worksheet function – Excel: Replace the value in a cell if the value in another cell is higher

I have an Excel spreadsheet that calculates quasi-random attribute scores for a role-playing game using four different methods. One cell, Q20, contains the SUM of the attribute scores thereby generated. I want to have another cell, Q23, record the highest such total ever calculated.

I have tried =IF(Q20>Q23,Q20,Q23) in Q23, but Excel warns about the circular reference and the value never updates. Does anyone have a formula solution for this scenario?



magento2 – Replace My Wishlist Text with Icon

I want to know how to replace the “My Wish List” text in toplinks with an icon. I don’t want an Icon with pseudo code like “::before”. Adding a <i> </i>– tag in the code should be the solution.

The text of My Wish List we can edit in “getLabel()” function of “Link.php” in module-wishlist. But I don’t want any text. Only the Icon should be in storefront visible. If I set the return value to an empty string in getLabel() function then in mobile view it is not visible.

Where I can do that?
I think we need to create an own module and overwrite the files. But which file and what exactly?

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Replace Condition in Replacement Rules

In finding an answer to my other question, I’m finding myself needing to manipulate the conditions imposed on replacement rules, but this is proving to be a little difficult. In particular, how should I go about removing instances of Condition and PatternTest?

Using the code from my other answer (slightly adjusted):

f(x_?InexactNumberQ) := x^2;
g(x_) /; FooQ(x) := x^3;

Attributes(ExpandValues) = {HoldAll};
ExpandValues(symbol_) := Join @@ Through(
  {OwnValues, DownValues, UpValues, SubValues, DefaultValues, NValues}(symbol)
ExpandValues(symbol_, symbols__) := Join(ExpandValues(symbol), ExpandValues(symbols));

then the replacement rules that need to be modified are:

  HoldPattern(f((x_)?InexactNumberQ)) :> x^2,
  HoldPattern(g(x_) /; FooQ(x)) :> x^3

I would like these to be modified to not have any conditions on the arguments, but trying to replace the condition and pattern test is proving difficult. This for example does not work:

  HoldPattern(Condition(p_, q_)) :> p,
  HoldPattern(PatternTest(p_, q_)) :> p

I’ve also tried using Verbatim which the documentation suggests is useful to transform other transformation rules, but I have not gotten them to work. I’m also thinking that the use of Verbatim won’t work generally because it is too literal.

I’ve had partial success with

  Condition -> (#1 &),
  Patterntest -> (#1 &)

but when the replacement appears within a HoldPattern, the resulting rule after replacement does not work.

pdo – Is this a good approach to replace mysqli_num_rows?

Is this a good approach to replace mysqli_num_rows?

$result = $db->query("SELECT * FROM users");
$result_set = $result->fetchAll();
$count = count($result_set);


    //if $count>0 show something special

    while($row = array_shift($result_set)){

        // my code

    //if $count>0 show something special here too


    //some message


replace by fee – How many wallets allow the user to change outputs for RBF transaction?

I have not tried this option but read about it on twitter:

Not sure maybe this is the code that creates a transaction with different outputs which replaces an unconfirmed RBF transaction:

How many other wallets do you know that allow the users to cancel an unconfirmed transaction in a similar way?

Creates an RBF transaction that can replace previous one and basically cancel it (rewrite output to the one our wallet controls). Note, this cannot add more utxo in RBF transaction if newFeerate is too high

I didn’t understand the last part. Why can’t it add more utxo if newFeerate is too high?

@param newFeerate {number} Sat/byte. Should be greater than previous tx feerate

BIP 125 mentions that fee rate and fees both should be higher. So, is higher fee rate enough for replacement tx even if absolute fees is less?

refactoring – Applying Replace Conditional with Composition in functional programming

If I am writing in a functional style and want to use the Replace Conditional with Composition refactoring pattern on a switch or a long chain of if/else if/else if/…, how do I approach it?

I understand with OOP that applying the Replace Conditional with Polymorphism pattern makes this easy as you can simply call a single method and it will already execute the correct code that had previously been in a switch case or a conditional branch in the “less clean” version of the code, based on which subclass you’re working with.

But if I’m not using OOP, but FP (which I’m very new to), my initial impression is that the composition pattern may be better suited. Is this The Way, and if so, how is this pattern best applied?

Example pseudocode to apply the pattern to:

if (data.graded !== '') {
  // show letter grade
else if (data.start_date === '') {
  // show enrollment deadline date (data.deadline)
else if (data.start_date < today) {
  // show "Starts in n days!"
else if (data.end_date === today) {
  // show "Course ends TODAY!"
else if (data.end_date < today) {
  // show "Course concluded."

What is the find and replace "s/{pattern}/{string}" format called?

s/{pattern}/{string} keeps coming up in find and replace contexts (vim, sed).

Is this a standard way of presenting find and replace strings? Does it have a name? Is there a standard somewhere for this kind of stuff?

Replace a broken SLR mirror with a cut HDD?

I love film cameras and repairing them.
However, I often encounter cameras with broken and scratched mirrors.
Is it possible to use some old HDDs and cut them to replace those mirrors ?
I want to find a good and inexpensive alternative to buying broken cameras and removing their mirrors…

copy or move replace file and update version sharepoint CSOM

hi im using Move Copy Util method for copy and move folder or file on sharepoint. but i want to ask how to implement when it’s duplicated it automatically replace and update version?

microsoft word – Suitable commands to replace a set of text

I have a long list of vocabulary words which I wand to made some modification on it.
the list is in the following form:

Word, Part of Speech, Word Forms
Word Definition
Sample Sentence

Word, Part of Speech, Word Forms
Word Definition
Sample Sentence

For example

Adorn, (verb) (adorns, adorning, adorned)
embellish, garnish, ornament, trim
For example, if someone adorns a place, he puts decorations on it.
His watercolor designs adorn a wide range of books.

Magnificent, (adjective) (magnificently, magnificence)
extraordinary, glorious, grand, splendid, superb, wonderful
For example, if you say that something or someone is magnificent, you mean that you think it is extremely good.
It is a magnificent country house in wooded grounds.

I want to make my list as follow:



like this

embellish, garnish, ornament, trim

extraordinary, glorious, grand, splendid, superb, wonderful

I couldn’t find the suitable commands in Replace

Thanks a lot for your help