oracle: when I do a tnsping this does not respond or takes a long time to respond

I use an application to connect with tnsnames to my oracle, so when I try to connect this takes a long time or does not connect, when I make a connection it is the same as it takes a long time to display fine with 1009274646 ms, I tried to configure my listener again using NET CONFIGURATION WIZARD, but every time I try to test the connection it says I DO NOT HAVE ANY LISTENER, even if I am ready to configure it, sometimes I don't even respond from NETWORK CONFIGURATION WIZARD. I even try to install the Oracle client, but it is the same behavior. I don't know what happened two days ago, everything was working fine. Any useful advice please?

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How to make the site respond to text? Ex: user X: "hello user X" if this user is not "hello unknown user"

respond to staff on the support ticket

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            // Insert image file name into database
    $sql = "INSERT INTO ticket_replies (ticket_id, reply_text,user_type, user_id) VALUES ('$ticket_id','$reply_text','customer', '$user_id');";
    $sql .= "INSERT INTO support_ticket_files (file_name, ticket_id, user_name, user_id) VALUES $insertValuesSQL";
    if(mysqli_multi_query($link, $sql)){
        mysqli_multi_query($link,"UPDATE support_tickets set ticket_status = 'PENDING SUPPORT' where ticket_id ='$ticket_id'");
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$errorUploadType = !empty($errorUploadType)?'File Type Error: '.trim($errorUploadType, ' | '):'';
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This support ticket is now closed, Please create new ticket for any issue

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Original Message
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The Edis company stopped providing services and did not respond for the last 3 days!

Quote Originally Posted By m107
See publication
We are using Edis services ( for a couple of clients. For 3 days they have not responded to any ticket and since then two of our services stopped working. Is it related to the Corona virus? Are they infected? Any ideas?

3 days is a long wait.

Are you receiving an automatic ticket reply to make sure they are receiving them?

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Audio port does not respond when turned on: laptop

So I bought this new laptop: Asus VivoBook 14 and even after the replacement I find a strange problem. The problem is … I have connected the external speaker through a 3.5 mm jack and when the laptop is left too long to turn off or stays in suspension or even if you turn it off manually and then restart it or wake it up , the audio port is not & # 39; It does not work, and the sound comes from the internal speaker of the laptop unless you disconnect and plug the AUX cable again. I don't know why the laptop doesn't recognize the cable automatically.
Please help me solve this problem.

blockstream – Electrs does not respond to HTTP requests

The server runs on AWS, OS: Ubuntu 18, bitcoin core installed, run it as

bitcoind -daemon

GIT took out Blockstream Electrs, switched to branch, started charging with

cargo run --release --bin electrs -- -vvvv --daemon-dir ~/.bitcoin --http-addr

Electrs has been doing hash for a long, long time, and once I experienced the Ubuntu error & # 39; too many open files & # 39 ;, but I fixed it successfully. Now, the last time I launched, Electrs wrote to the console:

TRACE - skipping block 00000000000000d41e5497f984517d27afcd85dad80277e7b7856418a72c7f69
TRACE - skipping block 00000000000005c35bbadf1bced112ddd3fff6e8e63575832bb3ba788889c866
TRACE - skipping block 000000000000025925f4fab2b7ebe729e7c7d483098863a7cd31bc5c773a5098
TRACE - fetched 0 blocks
DEBUG - writing 0 rows to RocksDB { path: "./db/mainnet/newindex/history" }, flush=Disable
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00025.dat"
TRACE - parsing 134145055 bytes
TRACE - fetched 1383 blocks
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00026.dat"
TRACE - parsing 134182236 bytes
TRACE - fetched 1345 blocks
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00027.dat"
TRACE - parsing 134150531 bytes
TRACE - fetched 1290 blocks
TRACE - parsing 134189077 bytes
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00028.dat"
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00029.dat"
TRACE - parsing 134205573 bytes
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00030.dat"
DEBUG - writing 1979996 rows to RocksDB { path: "./db/mainnet/newindex/history" }, flush=Disable
TRACE - parsing 134113675 bytes
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00031.dat"
TRACE - fetched 1754 blocks
DEBUG - writing 1994881 rows to RocksDB { path: "./db/mainnet/newindex/history" }, flush=Disable
TRACE - parsing 134169607 bytes
TRACE - reading "/home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/blocks/blk00032.dat"
TRACE - fetched 1443 blocks

And that is. Nothing happens for more than an hour. I thought: "That's it, everything works!" I tried to make HTTP requests to the server from the Internet (AWS SGs allow access to port 3001) and from the CLI to the local host itself, but receive this:

ubuntu@ip-172-61-11-224:~/electrs$ curl http://localhost:3001/blocks/tip/height
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 3001: Connection refused

And, by the way, when Electrs is running, a statistics server starts at port: 4224. When I make a request to localhost: 4224 I receive some data, which means that this part of Electrs works, but not Electrs itself.

I did everything by instructions, step by step. What else did I forget?

VLC interface does not respond while playing video

Every time I play my video and then I want to pause it, the interface does not respond just by pressing the space bar. Similarly, when I pause for a while and then I want to play it, I have to press the spacebar twice. This happened with the most recent update and was fine before.

How can i fix this?

problem with a boot grid that does not respond to the web [closed]

I have this Bootstrap grid
It works well with a large desktop, but on mobile devices everything is in poor condition.
Especially the text "NEW" is not visible on the mobile and does not respond.
What is wrong in my Bootstrap grid code?

The database migration wizard for Unicode by Oracle does not respond after using the programming column option

I published this problem in Oracle Community, but I would like to post it here to have more opinions on this topic.


  • I have a problem with DMU 19.1, which is the DMU application
    not responding (frozen or locked) after cleaning the data using
    program the problem column (the problem exceeds the limit of the column). That
    It happens frequently and every time this happens, I have to use the homework
    manager to finalize the DMU application.

Here is my summary of the configuration:

  • The DMU is installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 client machine
    which connects to Oracle Database Server The host of
    The database server is the Linux base. The JDK that DMU is currently
    using is JDK 1.8.0_231 The DMU installed all the packages that
    requires the DMU document, including the creation of a separate table space
    for DMU repository. The DMU will be used to convert the character.
    configured for a database with a size larger than 1.5 TB of storage. I
    I was able to scan the entire database and now I am cleaning data
    step, and this problem happened.

Looking at the record, I could find the cause. Due to privacy, I could not copy the entire record here. Instead, I will try to write down the registration problem as much as I can. Here is the log message:

  • Principal; S; 05001 Stack of exception calls in
    Java.lang.ArrayIndexOutofBounds Exception -2 in
    Java.Util.ArrayList.elementData (ArrayList.Java: 422) in
    Java.Util.ArrayList.get (ArrayList.Java: 435) in
    (defaultCachePage.Java: 96) in
    (defaultDataProvider.Java: 262) in
    (cleansingDataGridModel.Java: 1218) …
  • The rest of the record were exceptions thrown from Java.wing and
    java.awt. For example. J Component. Java 5158, 1065, 889 or
    Javax.swing.bufferStrategyPaintManager 290 and so on.

My attempt:

  • I think I can try to find some solutions if I read the ide.conf o
    , but I couldn't find much about this information or any
    Documents on this subject.

Please let me know what I should do or what I should analyze this problem.


Khang Mai