I will remove background 20 images in less than 24 hours for $10

I will remove background 20 images in less than 24 hours

Dear Buyers

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I Will Remove Background Of 25 Easy Images In $5.12 Complex Images In $5  
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  • It Should Be 1 Product or 1 Person in 1 Image.
  • Group Shots of product will not be consider as easy images.
  • For More Clarification Inbox Me Your Image.

Important Note

Human,Person,Models,Furniture,Machinery,Flowers,Plants,Chain Necklaces,Jewelry, Bracelets, Etc images with curvy details as it took more time then regular photos Will Be Considered As Complex Or Hard Category.
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timelapse – What software could I use for aligning time lapse stills to remove camera shake?

Aligning can be done for example with stitching-programs like Hugin.

  • add all you pictures to the hugin-project
  • let the pictures be analyzed/matched by “align image stack” (Images – Tab: Feature-Matching)
  • add some points if needed (Control Points – Tab)
  • set optimization to Position and Translation at the most (Optimiser-Tab)
  • Optimize (Optimiser-Tab)
  • check with “Preview panorama” (button above)
  • go to Stitcher-Tab, set Projection to “Rectilinear”
  • choose Output as “Remapped images”
  • stitch! 😀

You will get your pictures remapped into several exactly overlapping ones in the choosen format/size (Stitcher-Tab: Autocrop can remove nonoverlapping borders). It’s a nice side-effect and prerequisite of stitching, I used it to create ghost-images (people swinging down a slope: put them five times into one picture), just stitching them together later (using enfuse/enblend on command line).

Hugin can do much more (like every decent stitcher, I guess), for example remove your barrel distortion and also vignetting. Look into optimizations for that.

webkit – Swift Inject Javascript to remove HTML element into WebView

I am trying to inject my self directly into the source code.

We want to execute this script to remove a banner on google.com by injecting the javascript into the webview, but it’s not working.

This is block of code we are trying to remove:

<mobile-promo jsname="EfADOe" jscontroller="sqHuef" jsaction="rcuQ6b:npT2md"> </mobile-promo>

This is what is not working:

func webView(_ webView: WKWebView, didStartProvisionalNavigation navigation: WKNavigation!) {
    let removeGoogleBottomBar = """
        function removeDummy() {
            var elem = document.getElementById('mobile-promo');
            return false;

Is there anything wrong with this approach to injecting javascript?

macos – Remove osascript starting after boot and get to know what it does

I am new to Mac and I have the following problem. After I log in after boot/restart, there is always a tab saying osascript wants to make changes which wants my password. I do not want to run this and clicking Cancel or killing this process in Activity monitor helps for the session. I am also able to see the details of it in Activity monitor. But regardless of what I do, after another start, the pop up menu appears again… How can I kill this script or remove it or disable it forever?

Related to that, how do I get to know what exactly is it trying to do? I tried to hit the Sample button in the menu in Activity monitor which gave me a text file of many things starting with the dirs and identifiers of the script and continuing with a lot of information which I don’t know how to read/interpret. As I said, I’m new to Mac so any help including the super basics is very welcomed :].
Thank you.

Magento 2 Admin Page Remove Cc_savedcard_id field from payment information on sales order page?

I want to remove Cc_savedcard_id from the page.

enter image description here

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Thank you in advance!

magento2 – Magento 2 – Batch Update SKU in database to remove /

We have a problem that we can’t use the Magento API to load products where the SKU has a / in it. To get around it I am looking at bulk updating all our SKU’s.

Is the SKU stored anywhere else in the database other than the catalog_product_entity table?

Does anyone know if it would cause any issues if I ran the following?

Update `catalog_product_entity` SET sku = Replace(sku,"/","_") FROM `catalog_product_entity`

Or is there a better way to bulk update all the SKU’s?


7 – Remove duplicated results – Apache Solr

English is not my native language so please be patient.

