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Android – Release object in firemonkey delphi

I'm doing a Firemonkey application for Android with Delphi 10.3 and I have the following problem, which is probably due to my lack of knowledge of the subject.

Create some components (TPanel) at runtime, which are created inside a TVertScrollBox called container. So far so good.

procedure TForm1.botonCrearClick (Sender: TObject);
  bread: TPanel;
  num: = num +1;
  pan: = TPanel.Create (container);
  pan.Parent: = container;
  pan.Name: = 'panel' + inttostr (num);
  pan.Height: = 50.0;
  pan.Align: = TAlignLayout.Top;

Now in the onclic event of another button I want to delete all the components that are inside the container (TVertScrollBox)
I have tried many things and none of them works for me.
In a VCL application for windows to free objects that are inside a container I did the following

procedure TForm1.botonDeleteClick (Sender: TObject);

but this does not work on firemonkey. In VCL, when I do this, the components that are inside the container are removed, but the container remains intact. In firemonkey instead, it eliminates the container and all the objects that are inside. I need the container to be empty.

Could it be that the only alternative is to remove the container and recreate it, or is there a way to empty it?

I appreciate any information you can give me.


1 p

BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN section
Posted by: ThomasLound
Time of publication: June 29, 2019 at 09:15 a.m.

dnd 5e – Magic Resistance Yuan-Ti, would it also provide an advantage for the concentration-saving release where spell damage was the cause?

The racial feature Yuan-ti Magic Resistance provides "advantage in saving shots against spells and other magical effects". I'm clear on that.

If I am concentrating on a spell and I receive damage, I need to make a constitution save roll to see if the damage breaks the concentration.

Does the Yuan-ti racial ability allow me to make this saving throw with an advantage if the damage was magical / magical?

Release the local port for the docker

When I give a telnet from inside the container on port 3306 it from the connection message.

When I run the following command I have an error saying that the port is in use

    dock run -td --name project -p 3306: 3306 environment-dev-project-php56-newimage

of mistake:

(B798a52246aca15563410c8967931be996eda3b4a8dffc3a261a75bda547bae1): Startup userland proxy error: listen tcp bind: address already in use.

but I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do.

Job for mysql.service failed because the process control exited with error code.
See "systemctl status mysql.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

I tried to add that port in docker-compose and I had the same problems

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api – Is it wrong to leave the Azure secret keys as simple text in my source code if I do not release the code, only the exe?

Yes, anyone can easily find the key.

The simplest method would be to use .net development tools (available for free download from Microsoft) that contain a decompiler. Point the decompiler to the program and look for strings, not many will be seen as keys …

If that fails because you were a smart cookie and you encrypted the key. They could still search for real calls using a proxy dll or http requests. Somewhere you have to deliver the key in plain text … Then you can trace it to the encrypted key, and the key and the decryption algorithm.

Making it safe

Do not pass your subscription …

Option 1: Require the user to have their own subscription and request their password instead.

Option 2: Implement a broker server in your own host / cloud. Re-write your application to make requests against this API, use the account / service control you want. Once you have verified (in the broker) that the user is legitimate, the broker makes the request for Azure itself and returns the results to his client.

Release the shipping dilemma.

Good morning everyone, my name is Lee Duva. This is my first time on this site. And this is also my first post. I am in a small dilemma. When it comes to leaving the shipment, I'm not exactly new to that. But I do not think not to experiment. You see, last year I brought a dropshipping website, called Sextoyman on Flippa. The site was already done. I did not have to do much more than announce it, and occasionally pay someone to fix it and update the topic.

After feeling confident, I wanted to open an online store that I'm passionate about, which is Animes y mangas. What are Japanese animations and comics? I grew up looking at them and reading them. After buying the domain, and doing research. I have found two promising suppliers. AAA Anime and Ultra Tokyo Connection.

After contacting them and filling out the paper. Later they told me that they do not abandon the ship. But they are still willing to do business with me. This is where my dilemma begins. You see it when I come to sell figurines and toys. Both the manufacturer and the supplier need the permission of the trademark owner to manufacture and distribute the brand's products. Not only AAA animes and Ultra Tokyo have the permission to sell them to the retailer. While many others I could not determine what they had or did not have.

I have seen many providers that did not have permission. Get to boot list of an express and Alibaba. The second reason why I want to use AAA Animes and Ultra Tokyo Express. It is that both are located in the USA. UU What makes the shipment much faster. Compared with him, other competitors. So my question is this: what do you suggest here? Is there a service or a business? Where can I send the products, and send them to my clients for a fee.

usability – Release notes after an update for users

Interested parties want to show the release notes after a system update is published. And they want to show it once the user has logged in. They want to put the information in a mode and the user can close it once it has moved down.

what do you think about it?

There are about 1000 users of this system.

E: The repository & # 39; http: // Bionic Release & # 39; it does not have a version file

Err: 6 bionic version
404 not found [IP: 80]