What role analysis play in our trading ? – General Forex Questions & Help

Analysis plays a very important role in in trading we should do trading always doing proper analysis of the market because if we do trading without doing proper analysis we will not understand in which the market will go and we will loss our money so we should always do trading after proper analysis of the market?

php – WCFM Marketplace, show custom menu based on user role

I am trying to figure out how the following code can be based on the user role. I have this button-URL inside the WCFM Marketplace and what this button-URL to be shown only on a specific user role.

Function Code:

function wcfm_upload_website_files ( $menus, $user) {
    global $WCFM, $user;
        if ( isset( $user->roles ) && is_array( $user->roles ) )
        if ( in_array( 'administrator', $user->roles ) )
        $add_menu_upload_website_files = array(                          
            'wcfm-upload-website-files' => array(   'label'  => __( 'Upload website Files', 'wcfm-custom-menus'),
                'url'       => get_wcfm_custom_menus_url( 'wcfm-upload-website-files' ),
                'icon'      => 'fa-upload',
                'priority'  => 5.2
            $menus = array_merge( $menus, $add_menu_upload_website_files );

        return $menus;
add_filter( 'wcfm_menus', 'wcfm_upload_website_files', 20 );

Template Code:

    <div class="wcfm-container">
        <div id="wcfm_upload_website_files_listing_expander" class="wcfm-content">
            <!---- Add Content Here ----->
            echo do_shortcode( '(wpuf_form id="836")' );
            <div class="wcfm-clearfix"></div>
        <div class="wcfm-clearfix"></div>

    <div class="wcfm-clearfix"></div>
    do_action( 'after_wcfm_upload_website_files' );

Can someone help me, please?

blockchain – Which stakeholder play a role in bitcoin?

I am working on the Openness vision (as it comes from the Free/Open Source Software culture) and I am also interested in the impact of the vision or its interpretation in the blockchain (in general). I look at various forums like this one to see how the developers understand the decentralization and blockchain. I would be interested in your opinion on which stakeholders (other than developers) can also influence blockchain development and how and in which way it is decentralized. Economy? Science? Or other? If economy, where do they exchange or where can I find their ideas and motivations? Advices? Would be grateful for every tip 🙂

views – Permit only one role to download files

It’s good you’re using Private file system. That is one level of control you need to prevent the files from being freely downloaded.

Other levels of control are the Page (Views list), Node, and File fields.

You could create two different Views, one without the file field, and one with it, and use Role permissions on those pages. In this case you’d have to make nodes not accessible to all, which isn’t fortunate if you want to control other types differently. There are modules, though, that you can use to set up different node type permissions.

But in your case I think it makes the most sense to have different File permissions. This way you don’t have to duplicate Views or control node access.

You can do this with the Field Permissions module.

All can see the nodes and Views pages, but only special Roles will see the File field that has those special permissions.

sql server – How statistics play a major role in legacy CE vs new CE

We have quite some issues going on for one of our SQL server 2014 SP3 after compat change to 120 from 100.

Yes i am aware of few hints to make use of legacy CE and have implemented as success. However i am trying to understand exaclty what changes with stats for table over 1 Billion rows and approx some 500 Gb size

For the database in question we have some 8-10 VLtables starting with 500 M rows gows all the way to 4 billion rows. Update stats had been a problem with higher sample rate so we just do default sample rate.

I have couple of questions – does new CE prefers to have better stats like updating stats on higher sample rate?

If yes how better can i plan to update stats for very large tables so that they do not run for hours and just finish in time if we go with daily stats?

FYI- Auto update stats is on but for VLTB they hardly come into effect because of old algorithim

sql server 2016 – Should we manually failover again if the node which was originally a primary role and went down recovered?

We have an AlwaysOn (sqlserver2016 standard edition) setup between dbserver1 and dbserver2.
This is our first time to implement the AlwaysOn and wanted to know what to do in a failover scenario like this:

  1. In the beginning, dbserver1 is acting as a primary, dbserver2 is acting as a secondary
  2. dbserver1 went down and an automatic failover takes place, and dbserver2 has become the primary
  3. dbserver1 is recovered and came up, acting as the secondary since dbserver2 is now the primary
  4. Should we manually trigger a failover to the dbserver1 to make it a Primary again?

The reason is that any database objects (SQL agent jobs, maintenance jobs and such) only exist in the dbserver1, and if we keep dbserver2 running as a primary node, then it can potentially miss the jobs that were supposed to run.

Should we always target to have a particular node to be Primary (in this case dbserver1), or each node should be exactly the same including all the objects outside of Availability Groups so that any node can take primary role at any time, and should be kept being primary node once a failover occurred? (possibly using DBAtools like https://docs.dbatools.io/#Sync-DbaAvailabilityGroup to keep objects in-sync)

php – Allowing a specific user role access to a certain plugin

I’m creating a new user role in WordPress using the User Role Editor plugin. It’s working great so far, however I want to give the new user access to one of the plugins: “Xeroom – Woocommerce to Xero accounts synch”

I’ve looked for a plugin that will let me choose which plugins are available to certain user roles but can’t find anything anywhere.

There is an option in User Role Editor to add a “capability”, but it’s just a text box and doesn’t allow me to add any settings. So I’ve created a capability called “xeroom” but no where can I modify this to allow access to Xeroom.

Is there something I can add to the functions file that will show this plugin to the user?


oracle – how to resolve the error “ADMIN option not granted for role ‘my_role_1′”

I am trying to grant a role to user.

grant my_role_1 to ktest1 with admin option;

But i am getting the below error

Error report - ORA-01932: ADMIN option not granted for role 'my_role_1'
01932. 00000 -  "ADMIN option not granted for role '%s'
*Cause:    The operation requires the admin option on the role.
*Action:   Obtain the grant option and re-try.

critical role show – Did Joe Manganiello discus his plans ahead of time with Matt Mercer?

At the culmination of the Critical Roll campaign, in an act that has now become canon in DnD Joe Manganiello’s character Arkhan

attaches the Hand of Vecna to himself and teleports away.

I have seen and read various articles about this but one thing that I have not seen discussed is to what extent was Matt Mercer the DM knowledgeable of Joe’s plans, watching the stream at one point Matt says, as if to Joe directly

the hand of Vecna is lying there unattached.

Which indicates he knew what Joe wanted to do if the opportunity arose.

Has Matt discussed this at all? Joe has discussed in great detail his plans and what happened after the events of the episode but hasn’t talked about the out of game planning and discussions at all.

I am interested as a DM as following on from watching this campaign several of my players have discussed the possibility of doing similar surprising things to the party and I would be interested to know how Matt handled this, either in up fron planning, or thinking about what might transpire next.

Parameters optimization role in industry or academia?

I have a question about the role/advantages of parameters optimization in various domains? For example, if we have to work on ML algorithms, so if we optimize the parameters of these ML algorithms via some optimization algorithms.

I want to ask who will be the most beneficiary of these optimized settings? Researchers in industries or researchers in academia? I know people in academia need optimized settings in order to outperform the state of art in order to publish their work but how it affects people working in industries? Do they need parameters optimization (one point is that they need because they use fix number of datasets and when the values are optimized once, they can use it forever; so no time issue, another point is that they do not need it because they already have facilities/devices which can improve the prediction accuracy)

I want to know the opinion of experts both in the industries and academia?

Thank you.