I will do 40 high quality niche relevant blog comment backlinks for $2

I will do 40 high quality niche relevant blog comment backlinks

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interview – What are the most relevant life topics in software engineering

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Are links from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter considered as relevant back-links?

Are links from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter considered as relevant back-links?

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How to create good quality relevant back-links?

Want to create good quality relevant back-links? Here’s what you should do:

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3) Target your links according to your requirements that can be anything like a specific DR, Rank, traffic as per the famous search tools.

4) Emphasize on authoritative post back-link techniques rather than using short-cut methods.
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do 150 niche relevant blog comments Low Obl Backlinks

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Will SEO Be Relevant In Future Years?

Hi Friends,

I am doing SEO From the last 2 years and know very much about it. SEO is one of the skills that always need an upgrade and we all have to aware of the latest algorithms and news about SEO so that we can compete in this world. We know that there are millions of websites created per day and all websites’ owners want their website to be at the number one for which they hire the best so that he can able to show their desired results in few months.

But now the things are changed, Reviews should be great and website should be properly executed from display to speed-wise and if there is a lack of single thing then it is very difficult to be at the top and then it does not matter how much SEO we will do.

So I want to know Will SEO still plays a vital role in the future as Google is now understanding everything?

python – Filter out unwanted substrings while generating all possible relevant substrings

Write a Program that determines where to add periods to a decimal string so that
the resulting string is a valid IP address. There may be more than one valid IP address
corresponding to a string, in which case you should print all possibilities. For example, if the mangled string is “19216811” then some of the corresponding IP addresses are and

Elements of Programming Interviews Section 6.9 See Bottom of Page 82, asks the following as a variant to the above problem:

Now suppose we need to solve the analogous problem when the number of periods is a parameter k and the
string length s is unbounded

See attempt below, I am generating all permutations, see permute(s), of the string and then filtering later hence I end up doing unnecessary work.

Can I do better e.g using a technique like backtracking, dfs?

def period_partition(s, k):
    slen = len(s)

    def is_valid_octet(s):
        # section ranges 0 - 255 and `00` or `000`, `01` are not valid but 0 is
        return slen == 1 or (s(0) != "0" and 0 <= int(s) <= 255)

    def permute(s):
        if slen > 0:
            for i in range(1, slen + 1):
                first, rest = s(:i), s(i:)
                for p in permute(rest):
                    yield (first) + p
            yield ()

    results = set()

    for s in filter(
        lambda x: len(x) == k + 1 and all(is_valid_octet(i) for i in x), permute(s),

    return list(results)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    for args in (
        ("", 1),
        ("1234", 2),
        ("19216811", 3),
        ("192168111234", 3),
        ("192168111234", 4),



('1.23.4', '12.3.4', '1.2.34')

('', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '')


('', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '')

Is "The Tangled Web" Still Relevant?

I'm fairly new to web development, and I've heard that Tangled Web is a good book to learn about web security. But it was also written in 2011. To what extent, if any, has the information in that book been out of date?