8 – Responsive and off-canvas themed menu

I need help for the mmenu (library) topic items and the responsive_menu module item.

I use drupal 8.8.3 and Responsive and off-canvas menu 8.x-2.6 with mmenu v7

When I change my css there is no change, but I see that css comes from /libraries/mmenu/jquery.mmenu.all.css or /libraries/mmenu/jquery.mmenu.css files not found in my theme.

Thanks for the help

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Explain the design of the responsive website?

Explain the design of the responsive website?

Change the size of the CTA button and keep it responsive


I want to change the size of the CTA button on a single product page to fit the container.
I used this CSS code to do it:

.single_add_to_cart_button.button.alt {
height: 47.35px;
width: 552 px;
font size: 25px;
align text: center;

And it works well on the desktop screen.
I added this CSS code for a button to respond and adapt.

@media single screen and (maximum width: 480px) {
.single_add_to_cart_button.button.alt {
maximum width: 600 px! important;
width: 100%! important;

.single_add_to_cart_button.button.alt a {
display: block! important;
font size: 18px! important;

The problems are:
1. the button fits the container on a small screen BUT it does not on the tablet screen
2. The font size remains the same as a large 25 px button, it does not fit the size of the button.

How to solve this, please to:
-> hold the reagent button on all screens and make it fit the size of the container?
-> Does the button text size respond to fit the button size?

Thank you.

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bootstrap: How to create a responsive drop-down menu so that a touch on the text goes to a page and a touch on the down arrow expands to show the submenu?

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Responsive web design: how do I have a Bootstrap fluid container with many elements inside that don't have external channels, but still have internal channels?

Using Bootstrap, I often have sections with large panels and then sections with multiple buttons and then sections with multiple photos or mosaics of data (dynamic)
What I find are my buttons and mosaics that I have to manually remove the fill and then add fill in the middle sides of each element.
This is so that the outer button aligns with the larger form panels.
Should I be wearing Bootstrap wrong?

So, when it comes to having multiple elements / tiles in a section, then I can't have the same approach as the buttons because I can't be specific for tiles that have internal channels and not external channels.

I am currently thinking of a major reorganization to order this and maybe return to "standard bootstrap", but I don't know what the standard bootstrap should look like.

Ultimately, it would be nice to have a class that says "no-gutters-on-outside"
indeed, I want the tiles to touch my outer edges

So, the question is how do I have sensitive (dynamic) fluid elements / mosaics without external channels but with internal channels between each mosaic?

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