Good afternoon, my Drupal 7 site is currently holding several articles, help topics, and document guides that are versioned, i.e search the “chocolate” word :

Product Cake:

  • title: Old aunt’s Chocolate Cake. Version: 1.0
  • title: Old aunt’s Chocolate Cake. Version: 1.2
  • title: Colombian Cake, Coffee, and Chocolate. Version: 1.0

Product Candy:

  • title: Chocolate candy for fitness. version: 1.0
  • title: Gretel’s Chocolate recipe. version: 2.2
  • title: Gretel’s Chocolate recipe. version: 3.0
  • title: Gretel’s Chocolate recipe. version: 1.0

Product Beverage:

  • title: Milk & Chocolate. version: 1.0
  • title: Milkshake for the boys in the yard: Vanilla, Chocolate, and More. version: 1.0
  • title: Milkshake for the boys in the yard: Vanilla, Chocolate, and More. version: 2.1
  • title: Hot Chocolate for Cold Winters. version: 1.0

Currently, the site is using Apache Solr Search and related modules. I haven’t been able to set a hook that would allow removing the duplicate results for versions with the same title but different versions, ideally I would like to have results for the latest version only.

The Apache Solr Sort module supposedly would do the trick, sadly I’m still getting the same results sorted by most recent creation, but due to those articles having (almost) the same score none of the duplicated versions are removed.

To handle the sort by most recent creation date I have modified the score using the creation date.

Also, is possible to achieve the sort using the Apache Solr search module.

But to remove duplicate results, still haven’t found a solution. The documentation says that my necessity would be solved implementing Grouping, but no result comes from Apache Solr using the following hook_apachesolr_query_prepare which is based in the Sort module, Is this the correct way to implement Grouping? Is there another option to remove the duplicate versions?

 * Implements hook_apachesolr_query_prepare().
function custom_search_apachesolr_query_prepare($query) {

  $env_id = $query->solr('getId');
  $process_callback = apachesolr_environment_variable_get($env_id, 'process_response_callback', 'apachesolr_search_process_response');
  $group_field = apachesolr_environment_variable_get($env_id, 'group_field', 'title');
  $group_limit = apachesolr_environment_variable_get($env_id, 'group_limit', '10');

  if ($process_callback == "apachesolr_sort_process_response") {
        'group' => 'true',
        'group.field' => $group_field,
        'group.limit' => $group_limit,
        'group.ngroups' => 'true',
        'group.sort' => 'ds_created desc',
        'group.facet' => 'true',
    // start params are different. You should move similar to the group.limit amount
    if (isset($query->page)) {
    if (isset($query->page)) {
      $query->addParam('group.offset', $query->page * $group_limit);

Thanks in advance for your time.

[OzzModz] Remove Site Title From Forum List | NulledTeam UnderGround

This small addon will remove the site title from the forum list. It has one option that will allow you to move the New posts and Post thread buttons from the right to the left. It is set to do that as default.

View attachment 28329

View attachment 28330

opensolaris – ZFS – is it safe to remove files served by ZFS during a resilver/rebuild?

I have a Nexenta ZFS system serving a large NFS volume (using ~85% of 250 TB). One of the 70 disks failed over a week ago, and the system is resilvering a hot spare without issues (other than the large performance losses due to the intense resilvering I/O).

I know that having more free space will reduce the time needed for future resilverings, so I’m planning to clean up ~70 TB from the NFS volume soon.

But, I’m not sure if doing the cleanup during the current resilver will cause problems, or if it’d reduce the time needed for the current resilver, which brings up my question:

  • will deleting files negatively impact an ongoing ZFS resilver?

System info:

# uname -a
SunOS stor-nas02a 5.11 NexentaOS_4:55745843a2 i86pc i386 i86pc

Array info:

  • 7x raidz2 (10 disks each)
  • 2x SLOG mirrors
  • various spares and caches
  • status:
action: Wait for the resilver to complete.
  scan: resilver in progress since _________
    29.7T scanned out of 199T at 60.2M/s, (scan is slow, no estimated time)    # the 199 TB is compressed
    451G resilvered, 14.92% done

How to remove Ubuntu and install Windows with no USB or CD?

My situation is slightly different from that described in other similar threads. Specifically:

  • I have Ubuntu installed and it’s the only OS installed.
  • I have a Windows 10 ISO but no USB or CD.
  • I want to install Windows while at the same time completely removing Ubuntu.