I want to disable the F5 key gobally on laptop with ubuntu 20.04 so it would not respond i any way

How to Disable F5 key Globally
i want my f5 key to do absolutely nothing. i am on ubuntu 20.04 installed on laptop.
kindly guide me as how can i achieve this.

i have tried this but it only works inside terminal
xmodmap -e ‘keycode 71 =’

XAMPP localhost phpmyadmin takes too long to respond

I am using macOS Catalina 10.15 and xampp version 7.4.5. After the home page, the localhost phpmyadmin takes too long to respond. I cannot access the mysql database.

r – RStudio does not respond

So when I open my RStudio to work on my RMarkdowns it is very slow and unresponsive. When I type something or click a button, the request will take years. While I wait, the RStudio won't let me do anything else. Once you finally make the request and do something else, the waiting process begins.

How do I repair my RStudio so that it behaves normally?

R version 4.0.0 (2020-04-24) – "Arbor Day"
RStudio version 1.2.5042
MacOS 10.15.4

Here is an excerpt from the diagnostic report.

thanks and best regards

(1) "1.2.5042"

(1) "/usr/local/bin/R"

(1) "/Library/TeX/texbin/pdflatex"

(1) "/Library/TeX/texbin/bibtex"

(1) "/usr/bin/gcc"

(1) "/usr/bin/git"

(1) "/usr/bin/svn"

R version 4.0.0 (2020-04-24)
Platform: x86_64-apple-darwin17.0 (64-bit)
Running under: macOS Catalina 10.15.4

Matrix products: default
BLAS:   /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vecLib.framework/Versions/A/libBLAS.dylib
LAPACK: /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/4.0/Resources/lib/libRlapack.dylib

(1) en_AU.UTF-8/en_AU.UTF-8/en_AU.UTF-8/C/en_AU.UTF-8/en_AU.UTF-8

attached base packages:
(1) stats     graphics  grDevices utils     datasets  methods   base     

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
(1) compiler_4.0.0 tools_4.0.0   

"Darwin Kernel Version 19.4.0: Wed Mar  4 22:28:40 PST 2020; root:xnu-6153.101.6~15/RELEASE_X86_64" 

R Version:
platform       x86_64-apple-darwin17.0     
arch           x86_64                      
os             darwin17.0                  
system         x86_64, darwin17.0          
major          4                           
minor          0.0                         
year           2020                        
month          04                          
day            24                          
svn rev        78286                       
language       R                           
version.string R version 4.0.0 (2020-04-24)
nickname       Arbor Day                   
(1) "0x1F5:0x0:0xF"

(1) "1"

(1) ":0"

(1) "/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/lib:/Users/cailinfeldman/lib:/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib:::/lib:/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_241.jdk/Contents/Home/jre/lib/server"

(1) "vi"

(1) "rpostback-askpass"

(1) "/Users/cailinfeldman"

(1) "en_AU.UTF-8"

(1) "en_AU.UTF-8"

(1) "ln -s"

(1) "cailinfeldman"

(1) "make"

(1) "tkAgg"

(1) "/usr/bin/less"

(1) "/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/Library/TeX/texbin:/Library/Apple/usr/bin:/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/Commands"

(1) "/usr/bin/open"

(1) "/usr/bin/bzip2"

(1) "/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/doc"

(1) "/usr/bin/gzip"

(1) "/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources"

(1) "/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/include"

(1) ""

(1) "~/Library/R/4.0/library"

(1) "a4"

(1) "/usr/bin/open"

(1) "x86_64-apple-darwin17.0"

(1) "lpr"

(1) "/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/bin/qpdf"

(1) "times,inconsolata,hyper"

(1) "/var/folders/p5/7cr4ncpx38s_0trbs9966_8w0000gn/T//RtmpVZdLFB"

(1) "/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/share"

(1) "strip -x"

(1) "strip -S"

(1) "osx,gcc,gxx,gfortran,gfortran"

(1) "/usr/local/bin/texi2dvi"

(1) "/usr/bin/unzip"

(1) "/usr/bin/zip"

(1) "/Applications/RStudio.app/Contents/Resources/resources/mathjax-26"

(1) "15"

libgdx: I have a menu with Textbutton but the buttons do not respond to the mouse

public class MainMenuGameScreen extends BaseScreen {

Texture charmander;
Texture button;
Skin skin;
Skin alternativa;
private ActorJugador charmandera;
private Actorcubo prota;
Animation animacione;
Music song;

public void initialize() {
    song = Gdx.audio.newMusic(Gdx.files.internal("music/Megalovania.mp3"));
    animacion=new ArrayList<>();
    charmander=new Texture("charmader.png");
    button=new Texture("personaje0.png");

