magento2 – Simplify Magento Module API Error [Merchant processing is unavailable pending completion of registration]

I just installed the free extension from suggested by the Simplify Commerce at to enable Credit Card payments. I installed the Live/Sandbox API keys but every time I am trying to complete a credit card payment, I receive the error “Merchant processing is unavailable pending completion of registration.“. The appropriate section inside the Simplify Commerce does not give enough explanation for this error.

merchant.pending.configurationMerchant processing is unavailable pending completion of registration.

Can someone give me some information about this error?

Best Regards,

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Question: Why You think something is not trust worthy?

Your information is already in the internet, the point is that we have the power to focus only on what helps us grow, on the positive and stop putting the worst first. I know things in life are not always as someone wishes because people tend to focus on both sides, what they want and what they don t want. What If You will invest your attention ( which actually is the world currency ) only on what You want each day every day for the rest of life, things will for sure change. There are millions of examples of attracting what You want by focusing in it everyday, doing steps and taking action.

what i want to say is we create pur reality, You create yours, each of us are dreamers that paint in the canvas of life with our attention.

it s tine to remember.
gratefully yours,

Permissions for SharePoint Add-in App registration

How can I see the permissions for a SharePoint Add-in App registration?

I once created it with and gave it permissions with

Now I need to check what permission I gave it. I can get to the overview the link below, but cannot find the permissions.

Does domain registration length impact SEO?

Does domain registration length impact SEO?

Does domain registration length impact SEO?

Does domain registration length impact SEO?

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registration – How to tell the user email already exists and if that email address belongs to you then reset the password

I need to show a message to the user if the user tries to create an account and that email address already is taken and if that email address belongs to the user then reset the password for the account associated with that email address.

There might be some case this could happen.

  • User creates an account before and forgot that
  • Someone has uses there an email address to create an account

forms – Has anyone statistics for the number of users completing a registration for a service?

Majority of the advertisers face issues when it comes to starting new ad campaigns, which are not attracting enough clicks and traffic to their site. The problem with low traffic is that if you’re not working towards qualified traffic, as per the strategies of various marketing agencies, including Point Blanc. You will not lead or sell the campaigns, despite the implementation of keywords thoroughly.
So, if you have ten clicks in one day on your campaign, you will be able to do four sales in one day. However, if we increase the clicks to double, keeping a 40% conversion rate, the leads will be eight a day.
A campaign without any traffic is like dead fish. So, here are some tips to make it better!

Budget and Bids
Google ads experts in UAE claim that this is the easiest measure that enables you to increase clicks. When the campaign bids are increased, the ranks of the ads are higher, leading to a higher average result on Google’s search result page.
Your campaign ads will be more visible when you are in a higher position, increasing the potential clicks as well. However, keep in mind that campaigns are contingent on the budget. So, increasing just the bids will reduce the number of clicks as the CPC average increases. Moreover, the clicks will also be fewer for the same budget on a daily basis.

Target Areas
Mostly, PPC wants to start small as a test. However, this timid approach would not get them the potential lead generation. Increasing the target area will enable you to drive more traffic as compared to being confined to one specific area.

Keyword Match
The best way to deal with this is through a broader keyword match. Broad match modifiers can also be tried on some of the main ad groups of the campaigns. It usually drives more traffic in contrast to Phase or Exact Match, which would help in boosting the total click volume.

customization – User registration and questionnaire management for club

I run a WordPress based website for a sports club. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions every member must fill out a form answering Covid related questions before they come to every training session. This is currently done using paper.

I would like to move this process online however, I’m not sure how to achieve this.

I was thinking of getting every user to register for an account on the website and then have them complete the form electronically.

Every member has a membership number. Is there a way they could register by putting in the membership number and making a password? This way I wouldn’t have to make all the accounts myself and not everyone can register, only people with an membership number.

I also do not know how to make a form for each user. I would have to be able to keep track of who has completed the form and who hasn’t.

If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it.