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Theory of complexity: algorithm to find a simple route with a maximum weight less than a constant in DAG

Given a weighted directed acyclic graph $ G = (V, E, W) $, where the weights are at the vertices. I am looking for a simple route of maximum total weight, but this total weight should not exceed a given constant $ K $.

Maybe my question is elementary, but I can't find any solution. In fact, it is well known that finding a simple path with maximum weight in $ G $ It is polynomial, but by adding the fact that this total weight should not exceed a given constant $ K $Will the problem remain polynomial? because we need to maintain in each node the set of route lengths that can reach the next vertices.

8 – Redirect from a route

I have a routing.yml file with a path that activates a controller method. When the controller method finishes the operation, I want to return the user to the page from which it originally came. I don't want to trust the http_referer here, since Symfony already declares it insecure.


How can I address this problem? Is there a way to do it using optional routing parameters? If so, a little help would be appreciated.

Algorithms: minimum route coverage in a directed acyclic graph

Given a weighted directed acyclic graph G = (V, D, W) and a set of arches RE & # 39; of rewhere the weights of W They are at the vertices. The problem is partitioning Sun on a minimum number of paths separated from vertices that cover all vertices of Sun subject to restrictions that:

  1. the weight of each route is maximum k.
  2. each route must include at least one edge of D & # 39;

What is the complexity of this problem?

2d: modification of the A * route based on the size of the moving object

I have implemented the basic A * route in my 2D game from top to bottom, and I am almost ready to try it, but I thought of something by adding the movement code to my enemies that I think might affect the route.

My chips are 64×64 px, and most of the enemies too. However, I have some boss monsters that are bigger than that. My initial thought was that in order to move towards their goal, they have to move towards each node in their path, and to determine if they have reached that node and start aiming at the next node, I need to test the distance between the enemy and their current target node. . So what happens if, for example, your next node is next to a wall, and because of its size, its center is too far to "reach" the node?

My solution to that would be to verify if the distance between its center of mass and the location of the next node is less than half the width of the enemy, more perhaps 10 px. However, what happens if one of its movement nodes is between two tiles and they are too large to pass through the two objects between which the node is located? Is there a simple way to modify A * that takes size into account?

Give it the clipping path with the Pen tool for $ 15

Give you the clipping path with the Pen tool

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Google Cloud: You cannot add the default route that points to the IP of another instance

I have the following configuration in the Google cloud:

1) Firewall with two WAN interfaces pointing to the Internet and the LAN interface on another private network (
2) An instance of ubuntu linux with a single network card in the private network (

Both Firewall and Linux machines can ping each other

However, when I verify the route on the Linux machine, the default route points to IP, and when I try to change the default route to (IP LAN of the firewall) I receive the message

The network is unreachable

I have also created a virtual route in the Google cloud, making the default route as for the source subnet and adding this to the Linux machine as
instance tag

I need a simple step, I appreciate any support on this issue

Route from Thailand to Ottawa

Is there a route that does not need a transit visa to Canada Ottawa?
I am a Myanmar passport holder.

Change route while browsing in Android Auto

I use Android Auto in my car, with Google Maps for navigation.

Scenario: I look at the screen and see an alternative route that says "7 minutes faster."

  • What would be perfect: Google automatically changes to the fastest
    route; Of course I want to be there 7 minutes faster!
  • What would be almost perfect: Google asks me if I want to change my route. Like when I used to use my phone in my old car (without a car).
  • What really happens: I click on the alternative route. Nothing happens. I try to click on the "7 minutes faster" box. Nothing happens. I stay distracted from the road and look for other options. There are none. I leave the navigation, re-enter the search and search for my destination again. Upon restarting navigation (while I continue driving), I receive the fastest route.

I asked Google in a chat and they advised me "I have read the problem and should not change or alter the route while the vehicle is moving, as it is a safety measure. I should stop the vehicle and restart the running program to select the new route. " and "At this time it may be a future feature, you can post comments on our support site to provide comments to add them." and "A route can be changed when the vehicle is not moving, as it is a safety measure."

I am not being fake; I just don't understand a) why Google doesn't automatically switch to my new route (or give me a yes / no, as I used to); b) why it is not safe to change the route when the vehicle is moving, but I power achieve my goal with several additional steps that make me lose focus on the road.

I'm doing it wrong? What do others do?