Google Appscript – CalenderApp, create events from a spreadsheet and write relevant ids back to the spreadsheet

I have a function to create events for field based workers. Eventually I will add this to an onEdit trigger and give the user (centrally based admin worker) some functionality to edit/delete events after they have been created. To do the latter, I believe I will need to be able to isolate the event ID.

Whilst I can write events to a calendar and retrieve the event ID and index of the event just created. I am having difficulty in writing that information back to the spreadsheet (this would be used for edit/delete later in my program).

ws.getRange(4,13,indexes.length,1).setValues(eventIds); allows me to write ids to the spreadsheet but they are not writing to the correct row where the event was created.

How can I use the index stored in const indexes = (); to tell the function the correct row to write the id to. Or is there a better way to achieve this?

Any help would be amazing, I am still very much in the learning stage with Google Appscript. I have tried to research the problem to no avail and I was hoping that the wisdom of others might be able to show me where I am going wrong.

function createEvents(){

const ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
const ws = ss.getSheetByName("Sheet Name");
const lr = Math.max.apply(0, ws.getRange('b:b').getValues().map(function (v, i) { if (v != '') { return i } else { return 0 } })) + 1;
const lc = ws.getLastColumn();
const cal = CalendarApp.getCalendarById("myCalId");

const allData = ws.getRange(4,2,lr-3,lc).getValues();
const eventIds = ();
const indexes = ();


const startDate = new Date(r(4));
const sDateHrs = startDate.setHours(8,0);
const endaDate = new Date(r(6));
const eDateHrs = endaDate.setHours(18,0);

if(r(10) === true && r(7) === 'In Progress'){

  var event = cal.createEvent(r(0), new Date(sDateHrs), new Date(eDateHrs), {location: r(1), description: r(3) });  
  var eventId = event.getId();

  eventIds.push((eventId));//pushing event ids to an array to call on later
  indexes.push((idx));//pushing the index of each id to use when writing the ids back to the spreadsheet

  ws.getRange(4,13,indexes.length,1).setValues(eventIds); //places event ids into spreadsheet but not in the correct rows. I want the ids to be written to rows corresponding to the indexes array

  return event;}});


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Is the transaction size relevant if fee per byte is the same?

Is the size of the transaction some factor when the miner chooses one transaction over the other, provided that they both have the same fee per byte?

In other words, will the miner prefer larger or smaller transactions if they all have the same fee per byte?

python – Is this a good approach to stop an API function and return relevant error message?

I am writing an API function using DRF where I want the API execution to stop if it fails in any of the steps and return an appropriate response. So I created a custom exception which takes an error code, and an error message like below.

class CustomException(Exception):
def __init__(self, status, msg):
    self.status = status
    self.message = msg
    super().__init__(self.message + ': ' + str(self.status))

And I came up with the below code structure for the API function,

def place_order(request):
    err_msg = 'Problem in placing order. Please contact us'
        response = is_cart_empty()
        if response.status == 0:
            err_msg = 'Cart cannot be empty'
            raise CustomException(0, err_msg)

        # Do something...

        response = is_valid_user()
        if response.status == 0:
                err_msg = 'User is not valid'
                raise CustomException(0, err_msg)

        # Do something...

        response = is_product_available()
        if response.status == 0:
            err_msg = 'Product out of stock'
            raise CustomException(0, err_msg)

        # Do something...

        response_data = {
            'status': 1,
            'order_id': '1235'
    except CustomException as e:
        response_data = {
            'status': e.status,
            'error_message': e.message
    except Exception as e:
        response_data = {
            'status': 0,
            'error_message': err_msg
    return Response(data=json.dumps(response_data), status=status.HTTP_200_OK)

Is this is a good design approach ? What better approach can I adopt to make it more efficient and robust ?

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