How do I remove Facebook notifications in the Chrome Browser

As you see the image below, how to stop them from showing?

I have tried all I can to stop them but nothing works. In Facebook settings all notefictions are “off” but I still get this popup. In Chrome Settings also Facebook are not allowed to show notefications

so what is wrong or where do I turn them of?

enter image description here

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python – How to remove a sprite from a group?

I am trying to make a chess game with Pygame, but am unable to remove the chess piece when it is captured. Stack Overflow already has a question on this here. But this code doesn’t seem to work. When I iterate through the list, it ends up deleting many pieces.

for piece in piece_group_black:
    if piece.location.all() == selects.location.all():

Say I move white piece to capture black , this code ends up deleting a lot of pieces.

for piece in piece_group_black:
    if piece.location.all() == selects.location.all():
        pieceremove = piece


This removes a random piece. Same happens for when I use the code given in the answers. They just don’t work.

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automator – How to Create a {Quick Action} in MacOS to remove the GPS data from images?

hoping someone can help with this.

The current slow manual way of removing GPS data from images is to double click or manually open the image in the Preview App, go to {Tools} menu, click the {Show Location Info} menu option, click the [GPS] button, and finally click the [Remove Location Info] button, and then save the image. It’s OK in a pinch but gets tiresome quickly, especially if trying to process multiple images.

I was hoping that a “Quick Action” could be created with Automator or similar, so it can be used in Finder by right-clicking on one or more images and actioning a “Remove GPS Info” quick action.

Is this possible?

Thank you.

P.S. Running Catalina 10.15.7

unity – How do I remove the shinyness from the terrain when using an orthographic camera?

I am having an issue with terrain having a sheen around edges when I set the game camera to orthographic. Changing it to perspective, the shinyness goes away:

enter image description here

I have tested with textures from the Unity terrain tools sample pack, as well as purchased textures, and they all have the same problem. The textures have diffuse, normal, and mask maps assigned. Metallic and smoothness sliders for the textures are both set to zero.

I have read up on channel packing for the mask map, but even setting the metallic and smoothness channels to black makes no difference, it seems entirely dependent on camera mode.

It’s important that I keep the orthographic view for my game, is there any way to fix this?

theming – How to remove home in a breadcrumb from a specific page in easy breadcrumbs and add carets for the breadcrumbs?

I’ve been using the easy breadcrumb module in Drupal 8, I enabled the option – “Include the front page as a segment in the breadcrumb” for all pages, but there are few pages for instance /custom-page where the breadcrumb trial is (Home Custom-page) how do I remove the home from these custom pages in .theme file or any alternate settings. Also the carets(>) are not appearing between the segments, how do we customize for the breadcrumb to display the caret.

uninstallation – Why is impossible to remove system apps and preinstalled apps like ‘Facebook’ (with Android OS & without rooting) and can they be suppressed?

What is the explanation offered by manufacturers and vendors for why this is the case?

Have there been legal challenges to this practice?

For instance, I can’t remove the apps ‘Facebook’ (not OS-related), ‘Analytics’ and some non-essential apps by the phone’s manufacturer.

Using the network protocol feature of the NetGuard firewall I can see that very frequently data is (attempted to) being sent via these apps. I have not investigated the content of the data being sent but maybe somebody else will do so for common system-apps and phone models until new Android alternatives exist.

Furthermore, is there a way to disable such apps in a way that has similar results on phone performance, security and privacy as uninstalling them (like sandboxing the app) without rooting the device and using default Android OS on the hardware?

url rewriting – How to remove inappropriate particles in the URL for a product-category WooCommerce?

When I send a request to WooCommerce of this type: it generates the correct URL and returns

But when I send a request of this type: it returns

How do I cut this unwanted particle (sfsfscf) from the URL?

css – Remove a style from style-m

this style is causing an issue with my mobile menu.

  .navigation .submenu:not(:first-child).expanded {
    display: block !Important;

I have tried to overwrite it but it still appears as a duplicate. Is it possible to remove this completely from my theme.