18.04 – Why are my search results layout skewed in Launcher?

When I open my Launcher for all apps, everything is in order. But when I input some search text in the search bar, the search results, instead of aligning to the center, are skewed to the right, making it extremely difficult to make out what they are. I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, with gnome desktop and papirus icons pack.

Would someone suggest what might be the problem?

enter image description here
Ask for more information in the comments if required.

magento2.4 – How to include “out of stock” products in GraphQL results

I tried to query products in Magento 2 GraphQL using the bellow query, but the results only shows “IN_STOCK” products:

        in: (
  ) {
    items {
      price_range {
        minimum_price {
          regular_price {
    page_info {

I tried to set to “true” the “Display out of stock products” config in Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Stock Options and run a reindex but the results are the same.

Is there a way to query IN_STOCK and OUT_OF_STOCK products together?

how to lookup multiple items from one list to another and the connect results into a string

I have list “A” in which i store name, email and product.

I have a list “B” which should trigger an email based on some values. One of these values is product. If I chose “car”, the workflow should then look into list “A” and see which email addresses store the same product. So if user X with email x@g.com has a product “car”, it should send an email to his address. The problem is that this works only if there’s just one person with a car. List A has multiple people with the same product. I somehow need to join all the mails into one or multiple emails and send them an email.

Something like an filter for product and return all emails that match that filter… any ideas?

I use sharepoint 2016, also infopath 2013 or SPD, but workflow 2010 (hope its not an issue)



url redirection – What are “outgoing links” in VirusTotal URL scan results?

For example, here is the VT scan of edition.cnn.com:

You can see 2 “outgoing links” in the “LINKS” tab:



What exactly are these “outgoing links” supposed to be?

And to preempt anybody saying that they are links on the web page pointing to other domains, if I go to edition.cnn.com and view the web page source code, I can indeed see those 2 links, but also a whole bunch of other 3rd-party links that aren’t listed like http://bleacherreport.com and https://www.warnermediaprivacy.com, so I don’t think that’s it.

seo – Google search results is not displaying my events rich snippets

I have built an event listing website. I have already added Json ld for displaying rich snippets on google search. I validated the result using Google Rich Snippet test tool. It is displaying all events correctly in testing tool. However, when I search for all events of my location in google. It is not displaying any of my event in the Google Rich Snippet event list.

Attached screenshot of my google search. Keyword: I searched For: All Events In Bangalore

enter image description here

Note: I have submitted my site to google console multiple times.

Events List Page: All Events In Bangalore

Can anyone help me to understand what is wrong here?

Resetting a user’s password as admin results in ‘Password Reset Failed’

I am logged onto a 2013 Macbook Air trying to reset a user’s password. This user is not logged in, and is not an admin themselves (they were before, which was revoked). When I reset the user’s password it fails with Password Reset Failed. Trying to do so in the terminal with passwd username prompts for the old password.

Launching magento 2 application(s) in chrome and firefox results in DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Steps taken:

  1. Followed warden doc. howto initialize an environment for setup of
    the Magento 2 application for local development. See

  2. Launch a magento application in chrome/firefox:


Result: Chrome/firefox

  • This site can’t be reached. Check if there is a typo in app.exampleprj.test.

enter image description hereI’m sure there is no typo!

Should Live Search show results that ‘Contain’ or that ‘Start’ with the entered letter(s)?

if the intention of the search is clear, i.e. to look for people and company names, it is the right strategy to produce the search results corresponding to the letters entered in the search bar. And you can consider choosing to arrange the results according to popularity of search like how Google does it (see below), or to arrange it by alphabetical order so that it makes it easier for users to find what they want.

Image showing Google search bar

In fact, I believe most information search online use this strategy. Your current search algorithm is more commonly seen in emails and MS Office applications where users sometimes may not know the correct spelling of the search term or they may not remember which part of the email or document where the search term can be found.

sharepoint online – Results source not displaying items from Teams site

We have a 3rd party intranet which uses SharePoint Online as it’s back end, this is where our documents are stored. We have been using a library in a cassic SharePoint site to store documents displayed on the intranet, however, we are now moving everything to Teams and as such want to be able to do the same things with a library in a Teams site.

We have run into an issue where documents on some Teams sites are not searchable. I have a result source configured to look at the old SharePoint sites so updated this to point at the new Teams sites but the query returns nothing. What is odd, however, is that when pointed at other Teams sites it brings back items just fine. I can’t see any significant difference between these sites, they are both private and were created by first creating a Team from Teams itself.

Working Teams Site
Working site

Non-Working Teams Site
NonWorking site

The only difference I’ve noticed is that under settings the site that does return results has the “Users and Permissions” section whereas the site which doesn’t does not.

How might I go about diagnosing what the problem is here?

8 – How to put view results in an entity reference field?

So the scenario is like this:
I have to create a “node” which has an entity reference field which can hold multiple values. I am looking for a way to be able to select view results to be stored in the entity reference field and I do not know how to do that in Drupal 8.

For Drupal 7 there was this module which does what I need https://www.drupal.org/project/entityreference_view_widget

I have tried doing it the custom way by creating views and placing them on the same page as the node create and then getting the resulting values with ajax to store in the field but I do not believe that is the best way to go about it as it does not seem reliable.

Any advice is appreciated.