air travel – Am I entitled to compensation under EU261 if my flight was rescheduled to four days later with only six days notice?

I have been notified a little less than six days before my originally scheduled departure time, about a schedule change resulting in my flight departing four days later. The flight numbers are the same, and the airline is refusing compensation in accordance with EU261 as they state that this situation does not regard a cancellation. The airline has stated that the reschedule was done because of commercial reasons (so, no extraordinary circumstances).

The airline offered me a refund, but that seems ridiculous to me – to me it seems simply unethical and unfair to reschedule a flight with such an extreme difference (96 hours) out of commercial reasons, and not compensate passengers, who booked unrefundable hotel stays and such, accordingly. Am I right that I am in this case entitled to EU261 compensation?

Is anyone aware of any jurisprudence?

air travel – After flight rescheduled infant is >2 years old. Do I need to buy a new ticket?

I have a two-way airline ticket for an infant with no separate seat. The airline canceled flight back and rescheduled tickets for a new date.

But on this new date, an infant is already 2 years old, so the airline wants me to buy a new ticket for her.

The rescheduling happened not because of us. Are there any rules for cases like this?

Air travel – Flight rescheduled to another airport. Transportation refund? (WE)

Due to the weather, my original flight was canceled. I was reprogrammed on a new flight, but without my consent, the new flight was at an airport more than 1 hour by car. And the new flight left in 2 hours.

I needed to take that flight, so I took an expensive taxi ride.

I have searched a lot on the subject and I have not found information about consumer protections for an event like this.

Is there any resource or I am SOL for transportation between airports?

Thank you!