the matrix restarts when closing the dialog box – angular

My proven value matrix is ​​reset when I close the dialog box. I need to be able to fill in the matrix after closing the dialog box.



Ols {{ols}} Action


        near() {
this.selectedData[] = this.selection.selected;
this.roleOlsMap.push (this.selectedData); // this resets when I close the dialog box

console.log (this.roleOlsMap);

mysql – Tables with "MEMORY" engines do not fall when the server restarts

I read a description of when to use MEMORY or NDB Cluster
from the MySQL website.

Operations that involve transient, noncritical data, such as the session
Management or caching. When the MySQL server stops or restarts, the
The data in the memory tables are lost.

but my tables created with ENGINES = MEMORY were not deleted when restarting the mysql server.

nodo.js – Disconnect users or re-authenticate them if the server restarts – Angular 2

I have an application in Angular 2 that is consuming an API in Nodejs. This application has JWT authentication. My problem is this: When the node server is restarted, the user continues to navigate between the pages, but does not see what is being requested for the API.

This is because when the user connects to the system, I save his token in the localStorage of the application and create a session in the node. Although the server is offline, the variable in localStorage will still be present.

Here is my. canActivate (protecting all routes and redirecting if necessary):

canActivate (route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, state: RouterStateSnapshot) {

const currentUser = this.authenticationService.currentUserValue;
if (currentUser) {
// autorized so return true
if (currentUser.permissions.basic_permissions === true && currentUser.permissions.owner === false) {

this.router.navigate (["/demo"]);
return true;

// not registered in the redirection of the home page with the return url
this.router.navigate (["/login"], {queryParams: {returnUrl: state.url}});
return false;

The authentication service, making the login:

(username: string, password: string) {
return this.http
This.APIEndpoint} {$ `/ login`,
(username, password, etc.)
{withCredentials: true}
.pipe (
map (user => {
if (user && user.userInfo.token) {
localStorage.setItem ("currentUser", JSON.stringify (user.userInfo)); (user.userInfo);
this.loggedIn = true;

return user.userInfo;

The linux system automatically restarts every 1 minute.

I have a problem that is when I turn on my Linux system, it starts and restarts continuously and what I can see is just the logo during startup

The installation of Ubuntu restarts each time a manual network connection is configured

I do not install Ubuntu often. However, now I am having this problem twice.

The first time, I ignored it, I continued my installation with DHCP enabled, then I manually configured the network adapter after installation.

Now, I am in a completely different network, a completely different hardware, etc., and I am trying to do a basic installation of the Ubuntu 18.04 server again.

I reach the initial stages, the installation finds a DHCP address for the network adapter and gives me the possibility to reconfigure it at that moment. I edit the configuration and specify the network information I want to use for IPv4 after choosing "Manual" for the IPv4 Method:
enter the description of the image here

When I choose "Save" the configuration, the installation is immediately restarted on the first screen and the configuration is deleted.

This is the second time that I install Ubuntu 18.04 with the same problem in completely different networks and hardware. I'm 0 for 2 and I can not find a bit of this on the internet about this problem.

Why is this happening?

EDIT: I found this post unanswered:

avoid automatic restarts in windows

How can I prevent automatic restarts in Windows 10?

The first result is for a system failure, but I need something general:

I am receiving "This body of questions does not meet our quality standards, make sure that you fully describe your problem, including what you have already tried, and that it is written with the appropriate grammar." I do not know how to fix this, so I'm copying and pasting it.

The desktop PC restarts while loading Ubuntu 15.10

I have a restart problem with Windows 7 without any indication. Then I do a new installation of Windows and now it's working fine. I have two hard drives (Seagate and WD) on my PC, one is loaded with Windows 7, which is fine after a new installation and the other is loaded with Ubuntu 15.10, which is restarting when the Ubuntu desktop arrives. Any solution would be useful.

macbook – External monitors show blank screen until it restarts

MacBook Pro (15 inches, 2016) with 2 USB-C to HDMI adapters. The configuration works very well. if I start in that configuration.

If I connect the adapters while the machine is running or is simply inactive, one of the monitors will never receive a signal and will remain in low power mode. The operating system sees the monitor, it is shown in the configuration of the screen layout and I can move the mouse towards it, but until I restart, I can not see anything in it.

Once I have restarted, I can let the machine go into suspension or whatever, and the screen keeps running unless I unplug the adapter. As soon as it does, a reboot is required to reuse it.

Using MacOS Sierra (10.12.4)

Using this adapter:

Macbook Pro restarts after connecting to VPN after a few minutes

My MacBook Pro has MojaveOS v10.14.4 (18E226). When I connect to VPN, restart after a few minutes and a black page that you wrote will be displayed. There is a problem and the button on the keyboard is clicked.

What I can do?

entry – Manjaro sogou-pinyin accidentally restarts

When I want to enter "bi", just after pressing the "i", sogou-pinyin crashes and restarts very quickly. I am using manjaro, fcitx-sogou-pinyin. I have no idea about that. Please help. If anyone interested in this, I can post a GIF recording this rare thing.