Can you answer a brief 2-minute survey for my school's research project?

Mainly related to social networks and Facebook. It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

best topic of doctoral research proposal

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best topic of doctoral research proposal

Data entry and web research for $ 10

Data entry and web research

Hi. My name is Amit Kumar and I am from India. I have worked as an expert in data entry and extraction for more than 9 months.

In my previous months of work, I have completed many successful projects with 100% customer satisfaction. What makes me better than others is my punctuality and honesty. I would never accept a job proposal until you are sure to make it successful.

I am very skilled with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft WordPress. I am very skilled in data entry and web research.

I am a graduate of S.C.D Government College Ludhiana. My academic training helps me to perform according to the expectations of my client.

I have a lot of confidence in our succession together, since I am punctual and creative. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.


User research: where / how do I collect data for this portfolio project …?

I am sure that I will be called, as a UX designer, to make a total usability change to a website or two. Wishing to include in my portfolio a demonstration of my preparation for this, I simply searched Google for "The worst websites" and chose from a list of the "top 25" to redesign. Someone in the forum had mentioned that for personal portfolio projects it would be good to assume the specifications or weaknesses to address a website or product in question if they could not contact users. If anyone is interested, here is the website, get ready:

I am pretty sure there is no way I can communicate with regular visitors (if any) of this website to interview them or invite them to participate in a / b tests, surveys, etc., basically to collect data / specifications / reqs . And even if it were possible, I am sure it would be slower than it is worth for this purpose. The best thing I can do is remember all middle-aged, free-spirited men and women, flower children, hipster friends and / or anyone I know who suspects they have New Age interests and get their personal profiles. But by taking a look at this website, I am pretty sure that my ideal version of the redesigned site will appease the offended audience, although I know that it is a kind of capital sin in UX to project one's design ideals into what should be user or customer requirements generated

What is the best thing that can be done in this situation? or at least, what is good to do? Is it acceptable, in this case, to assume solutions?

Well researched 500 word article on a variety of topics for $ 3

Well researched 500 word article on a variety of topics

A good deed must meet the following criteria

Thorough investigation before writing content

Identifying the useful information


Grammar correction

Readable diction without jargon

Use of appropriate tone

Appointments Appropriate

If the writing has to be optimized for the web, then the following two points should also be considered:

Recognizing your keywords

Placing the keywords but without affecting the flow of the paragraph

With years of experience in content writing, I assure you that I can provide you with an article that matches the above criteria. Also, I am open to your idea of ​​great content.

After all, I am writing for an audience and fulfilling the purpose of the hearing is the main objective.

I look forward to working with you.


Research scholar who provides data entry work, content writing, digital marketing, graphic design for $ 5

I have an incredible ability to write and the best academic content. I am very good at CAD and graphic design.

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Recommended research articles or best practices for UI techniques to encourage users to explore more features of a complex application?

All of the following is a guide to what not to do, which could leave the best practices more obvious, but still completely subjective.

TL; DR do not bother to read if you are looking for an obvious and objective answer, this question is, as indicated above, completely subjective. And software design best practices finally conflict with any attempt to answer the question.


This is an interesting question because Microsoft has made a terrible effort to answer this question with its tapes in Office. And then he successfully patented these fucking things.

That is insult to injury. Get in the wound. etc.

Their stated objective was to make the discovery of features and functionalities easier and faster, but they did it in such a way that they discouraged people who knew how to use more software, eliminating the original processes of use and adding steps to make the most Things, too. Moronic in the extreme.

Microsoft has followed this path with the changes in Windows 8 throughout the UI / UX and Windows 10 is not significantly better.

This is the greatest example of what not to do, in the most prominent and dominant software on earth. Therefore, it is important to consider and learn from their lessons. Although they have not done so. And I will not do it.

Similarly, "tip of the day" went out of style when Shareware did. Now it's just another window to click that nobody wants to try, and it's annoying.

Domain is something that should be encouraged. That means you must describe the benefits and find ways to attract users to search and find the powers of an application. This is as much marketing and advertising as UI and UX design.

Ice sculpture with chainsaws is a very good example of this well done.

The interactive prototypes made with Apple's Keynote are similar.

The process of removing features from Apple Pages is another illicit step. The fact that many users do not use all the functions does not mean that it was not they who pastored, taught and otherwise guided the majority of their users.

It's strange how Microsoft and Apple are constantly moving towards less concern for ambassadors and opinion leaders among their user bases, despite going in different directions in other aspects of their approaches.

Which leaves me with a very subjective response: your UI and UX should allow simplistic and demotivated users as much as possible without compromising UI and UX for advanced users and those who can discover and learn on their own.

Perhaps I am saying that you have to accept that people also have tools with different goals, talents and levels of trust.

And make videos about ice sculpture with your application.

Discovery phase – research activities

I wanted to ask for advice on the discovery activities you used when creating a new solution to solve a problem. Simply put, I am trying to address a problem because of the lack of content exchange within a community of institutions. At this time, each individual institution has its own way of storing content; But there is no simple or easy way to share information with other institutions. For multiple reasons: people do not want to reveal their ideas, it is too much work to store them in multiple areas, etc.

Ideas involve the creation of a platform that institutions can share and add to their content. However, I am not sure if this is the right solution.

Normally, for this type of projects, I identify groups of potential users, I start interviewing people to understand the current state of things and create a travel map and people. But nevertheless; There really is nothing that currently "exists." Normally I will create a "current state" travel map and a potential "future state" travel map.

Could you start with ideas or thoughts about research activities?

Thank you!

Soft question: Are there important areas of research in mathematics? Or is it a lot of individual efforts?

There are about 100 large areas of research in mathematics, each of which is subdivided into several dozen smaller areas: see the AMS subject classification here. Then it is fair to say that there are several thousand research directions within mathematics. Within these, mathematicians publish more than 100,000 articles each year.

There are many big problems that mathematicians agree with. For these, I recommend that you read the AMS Notices and the AMS Newsletter. You can also start your exploration here.

Finally, keep in mind that this site is for mathematical researchers (who already know the answer to your question).

Research – Want to know about mining phrase?

I want to work on "Mining of topical phrases". At this stage, all I have in mind is to implement a recent methodology in the corpus of local news websites. Can you suggest how I can show my entry? I like to think about categorizing the news in different categories such as sports, crime, Showbiz, etc. What can I add more?