Romania visa application status: sent for validation even after 27 days

I applied for the Romania business visa on September 20, 2019 and today is October 16. I have not yet received an appointment to send my document to the embassy. I called the embassy many times, but there was no adequate response. The date of my trip is November 15. That I have to do? Even after 27 days, the status of Still of my visa application says "Sent for validation." Please advise me.

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Webhost in Romania


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Can I travel to Romania / Bulgaria when I have used up my Schengen visa?

I have a Schengen multiple entry visa type C with a length of stay of 13 days.
Now that I have exhausted the 13 days, can I travel to Romania / Bulgaria?

It is stated on its website that:

Attention! The number of tickets, as well as the right of stay established according to Schengen visas must not have been exhausted. The right to stay in the territory of Romania will not exceed the right to stay granted according to visas / residence permits issued by the Schengen Member States.

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10GE virtual servers in Romania?

Anyone interested in virtual servers with 10GE connection in Romania? :]

Can I use a Schengen visa to attend a conference in Romania?

I am planning to attend a conference in Timisoara, Romania. The conference date is very close and I suspect that I will not be able to obtain a Romanian VISA by then.

  • Do I need to apply for a Schengen tourist visa and book my flight to and from Budapest, Hungary?
  • Will I be allowed to enter the Romanian borders with the Schengen visa?
  • In addition to this, should I submit some kind of proof for my stay in Hungary? Do I need to be considerably older than my stay in Romania?

True or false: didn't you know the difference between Poland and Romania until the age of 30?


Back in school (grade 4?), We were made to memorize all those countries and their capitals. I guess some people just didn't do it.

On the other hand, Romania was quite interesting for Dracula and Transylvania, while Poland, well, from there came Pope John Paul II. Yes, I knew it from fourth grade.

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romania – romanian visa processing time for short stay visa

I applied for the Romanian business visa on August 15 through the online website. However, it is still said

Request - Short stay visa
Status of your visa application - Sent for validation

As I understand it, the processing time of 14 days for the short-term visa. Now it is 14 business days and almost 3 weeks. I wonder what I should do.
Should I send the original document by mail?
Can anyone suggest me if I need to wait longer or if I should contact the office?