    BaseActor fondo=new BaseActor(0, 0, mainStage);
    fondo.setSize(800, 640);
    alternativa=new Skin(Gdx.files.internal("craftacular/skin/craftacular-ui.json"));
    Label titulo = new Label("GEOMETRY DASH", alternativa);
    BaseActor background = new BaseActor(0, 0 , mainStage);
    TextButton button1 = new TextButton("nivel 1", skin);
    button1.addListener(new ClickListener() {
        public void clicked(InputEvent event, float x, float y) {
        Geometry.setActiveScreen(new Nivel1());

    TextButton btn2 = new TextButton("nivel 2", skin);
    btn2.addListener(new InputListener() {
        public void clicked(InputEvent event, float x, float y) {
            //  CrazyJumper.setActiveScreen(new LevelScreen2());


    TextButton btn3 = new TextButton("nivel 3", skin);
    button1.addListener(new ClickListener() {
        public void clicked(InputEvent event, float x, float y) {
        //  CrazyJumper.setActiveScreen(new LevelScreen1());
            System.out.println("nivel 3");


    TextButton btnsalir = new TextButton("salir", skin);
    btnsalir.addListener(new ClickListener() {
        public void clicked(InputEvent event, float x, float y) {
        //  CrazyJumper.setActiveScreen(new LevelScreen2());.


private ArrayList meterSprite(ArrayList animacion2) {

    Sprite sprite1=new Sprite(new Texture(Gdx.files.internal("personaje0.png")));
    Sprite sprite2=new Sprite(new Texture(Gdx.files.internal("personaje1.png")));
    Sprite sprite3=new Sprite(new Texture(Gdx.files.internal("personaje2.png")));
    Sprite sprite4=new Sprite(new Texture(Gdx.files.internal("personaje3.png")));

    return animacion2;
private void crearSkins() {
    //creando fuente
    BitmapFont font=new BitmapFont();
    skin=new Skin();
    skin.add("default", font);
    //creando textura
    Pixmap pixmap=new Pixmap(Gdx.graphics.getWidth()/4, Gdx.graphics.getHeight()/10, Pixmap.Format.RGB888);
    skin.add("background", new Texture(pixmap));
    //estilo del boton
    TextButton.TextButtonStyle estilo=new TextButton.TextButtonStyle();
    skin.add("default", estilo);

public void show() {
    mainStage=new Stage();
    prota=new Actorcubo(button);
    charmandera=new ActorJugador(charmander);

    charmandera.setPosition(500, 200);
    prota.setPosition(100, 200);

public void pause() {

public void update(float dt) {

public void hide() {

public void render(float delta){
    Gdx.gl.glClearColor(0.4f, 0.5f, 0.8f, 1f);
private void comprobarColision() {
    if ((prota.getX() +prota.getWidth())>charmandera.getX()&&(prota.isAlive())) {



How to respond to indicators of commitment?

We have received frequent emails from our IoC Artifact Threat Intelligence Group, such as file names, hashes, domains / URLs. They ask us to take preventive measures for the given attributes.

However, I find it very difficult to follow your request. Should I block all given COIs? If so, it is time consuming and ineffective when it comes to security.

I believe that it is necessary to carry out some risk assessments to determine if said COI artifacts expose any risk and also their impact on our environment before applying any applicable preventive measures.

Any help would be appreciated.

clustering: how does the FCI sql server respond to the error?

Taking default Windows role settings – (n-1) failovers ok within 6 hrs, where n = # of nodes, if nodes = 2, 1 failover is allowed within 6 hrs.

Take the default resource settings: Within 15 minutes, 1 restart is allowed on the same node; otherwise failover, RetryPeriodOnFailure is 1 hour

Taking an example of a simple 2-node cluster (node1 and node2), only sqlFCI (sql), let's say sql is on node 1 at 9AM.

9AM – sql fails – tries to restart on Node1 – fails – fails to Node2 – tries to restart on Node2 – fails – remains failed.

Now where I'm confused is, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/947712/failover-cluster-resource-recovery-behavior-in-windows-server-2008, "If there is no intervention and the resource remains in failed state for 60 minutes, Windows Server tries to bring resource back online. "

So according to the above, after 60 minutes let's say sometime after 10AM: sql is trying to cycle again?

