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mariadb 10.1 – The set of a field of a related entity must be unique: how do I express this restriction in SQL?

Given the following three tables:

Type(id int primary key, key varchar)

InstanceOfType(id int primary key, type int foreign key references(, group int foreign key references(

GroupOfInstances(id int primary key, name varchar)

As seen from GroupOfInstancesI want the set of key values ​​to be unique. I can not do key unique in Type.

To put it another way, I want everything keys assigned to a GroupOfInstances through InstanceOfType be unique to each GroupOfInstances.

How can I do that? I am using MariaDB 10.1. I cannot update to> = 10.2 where verification restrictions apply for stupid reasons of large companies.

data: the data set function and related gadgets are not ideal for large data sets

There is a performance bottleneck when
Using this type of functions.
If I had a large CSV file and imported it as
a CSV & # 39; unstructured & # 39; regular, save almost half the time
importing the file and half of the RAM.

I understand, Dataset is a nice little function that could work well for
small data sets of 10 to 20 mbytes. But just imagine there
they are really people who deal with really large files.
No toy size files.

This is what Dataset is doing. Amplify the size of the data by a factor of 2 in my RAM instead of importing it as CSV. Also, it takes almost twice as long to import.
In addition, there does not appear to be an intrinsic speed advantage when using the data set structure when selecting or extracting elements from the & # 39; structured list & # 39 ;.

Therefore, I am trying to find compelling arguments to use it, but to my dismay I have not done so.

magento2 – Magento 2 – Factory related question

I created a custom module, in which I created the interface.

As I am learning magento, I have seen in demonstration videos that, for example:

This is my custom interface name. AffiliateMemberInterface.

Now, when I'm injecting it into the supplement, I have to use it as AffiliateMemberFactory.

So my question is, how can I get an idea that when I have to add the word "Factory" with the name of my interface during use.

I'm getting confused on that. So, if someone can help me with this confusion, then it will be good for me.

Thank you

Research work related to the administration of databases with good appointments

I wanted to ask if this is possible to inform me about some research related to the administration of databases that obtained a very good amount of citations. I have investigated on my own about it, but it seems that the documents in this field are not receiving much attention.

Why do Google, Amazon and other search platforms (and related searches) still seem to have difficulties with seemingly basic queries?

I have long noticed that Google (as surprising as a search engine) and Amazon, as well as other large search platforms, still have difficulties producing relevant results when they search for specific version information. Why does it seem that this is still such a difficult feat?

For example, let's say I would like to know how to install rvm on ubuntu. Here is the search you could perform: "installing rvm ubuntu".

I find it strange that, by default, the first results are all for Ubuntu 16 or 14 … articles that were clearly written several years ago; especially considering that I am searching from an Ubuntu 19.10 machine. It seems that it would be taken into account.

I have also noticed oddities when looking for specific version problems. In particular, Apache, MySQL, Ruby, PHP (PHP searches are horrible with Google) and Python is also quite bad.

I've even had a few times when I entered a non-version question and received a fairly dated set of results; Then I decided to clarify by adding version numbers, and I ended up with an even more outdated result set.

That, combined with the fact that Google should know my searches quite well for now. After years of development-related searches, shouldn't I be quite up to date with the versions I'm currently using and what I'm looking for?

Amazon also has a remarkably frustrating peculiarity; Returning the exact model numbers you are looking for seems to be something that is very difficult for you to do. For example, a search on Amazon to "256gb ssd" 90% of the results on the first page are NOT exactly that. If this is something that you have implemented on purpose, then you are not doing exactly what is there for you. The only thing I can think of is that there is some technical obstacle that has not yet been completely overcome.

I am curious to know why this is still a problem if it is not, in fact, an expected "feature."

I understand that Google is complex, and is probably beyond my ability to understand exactly what you are doing behind the scenes. In no way am I hitting it. However, given that these strange results still seem to be so abundant and similar in megalithic search and query systems, I suspect that it is probably a technical obstacle that we have not yet collectively discovered.

What exactly is that obstacle? Why do these search technologies seem, from the user's point of view, to continue having such a difficult time with seemingly basic search requirements?

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Mathscinet – Question related to coordinates

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But avoid

  • Ask for help, clarifications or respond to other answers.
  • Make statements based on opinion; Support them with references or personal experience.

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Knowledge – What could prevent a vampire from learning disciplines related to magic?

In my real campaign of Vampire: the masqueradeI actually did an SPC that knows all the disciplines except all the disciplines related to magic (blood magic, necromancy, etc.).

When I created it, this made me wonder:
What could prevent a vampire from learning disciplines related to magic?

Any edition book can be used to respond; It's just a curiosity (and maybe use it again in another campaign).

graphics – Proof of inequalities related to the Dijkstra algorithm

Define $ spdist (s, t) $ as the shortest distance from the vertex $ s $ to $ t $.

Define $ IN (v) $ as the set of neighbors of $ v $.

Define $ w (u, v) $ as the weight of the edge $ (u, v) $.

I am asked to try the following two inequalities to obtain the correction of the Dijkstra algorithm:

$$ spdist (s, v) leq min_ {u in IN (v)} {spdist (s, u) + w (u, v) } $$


$$ spdist (s, v) geq min_ {u in IN (v)} {spdist (s, u) + w (u, v) } $$

For the ≤ address, it is quite obvious. How should we cross any of the edges $ (u, v) $ reach $ v $, $ spdist (s, v) $ It is by definition smaller or equal to RHS.

However, I have trouble testing the address ≥. Can I have some intuition of advice on how to test the address ≥?

Thank you!