Find 10 Valuable. Com Domain Name Research for $4

Find 10 Valuable. Com Domain Name Research

Domain Names will be found. Niche in Demand or you’ll tell me your niche and I’ll do keyword research and find for you Excellent Domains.

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I will do perfect data entry, web research, data collection and copy paste work for $5

I will do perfect data entry, web research, data collection and copy paste work

I am an expert in any kind of data entry, web/internet research, data collection, copy paste and so other admin support work. I have a good experiene this types of work, so you will get more qualified workers in a short time.

My Services:

  1. Admin support
  2. Data Entry
  3. Web Research
  4. Data Collection
  5. PDF Conversion
  6. PDF to Excel
  7. PDF to Word
  8. Copy Paste

Want to know why you should order me?- I have great experience in copy-paste, ms excel, ms word, google spreadsheet, big data entry, internet research, and admin support.- I know special digging techniques to find the contact information (Name, Email, Address, Phone) from your targeted location and niches.- I am well familiar with the required tools Yellow pages, Yelp, Salesforce, Jigsaw, Linkedin, Excel and I guarantee you to provide quality information as per your desired format.copy-paste, ms excel, ms word, google spreadsheet, big data entry, internet research, and admin support.

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I will do data entry job and market research for you for $10

I will do data entry job and market research for you

I am professional Web researcher with any Data entry. I am committed to provide excellence in our services and work towards delivering a truly high

quality experience to me at very low price.


Looking for someone to help with a software research project

We are working on a project and we need someone to help us research the software/script that can help us getting it done. (I suppose this is more like a VA type work)

We already have a couple software in mind and we will be paying for it. Just need someone to actually research and run the software to make sure it does exactly what we need.

If you are interested, add me on skype at Walaboom and I will give you more details and we can discuss the pay rate.

Thank you~


I Will Do Depth SEO Keyword Research For You’r Targeted Niche for $1

I Will Do Depth SEO Keyword Research For You’r Targeted Niche

I will find the simplest KWs to focus on your niche or businessChoosing the proper KWs for your business is that the most vital a part of SEO KW research. I’ll provide you the simplest suitable and high-quality keywords for your online platform which will assist you to rank #1 on google easily.Silver Package:I’ll research 100 long-tail SEO keywords with very low competitionPrice: 5$Delivery: 1 DayGold Package:I’ll Find Top 200 keywords to focus on for your niche or business + 3 Competitors Keywords & Backlinks + Website AuditPrice:$20Delivery:1 DayPlatinum Package:I’ll Find Top 300 keywords to focus on for your niche or business + 5 Competitors Keyword & Backlinks + Website AuditPrice: 30$Delivery: 1 DayKeyword Report Includes:List of KeywordsLong Tail KeywordsMonthly VolumeCost Per Click (CPC)Keywords Difficulty (KD)Organic CTRWhy you favor my Service over Others?Long-tail SEO keywordsLow competitive keywordsHighly search volumeExcel sheet report24 hours deliveryIndustry ExpertiseArtsBusinessE-CommerceHealth & WellnessMedical & PharmaceuticalIf you’ve got any questions, be happy to contact me.✇✇✇ Order Now ✇✇✇


I will do SEO friendly keyword research for your targeted niche for $1

I will do SEO friendly keyword research for your targeted niche

I will do SEO friendly keyword research for your targeted niche for $1

  1. We know, Keyword Research is the process of finding words and phrases.
  2. It is the process to get your page ranking.
  3. By perfect keywords, you can go forward.
  4. Keyword mistake, everything mistake.
  5. For perfect SEO, you must need perfect keyword research.
  6. Keyword Research Helped Websites Traffic Grow

So, maybe you want your keyword on search engine ranking and that’s why you can choose me. I will provide a maximum of five keywords for SEO friendly article writing.


I will find 20 mix expired web 2 0 blogs research for $60

I will find 20 mix expired web 2 0 blogs research

Are you looking for Expired Web 2.0 with high metrics?

