How options do I have for data recovery for my Samsunge Note 4?

The screen on my Samsung Note 4 cracked. Unfortunately, I did not back up the data in internal memory before that happened. Although the phone works, I have no way to access my data since I don’t have a screen.

I am trying to determine what the best path forward is for recovering my data. These are the options I have identified as of the the moment.

  • I have an extra note 4 lying around and thought it might be possible to try and switch the screens, but I am not sure if that is easily doable.
  • Have a professional recover the data for me.

If anyone knows of other options then please let me know. For example, if there is a way to access the contents of the phone without a screen that would be really helpful.

Which is the best path forward? Should I just bite the bullet and pay for recovery services?

Files not seen after complete scan for recovery with Easeus data recovery

I formatted by Desktop drive, I used Easeus data recovery during scanning all files will be showing, but after completion, I can’t find all files

Boot to Rom recovery instead of TWRP

My phone is OnePlus 5t.

In fastboot mode I flashed TWRP
fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.5.2_9-0.img

and every time I try to enter recovery mode it just start the original recovery mode that came with the system.

But if i enter ‘fastboot’ and type:
fastboot boot twrp-3.5.2_9-0.img
the TWRP comes up….
how can I make it automatically TWRP? ty!

Can I backup my phone or install TWRP recovery while stuck in Lineage OS recovery?

Highly unfortunately for me, I had thought it was a great idea not to make any backups when going to test if I was properly able to upgrade/downgrade Lineage OS versions. I had replaced my TWRP recovery with Lineage OS’s recovery, and then I “upgraded” to the same Lineage OS version I had currently been running, and my phone ran into a boot loop (The never-ending Lineage OS bootup screen). I believe I ran into this boot loop because I might have previously accidentally installed TWRP’s “system” app, and this would have been a problem due to LineageOS’s enforcement of priv-app whitelisting rules.

My device is a: LG H830

What I do have: Root, an unlocked bootloader, ADB/Fastboot, the TWRP recovery file

I believe I am screwed and that there’s no way out of this except just factory resetting/formatting everything. If I was correct in my research, my phone model blocks all fastboot commands, excluding bootloader + “unlock” related commands, and as a result, I don’t believe I am able to do a backup using ADB (I tried adb backup -all and it didn’t work). Lineage OS recovery has no way of backing up files, and I don’t believe it is possible to use it to flash TWRP recovery. All I need to be able to do is to save/backup my photos (Which are located in my internal storage). I think it is highly probable that I have finally entered into a hole that I can’t get out of. However, if anyone has any ideas about what I could do to either back up what’s on my phone (Mainly photos/internal storage if possible) or to flash TWRP without resetting/formatting everything, it would be substantially appreciated. Thank you!

Sources I checked out:

Team Win Recovery Project for the LG G5 – Post indicates that LG G5 H830 has flashing locked

Backup & Restore Android with ADB – Backing up via ADB would have worked if I was able to successfully boot into Lineage OS and approve the backup operation, but I can’t because I am limited to being able to boot in everything except system

Does Lineage Recovery have backup? – This is a post with answer(s) that designate the fact that Lineage OS’s recovery isn’t able to backup

data recovery – Samsung “My Files” app: where is trash?


There is a Samsung A10 with Android 9. Some files are deleted by My Files app. I tried to find its trash tool by this post:

Open my files. Tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. On the menu that opens select settings. On the settings menu scroll down to make sure trash is turned on.

For me, there is no option to enable trash.

If you’re not seeing anything that says trash then you might try looking for a my files version update in the galaxy store.

I updated My Files app, but still there is no option to turn trash on.


Am I missing something? How can I see trash in Samsung My Files app?

Other questions

  1. I tried some apps like these to recover deleted files. Some of them did find some old deleted photos, but not the ones which are deleted today:
    1. diskdigger
    2. dumpster
    3. digdeep
  2. I also tried Gallery app: its trash is enabled but its restore didn’t work. I think because the files are deleted by My Files app, not Gallery app. Not sure.
  3. What else I can try to restore deleted photos and videos in My Files app?

Mirroring display in Recovery Mode with faulty lid sensor and LCD?

Today I bought a 2017 Macbook that has a water damaged LCD and a faulty closed-lid sensor. My intention is to factory reset it and use it as a build system (i.e. develop my app on my desktop, then remotely connect into the machine to compile / distribute).

When in MacOS, I can ⌘ Command+F1 to mirror to an external display, but obviously that doesn’t work in recovery mode. One suggestion was to boot to recovery, then simply close the lid to make the external display the primary display, but with a faulty “lid closed” sensor, I can’t do that.

Another suggestion was to close the lid, then run a fridge magnet over the corner of the unit to activate the closed-lid sensor. I tried this, but it just puts the unit to sleep, and I need to open the lid to start it back up.

Someone else suggested attempting to drag the window over from one screen to another, but I tried a bunch of times and had no luck because it’s a bit of a stab in the dark to hit something that thin.

I have a dock at work that I intend to try (so I can close the lid, do the magnet, then use an external keyboard to try and wake the device), but until I can get to it, I’m wondering if there’s a way to mirror the display, or at least move the window so I can proceed with reinstallation of MacOS?

disaster recovery – How to prepare Workflow Manger Farm in DR for SharePoint 2016

I Prepared one SharePoint 2016 Farm with Two Servers
In Application Server I installed & Configured Workflow Manager Farm and it created below databases 3 WF farm and 3 for Service Bus


Now how to prepare same Workflow Manger Farm in DR
I have one server in DR for Workflow Manger and we are using SQL Server Always On to sync databases between DC and DR

For DR WF farm can I do the same steps for installation Workflow Manger and Service Bus

Recovery Words from ~2013 Wallet Contains 4 Invalid Words

I came across my wallet from 2013 on an old external hard drive along with info like the 12 recovery words, address, etc.

I’ve tried recovering/importing it to a bunch of different wallets, but all of them are marking 4 of the 12 words as invalid and I’m confused as to how they would’ve become invalid between then and now, and how I can recover the funds in that situation.

I’m unsure what wallet/service I used to create it at the time.

Does anyone have any idea what might have happened here or how I might be able to recover this?

data recovery – Recover deleted chrome bookmarks, saved passwords, etc on android smartphone

My google account wasn’t even logged into google chrome. I was looking to backup my saved bookmarks and passwords and dissociate any such linked data with my google account. I went on to “chrome synced data” page and there it stated that if i clicked on “clear data” it’ll only delete history, bookmarks, passwords, etc. from my google account and not from my device. The fact of the matter is that even if that action could delete stored chrome data on my device, my chrome was not linked to any google account in the first place. I don’t know what happened, i lost 2 year worth of my life’s work in an instant. I really need those passwords and bookmarks. I don’t remember any of them. I’m using an android smartphone running on android 10. Please help me. I’m really desperate and tensed. If you don’t know how to recover them, then atleast guide me how or who should i contact .

adb – How to enable USB debugging from TWRP recovery

I have a android device with dead screen. I have installed TWRP recovery for adb interactions while in recovery. I have lineage os 16.0 (Android 9) on my device. I want to access the device screen via using scrcpy. But I don’t have developer mode enabled meaning USB debugging is not enabled.

How do I enable USB debugging while in TWRP recovery?

Host device will be windows PC with ADB installed.

I have seen some online guide as in how to push RSA key. from It says I should use

cd ~/.android then
adb push /data/misc/adb/adb_keys

Is this still applied in Android 9 or lineage os 16.0? Since this guide is little dated.