Git flow release – update origin

Following the workflow of git flow I understand that after doing a

git flow release finish '0.1'

with this command a merge from release to branches develop Y master.

To follow a correct workflow in a team, should I push the origin of the develop, master and tag branches?

php – Release and lock the registry

I have a function on my website through the adm panel, which I release and block the registry. But suddenly it stopped working. I don't know if I'm really doing something wrong and I'm going to look for a light.

Under the registration button:

Under the adm function that locks the registry



Database update occurs normally. The problem is not working. But it was and I hissed.

Withdata SqlToTxt 4.0 Release 1 Build 190719

File size: 8.4 MB

SqlToTxt is a data conversion software that helps database user to export SQL Server database data to CSV (TXT), SQL, xml, html, and Excel.

Fix a file choose bug.

Fix a folder choose bug.

Improve exporting performance.



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Will the quick release plate screw be fixed to my camera?

I recently ordered the Digitek DTR-550 LW tripod at Amazon for my Nikon B700 camera. But I'm not sure that my camera is fastened with the screw on the tripod quick-release mount. Please shed some light on this confusion.

dnd 3.5e – Is there any conflict with the release of Fire Wings while Wild Shaped?

The rules about the combination of magical effects do not go into such specific details, but in general the goal of those rules is to make things work (as much as possible):

Spells or magic effects generally work as described, regardless of how many other magic spells or effects are operating in the same area or in the same recipient. Except in special cases, a spell does not affect the way another spell operates.

And there are rules for creatures without arms to use magic "arm slot" elements, which is a precedent for replacing the front legs with wings of fire wings.

Creatures with more than two legs can treat their most important limb pairs as their arms (allowing them to access the grooves of the body of the arms, hands and rings), even if those limbs are used for locomotion in place of manipulation

(Compendium of magic items pg. 219)

But ultimately, the details of any spell interaction will depend on the DM to judge. I doubt that any DM has much objection here, but he will have to ask his people to be sure.

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Will any running process be deleted if I release the swap memory of my Ubuntu server?

The question (title of this question) came into my thinking for the following reason. If someone gives a solution of that reason, then I do not need to free the exchange memory.

The reason:

After the installation of Jenkins is working fine. But using a few minutes (or hours) it stopped automatically. When I restart the service (by command sudo service jenkins restart) Start working again. Similarly, after a few times, it automatically stops again (that is, I can't find the jenkins in the destination URL) MY_IP_ADDERSS:8080) but every time I check the status of the jenkins (sudo service jenkins status) sample active (exited).

I checked my server's memory. There is approximately 20% of RAM free memory, but the swap memory is 100% full. I guess the problem belongs to that exchange memory (I don't know if I'm right or not)

If there is any solution to this problem, help me first.

Now my question is:

If there is a problem, if I release my swap memory?

Will the running processes (or any process between them) be eliminated if I try to do this?

Please help, this is my first question on this site.

Trump admitted that he asked the Ukrainian prime minister to begin an investigation into Biden and then release the $ 250,000 he has. You …?

If that was what he did, it is not absolutely normal.

If there is a criminal investigation of the BIdens that you have, fine with me, do it. Through official channels. Which, by the way, does not include POTUS extorting other countries to comply.


The public release of iOS 13 is not shown in my iPhone software update

I have been using Beta versions of iOS 13.

Now, even after the public release of iOS 13 is done, my device still shows the public beta 4 of iOS 13.1 in the software update.

What do I need to get the public launch?

You may wonder why I need the public release, I just want to make sure how it behaves in the public version, since some of my applications face few UI problems in the beta versions of iOS 13.