Try to restart sql on Node2, it fails (but cannot fail over as 6 hours have not passed)

11 AM – Try to restart sql on Node2 – fails – (but cannot fail over since 6 hours have not passed)

12 p.m. – Try to restart sql on Node 2 – fails – (but cannot fail over since 6 hours have not passed)

1PM – Try to restart sql on Node2 – fails – (but cannot fail over as 6 hours have not passed)

2PM – Tries to restart sql on Node2 – fails – (but cannot fail over since 6 hours have not passed)

3PM – Try to restart sql on Node2 – fail – go to node1 when 6 hours have passed, try to connect online there, and so on … is this how it happens? Thank you.

magento2: after installing a module in Magento 2, the button Save settings in the payment method does not respond

I'm not sure if it's due to the module that was installed, but the Save Settings button in the payment method no longer responds.

What could be the problem?

oracle: when I do a tnsping this does not respond or takes a long time to respond

I use an application to connect with tnsnames to my oracle, so when I try to connect this takes a long time or does not connect, when I make a connection it is the same as it takes a long time to display fine with 1009274646 ms, I tried to configure my listener again using NET CONFIGURATION WIZARD, but every time I try to test the connection it says I DO NOT HAVE ANY LISTENER, even if I am ready to configure it, sometimes I don't even respond from NETWORK CONFIGURATION WIZARD. I even try to install the Oracle client, but it is the same behavior. I don't know what happened two days ago, everything was working fine. Any useful advice please?

enter the image description here
enter the image description here

How to make the site respond to text? Ex: user X: "hello user X" if this user is not "hello unknown user"

respond to staff on the support ticket

            // File upload path
            $fileName = basename($_FILES('files')('name')($key));
            $targetFilePath = $targetDir . $fileName;
            // Check whether file type is valid
            $fileType = pathinfo($targetFilePath, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
            if(in_array($fileType, $allowTypes)){
                // Upload file to server
                if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES("files")("tmp_name")($key), $targetFilePath)){
                    // Image db insert sql
                    $insertValuesSQL .= "('".$fileName."',LAST_INSERT_ID(),'".$username."','".$user_id."'),";
                    $errorUpload .= $_FILES('files')('name')($key).' | ';
                $errorUploadType .= $_FILES('files')('name')($key).' | ';
            $insertValuesSQL = trim($insertValuesSQL, ',');
            // Insert image file name into database
    $sql = "INSERT INTO ticket_replies (ticket_id, reply_text,user_type, user_id) VALUES ('$ticket_id','$reply_text','customer', '$user_id');";
    $sql .= "INSERT INTO support_ticket_files (file_name, ticket_id, user_name, user_id) VALUES $insertValuesSQL";
    if(mysqli_multi_query($link, $sql)){
        mysqli_multi_query($link,"UPDATE support_tickets set ticket_status = 'PENDING SUPPORT' where ticket_id ='$ticket_id'");
        $errorUpload = !empty($errorUpload)?'Upload Error: '.trim($errorUpload, ' | '):'';
$errorUploadType = !empty($errorUploadType)?'File Type Error: '.trim($errorUploadType, ' | '):'';
$errorMsg = !empty($errorUpload)?'
'.$errorUploadType; echo "Replied Successfully."; }else{ $statusMsg = "Sorry, there was an error uploading your file."; } } } // Display status message echo $statusMsg; }
query("SELECT ticket_id, ticket_subject, ticket_message, ticket_status, DATE_FORMAT(created_at,'%d/%m/%Y at %H:%i:%s') AS created_at, DATE_FORMAT(ticket_timestamp,'%d/%m/%Y %H:%i:%s') AS ticket_timestamp FROM support_tickets WHERE ticket_id = ".$_GET('ticket_id')." and user_name = '".$_SESSION("user_name")."'")){ //'". $ticket_id. "' AND user_name ='". $_SESSION("user_name"). "'")){ //".$_GET('ticket_id')." and user_name = '".$_SESSION("user_name")."'")){ if ($result->num_rows > 0) { $ticket=$result->fetch_object(); ?>
" disabled>
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ticket_status!='CLOSED'){ ?>

This support ticket is now closed, Please create new ticket for any issue

query("SELECT tr.ticket_id, tr.reply_text,tr.user_id, DATE_FORMAT(tr.reply_at,'%d/%m/%Y at %H:%i:%s') AS reply_at, u.customer_name FROM ticket_replies tr left join users u on (u.user_id=tr.user_id and tr.user_type='customer' and tr.user_id='".$_SESSION("user_id")."') WHERE ticket_id = '".$_GET("ticket_id")."' order by reply_at desc")){ //DATE_FORMAT(tr.reply_at,'%d/%m/%Y at %H:%i:%s') AS reply_at if ($replyresult->num_rows > 0) { while ($row = $replyresult->fetch_object()) { ?> user_id!=$_SESSION('user_id'))?'':''; ?>
 user_id==$_SESSION('user_id'))?$row->customer_name:'Support Team'; ?> reply_at?>
reply_text) ?>
Original Message
ticket_message ?>