seo: months after implementing JS redirects, hash bang URLs are still indexed in Google along with their replacements

We replaced our previous site with a WordPress site about 6 months ago. Our old store addon used links with AJAX fragments that were indexed in Google, like this:!/item/info/etc

The fragments are not exposed to the server, so, as I understand it, our only option to redirect was to do a JS-based redirection that I implemented many months ago. According to my research (for example,, I thought this would mean that Google would update its indexes, however, old and new results are displayed on Google side by side.

Is there any way to rush it? I have confirmed that the new page you redirect is identified as the canonical page.

How can I disable replacements for [Rule], [GreaterEqual], [LessEqual], etc. in the front part?

When you write -> at the front end, it is automatically replaced with the [Rule] character. Similarly, when you write <=, is automatically replaced with [LessEqual]Y >= it is replaced with [GreaterEqual].

Is it possible to disable these replacements? Occasionally I run a tutorial for students who are completely new to Mathematica, where I show sample code on a screen and have to write it on their own machines and then modify it to do certain things. Occasionally, students will be confused when they see special characters such as [Rule] on my screen, and I don't know what they should write -> instead. It would be useful if I could disable this automatic replacement on my screen to avoid such confusion.

Visual cues – Highlighting text replacements

I am creating an application in which the user can make multiple replacements with each other (for example, replace all "is" with "was", all "will" to "would").

The problem that I face with respect to the UX is how to indicate the changes that will occur in the original text. I was thinking of highlighting the pending changes in the original text, as if I were highlighting the text. Each replacement would have its own color.

What worries me is that the user could replace all "a" with "an" and then "anmato" with "pineapple", then "tomato" would become first "anmato" and then "pineapple" (bad example, he).

Changes could overlap and, therefore, highlighting would become problematic. I am able to discover an algorithm that highlights them with the color of the first replacement and the color of the second replacement, mixing the colors where they overlap.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to implement this, so I thought about asking them if they know in a better way.

Dotes – Taking out leveling and classes – Replacements

So, my RPG is not going to use levels or classes to determine the progress. I'm trying to keep it as open as possible, and I also realize that if a character goes up and then fights a little harder monsters, it's the same level of difficulty and they may not level up.
Instead, I'm testing a dowry / skill type system (like in Savage Worlds) where the characters acquire Skills by spending Skill Points (which they get by doing important things, I'm also trying to eliminate grinding). These skills will not increase their primary stats, but give them things to do in the tactics department and complete the character's portfolio. There are certain areas of expertise, but it does not retain many characters.
Due to the leveling function, most characters will have about 10 life points, so I have reduced the damage rolls from d1 (only 1) to d6, instead of d4-d12 as in most systems . The characters will not have a barrel of hit points for the monsters to stab.
Thoughts? Ideas? Problems?

Proxies Dedicated to the United States – Automatic delivery and replacements

The first private proxies of EE. UU Which are delivered and replaced automatically

I will not sit here and say that our representatives are better than our competitors, because they are not. They have similar speeds (<1s) and we use redundant networks and servers that act as backup copies in case the main ones fall (ie, no down time, never). However, what our competition lacks is our price point and our automatic replacement system. You can compare our prices below with ANY of our competitors and you will not find a cheaper rate at the speed and reliability you get with us.

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