob puts his message with his padlock open in a box, blocks it with Alice's padlock and then sends it to Alice using the postal services. Similarly, Alice can answer Bob, and so on. Alice and Bob do not need to share the same key, and open locks can be stolen or copied without consequences.

Change one thing about your social media routine

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Macports, mpif90, error "Attempting to use an MPI routine before initializing MPICH"

I installed through macports openmpi and mpich. The Fortran code compiles well, but during run time it gives an error that says "Try to use an MPI routine before initializing MPICH".

Mine is Moosave 10.14.5.