Welcome to my Expired Web 2.0 research gig.

I will research PA 15+ niche relevant expired Tumblr, blogger, WordPress, Weebly, and Wix blogs. Expired web 2.0 is the best method to pass link juice to the main website for ranking higher in SERPs. My searchable expired blogs have high authority and google friendly, and provide you 100 expired mix web 2.0 blogs in just $60. Backlinks from these sites give you massive benefits that you can’t consider.


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  • PA 15+.
  • Good CF/TF.
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  • To pass link juice to the main website.
  • Spam Free.
  • Aged Domain.

Why should you hire me?

  • Client Satisfaction.
  • Manual Work.
  • Life Time Support.
  • Complete excel sheet with DA and PA.
  • Fast Delivery.
  • Unlimited Revision.

Contact me without hesitation; I am looking forward to you.


dnd 5e – How useful is the 5e ‘Wish’ spell (‘Basic Use’ version) for spell research?

The 5e Wish spell does, literally, whatever you wish, but for a price. The Basic Use version may be useful for instant spell research without the usual time / gold costs. Logically, one could use this Basic Wish to learn all the wizard spells lvl. 8 and lower. But what are the limits? To quote:

The basic use of this spell is to duplicate any other spell of 8th level or lower. You don’t need to meet any requirements in that spell, including costly Components. The spell simply takes effect.

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Casting ‘Wish’ may allow one to have a version of any existing / official spell (found in Player’s Handbook, Volo’s &/or Mordenkainen’s manuals). This exists as a memorized spell ‘slot’, uncast, in one’s mind. Wizards (class) could then write-scribe this spell, providing this was a wizard’s (spell-list) spell in the first place. This learning technique may also extend to some ritual spells, q.v.

  2. As the Basic Use of a ‘Wish’ spell does NOT require material components. As such, the caster of this spell can automatically gain one (1) fully transcribed non-magical version in a book (or scroll / carved tablet / scribed on a skull / whatever suits your fancy). Should this be a ‘wizard’ spell, the caster could then use this written version as though they had transcribed this themselves. Other wizards would need to endure the usual transcription-study-cost process from this origin material, as normal.

  3. This Basic Version of the spell vetoes any and all requirements! As such, any spell imaginable (of less than 8th level value) can be instantly scribed into a book. If it were considered a ‘wizard’ type spell others of that class could make use / transcribe it as usual. If it were a spell for any other list, those of the appropriate class could use this written spell to re-establish a new relationship with their deity, patron or other spell-delivery creature.

Off the cuff, the first one seems reasonable. The second version seems to be pushing boundaries a little (not sure why). The last one, drafting out Brand New Spells every day, seems totally implausible for a mere Basic Wish (perhaps a FULL wish could do this?) – yet i have no known RAW defence on this. It just seems like a bad idea to let a CR 11 ‘arch-mage’ pump out 300+ spells (of any class / up to 8th lvl) in any given year, risk free. But… why not?

Gathered Exchangers of Stackings… what say ye?

academic research – Are there scientific studies related to the Bitcoin technology?

Bitcoin is a relatively new phenomenon and the peer-review process takes a while, so there is not much out there yet.

The most notable is a network analysis of bitcoin transactions done around the alleged “allinvain” theft earlier this year.

Other than that, there are currently a few articles published in academic journals that focus on bitcoin (as well as pop-sci and pop-compsci articles in various places)

For example

Grinberg, Reuben, Bitcoin: An Innovative Alternative Digital Currency (April 21, 2011). Available at SSRN:

The best answer may be to do this in the form of a community wiki where articles published in academic journals can be posted by subject, as if bitcoin survives it will obviously start to receive a lot of attention.

Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

I developed a Long Tail Keyword Research tool.

It will find up to 1,620 keywords in 54 categories per search. (This might change as I update)

There are sections for:
• Buy Keywords
• Questions
• Phrases
• Comparisons

This will give a week or so full access free (Until 2020-07-05 23:59:59 UTC).