How to root Oppo Realme 2

I couldn't find an online guide to root my Oppo Realme 2 (RMX1805, Color OS Version 6.0, Android Version 9). So how can I root my Oppo Realme 2?

Downgrade through stock revocation is possible and how can I do it without root or PC

Can i downgrade zte trek 2 hd k88 tablet with sd card option stock recovery update? I am trying to use kingroot but it will not root my version of Android 7.1.1. Help!

meta tags: SEO best practices for a root page that detects language and redirects

I have a multilingual static website; The pages of each language live in specific subfolders like / en, / es, / fr, etc.

On my root idnex page, I dynamically detect the user's language (via Javascript) and then redirect to the specific language-specific folder.

What should I consider in terms of SEO for this index page?

  • Should I add the hreflang attributes that point to the index page in the language-specific subfolders?
  • What should I add as x-default? One of the language-specific index pages, or the "language detection" page itself (which has no actual content …)
  • Should I add a robots meta tag?

http code 400 – Why am I getting 400 errors on root requests?

In my log I will sometimes see a 400 error generated for what appears to be a valid request. For example:

"GET / HTTP/1.1" 400

This is a valid request on my site that returns the home page normally. Why would you be seeing error 400? Is it due to bad syntax in the request header?

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root access: you can't enable developer mode in Nexus 7 2013 by tapping build number

I am trying to root Nexus 7 2013 and for the purpose I need to enable USB debugging. According to the instructions of multiple resources, for enable developer mode one needs tap the build number 7 times. He did it many times, but nothing happens.

I saw this other question on the matter, where the case seemed to be that there were multiple users, but in my case there is only one user on the tablet.

About the information image:

rooting – How to manually bypass dm-verity to root device?

I unlocked OEM mode. The effect of the guarantee was then burned (acting as it disables the guarantee).
So I flashed successfully cache.mbn modem.bin Y system.img.ext4 through the bootloader.

However, after rebooting, the files I modified to get root /system/xbin do not appear
According to the pit file, the partition I flashed is /dev/block/mmcblk0p44.
However, the device mounted on /system it is /dev/block/dm-0

gts3llte:/ $ mount | grep dm  
/dev/block/dm-0 on /system type ext4 (ro,seclabel,relatime,norecovery).

It seems I did not modify the correct file. But how can I know how /dev/block/dm-0 is it built to modify it? Rootless, of course.

Java – How to build Merkle root from Merkle branches?

Is there any help / tutorial on how to build Merkle root from stratum data?

The Slushpool stratum protocol has an example of a mining job, but it does not contain any Merkle branches and I don't know if I am generating the Merkle root correctly.

Here is the Slushpool chain:

{"params": ["bf", "4d16b6f85af6e2198f44ae2a6de67f78487ae5611b77c6c0440b921e00000000",
"072f736c7573682f000000000100f2052a010000001976a914d23fcdf86f7e756a64a7a9688ef9903327048ed988ac00000000", [],
"00000002", "1c2ac4af", "504e86b9", false], "id": null, "method": "mining.notify"}

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adb: extract from .apk / mnt / expand / without root


I frequently install new roms, and I often have to clean my phone. So I was looking for a good backup solution to back up all Apks of my app as I don't have enough bandwidth to redownload all apps. I don't mind losing locally stored data as most of my apps only need to login to sync. adb backup It leaves out a lot of apps, so I decided to write a script that manually extracts apps from the device.

Something like –

adb shell cmd package list packages
adb shell cmd package path $package
adb pull $package // I have a loop here to pull every APK in the path

The problem

Usually adb pull $package it works as long as the apk is on /data/app/$package-dir. The problem is that I have an external SD card as adopted storage. SD card is in /mnt/expand/$UUID, and the applications of some applications are stored in /mnt/expand/$UUID/app/$package-dir/. Trying to extract those apks results

adb: error: unable to register remote object & # 39; /mnt/expand/$UUID/app/$package-dir/base.apk&#39 ;: permission denied

How do i get out of /mnt/expand/$UUID/app/$package-dir rootless?