bitcoin wallet app – withdrawal is “in transit” or “under review” three weeks time

Could You kindly explain me please what does it mean when bitcoin withdrawal status is “intransit“ status as app shows and second bitcoin withdrawal is “under review” status on the website and this status last 22 days of time now please
thank You

Thank You very much for all comments do appreciated I am using the coin base and coin jar wallets and the website called www dot rcslv dot com the trading platform and three weeks ago I set up the bitcoin amount of 0.2 withdrawal transfer to the coin base bitcoin address and now the trading platform website is showing bitcoins withdrawal transfer is “under review” and the trading platform app is showing transfer bitcoin status “intransit” for three week time and I don’t know how long does it take what i can do with it how can i fix it and the customer service service at rcslv dot com does not replay to my emails at all which is very suspicious and concerned and am stuck a little bit and the website does not shows the hash tx address prefix to check
thank You very much for taking a time and help
Even if the website is having a maintenance service work check and when they finished the bitcoin will be transfer as status completed or rejected and only I can do is wait until they end up the maintenance work is a scam stay away the worst review for them

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encryption – Review of the design of Credentials Manager app

I want to make a mobile app that will act as a Credentials Manager and store all my access information for websites, credit cards, secure notes, and so on on the server encrypted with REST API.

The plan is the following for the client:

  • The mobile app will be the client.
  • AES/CBC/PKCS7Padding encryption, master password used for authentication.
  • SecretKey would be stored in Java Keystore, since it is an Android app.
  • The data would be sent encrypted to the API.

The API would work like this:

  • It will store all data that it gets from the client, encrypted.
  • HTTPS communication.

I would like to get some feedback on this approach or propose some other solutions.

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What does it mean when bitcoin withdrawal is “in transit” or “under review” three weeks time

Could You kindly explain me please what does it mean when bitcoin withdrawal status is “intransit“ status as app shows and second bitcoin withdrawal is “under review” status on the website and this status last 22 days of time now please
thank You

bitcoincore review – How do I set up IRC bouncer to receive messages and follow the discussion while I am offline?

On some IRC channels such as #bitcoin-core-dev there are third party managed conversation logs so you can follow the conversation from when you were offline without setting up a bouncer. However, I don’t think (at the time of writing, September 2020) that there are conversation logs for the #bitcoin-core-pr-reviews channel except for the weekly meeting which is logged on the Bitcoin Core PR review club site. You definitely can’t receive messages whilst you are offline.

There are various options to set up a bouncer but in the interests of simplicity I will just outline one assuming you followed the instructions here to install Textual on MacOS.

You will need a virtual private server (VPS) to be running 24/7 to log the discussion and receive messages on your behalf and then you can connect to that server whenever you come back online. This will require a monthly subscription.

So your first step is to choose a VPS provider. One easy to use option is Digital Ocean but there are others that perform the same function and will be equivalently priced. (We generally avoid product recommendations on this site so please excuse this counterexample.) You can connect directly to your VPS/Digital Ocean Droplet using the instructions here. There is a tutorial for setting up SSH keys here.

Once you have set up your VPS you will need to install ZNC on that server. Instructions for doing that are here.

Instructions for connecting your Textual client to the ZNC bouncer are here.

Review: | – Webmaster Forum

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Page not found – Code Review Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange Network

Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

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code review – FactorInteger snippet works, but use of Sow/Reap/Print is clunky

This is a code review or de-clunking request. If it doesn’t belong here,
I’ll withdraw it. The below toy works and produces the proper output,
that is, for numbers to be factored that can be expressed as a^b-1, it
factors the factors of a^x-1, and in doing so renders some numbers factorable
in a reasonable time, by producing a list of numbers with exponents < x. For
example, I stopped the still in-progress FactorInteger(10^270-1) after 2 weeks;
using below for 10^270-1 takes about 5 seconds. So the issue is that the
tbl = Reap … section (and maybe more) looks like it could use improvement
that is currently beyond me.
Much obliged.

The tbl= section prints the symbolic factors of h^mu-1, then prints for each the corresponding (numeric) factor of 10^mu-1. Then it tries to FactorInteger those numbers. At least, if it stalls, the problem number has already been printed. E.g., try mu=540.
The j= section combs through the FactorInts (which are the 4th part of each tbl sublist),
grouping by prime factor and summing exponents, that is, reassembling into
FactorInteger format w/each prime factor appearing once.

The formula for Carmichael Lambda was lifted from
MathWorld: CarmichaelFunction.html

Clear(tbl, tblFI, b, k, mu, cm, cmL, cmLFI)
mu = 27;
k = Factor(h^mu-1);
b = 10;

Print(h^mu, "-1 = ", k); Print(" ")

tbl = Reap(     
                 Print(Sow(k((i)) /. h->b)),
                 Print(Sow(Apply(Times, Map((Superscript(#((1)), #((2)))) &, q=FactorInteger(k((i))/. h->b))));" "),
            {i, Length(k)}  
            )((2))  // Flatten(#, 1)&  // Partition(#, 4)&

Times @@(#((1))^#((2)) & /@ Flatten( tbl((All, 4)), 1)) == b^mu-1  (* They'd better == *)  

j = (Total /@ SortBy(GroupBy(Flatten(tbl((All, 4)), 1), First), First)) ((All, 2)) ; 
tblFI = Partition(Riffle(Keys(j), Values(j)), 2)   
cmL = LCM @@ (cm=Map((#1((1))-1)#1((1))^(#1((2))-1)&, tblFI)); 
Print("cmL(", h^mu, "-1, h(RightArrow)", b,") = LCM @@ ", cm, "= ",  cmL)
cmLFI = FactorInteger(cmL); 
Print(" = ", Apply(Times, Map((Superscript(#((1)), #((2)))) &, cmLFI))); 
Print("FI(", h^mu, "-1, h(RightArrow)", b,") = ", Apply(Times, 
Map((Superscript(#((1)), #((2)))) &, tblFI)))