testing – How to respond to a customer when their bug can’t be reproduced

Customers generally at least begrudgingly understand if you can’t reproduce a bug, especially if you have worked with them and made very visible attempts. What it usually takes to close such bugs is some sort of mitigation.

If it happens again, have you put something in place that will prevent data loss, give you more info to be able to track it down, etc. Have you fixed any compiler or linter warnings in that area of the code? Have you beefed up your test coverage, ideally even writing a specific test for that specific failure? Have you eliminated usual suspects like concurrency issues and null pointers? Have you added gratuitous checks for “impossible” states?

Put that in the bug report and give them confidence that you have reduced the impact even if you haven’t eliminated it.

Ray network: what update messages are reproduced?

If I understand correctly, after a new node connects to a partner on the Lightning network, it will receive all past announcements / channel update messages for currently open channels to recreate a local snapshot of the network. What messages are reproduced? For example, for a very old channel with many channel updates, do they all play back? Why not just report the last update message?

Animation: the shapekeys exported to the unit are not reproduced correctly (unity 2019 + blender 2.79)

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this

I select all the relevant parts of the mesh and armor, etc., and export them to FBX 7.4 for use in Unity3d. The model itself shows well and also the animations of the armor, but the shapekeys are really strange.

Any ideas or do you need more information?

How to sign the Android application so that it is preloaded in the phone and not published in playstore so that the problem of protection block during the installation is not reproduced?

When we try to install the .apk that is signed by putting it in the file manager of the phone and not published in playstore, we have a problem,
"Play Protect does not recognize the developer of this application, and unknown developer applications can sometimes be insecure."
By clicking "Install anyway", we can install the apk, but we do not want that pop-up window to appear.
We need to preload the apk on a phone without publishing it.

We have done it in debug mode and we have no problems, but when we did it in launch mode and signed it, the problem arises. Also, from the second time, the problem is "The application is not installed".
We have seen all the solutions around the web in the stack overflow, we found a similar link, but the problem is different here. Since we do not have to publish it on Google Playstore but preload it on a phone, the solution to publish the application so as not to get this problem from Play Protect will not work.

Expected: The problem of blocking Play Protect should not appear even if we do not publish it on Google Playstore.
Real: We are facing a problem of blocking Play Protect when we sign the application and try to download / preload the .apk.

c # – UNIT || How to access the "transitions of exit" of the clip reproduced at the moment from the animator?

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