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News update available from primetime news Nigeria as stated that the data collated by chainnalysis on 2020 global Crypto currencies adoption index, Nigerla is ranked to be competing with countries like US, Ukraine, Kenya, China and Russia where Crypto currencies adoption us very significant.

This has prompted the Security exchange commission to Nigeria to encourage the Crypto currency market on ethical and efficient trading acitivites.
The commission is to regulate all innovations, hinged on safety market deepening and provides solutions to problems.

This is signal that Nigeria is on the track to legalise Crypto currencies fully soon.

Battery: what can I do to regulate the charging speed of the iPhone (make it charge more slowly)?

My iPhone is charging from my MacBook. I think it loads too fast and even heats up quite sensibly. Also, I'm afraid that the battery could degrade at a higher rate with such a fast charge.

Therefore, I don't need that fast charge, since it has a lot of time to load.

As you can see, the battery temperature increases a lot.

At the end of the load, the temperature drops to 30 degrees.

I am aware that there is something new that analyzes how long you let the phone charge and reduces the charging speed accordingly, but only after the battery reaches 80% (more details here: https://support.apple. com / es-es / HT210512)

What can I do apart from buying a cheap charger? (I don't think it's a great idea)

Expression will regulate to show the content of the title tag

I am currently doing a project, but I can't find the regular expression that shows me the content of the title tag of an HTML.
could you help me?