Overwritten LVM recovery

The system showed an error during startup: EXT3-fs error (device md5): ext3_lookup. After the disk check was performed. But this did not produce results. Then the LVM metadata recovery command was launched vgcfgrestore vg01 and the volume has been successfully restored. Later it turned out that the backup was old and lvm contained too old data. Tell me how to return data from a rewritten lvm?

flashing rom – Is it possible to access another partition from recovery partition using Python?

In case you are wondering what I'm trying to do. I locked my phone and tried to unlock it.
I have a tutorial that I can use but I need access to the internal storage of the phone that I lost
because Flyme OS will not boot completely. However, I noticed that I have access to the recovery partition via USB. So, I have an idea, maybe I can move the files I need to the recovery partition and then move the files to the root directory where the phone will detect them. I would use Linux (sudo, mv, cp) commands or Python if allowed.

Here I am asking if this is theoretically feasible.

wallet recovery: bitcoin dat file saved, unfortunately converted to Adobe

Is there a way to convert back or what do I do? I thought the old dat files would still be somewhere on my PC. I never put them in a wallet (.1 BC) so they were just a bunch of files. If I can access them, which ones do I need and how would I transfer them to a Trezor1? Thanks, I can find this, is it useful to move the data to my wallet? C: Users Doug SkyDrive Documents bitcoin (2016_09_09 22_16_58 UTC) (2017_08_22 13_54_01 UTC) .dat

data recovery: how to recover files from Disk Drill (force update)

I am using Disk Drill to recover some files. I think you have found the file I need. However, when I click on recover it asks me to buy the updated version of Disk Drill when the recovery should be included in the basic and free version. How am I supposed to get my files back? I'm doing it wrong?

Installer information on recovery server is corrupted help

I am trying to reinstall macOs Sierra but I get

enter the image description here

In the registry I only get

enter the image description here

Any help appreciated!

rooting: recovery mode does not work

I have followed these steps to try to root my phone. Then I follow this guide, but I'm stuck where it says "Step 2":

I am trying to access the recovery mode on my PC with the adb reboot recovery command, but my smartphone shows the message and "No command" icon on the screen and after a while it just reboots normally.

I just wanted to install Magisk, so I did.

C:adb>adb reboot-bootloader

C:adb>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes
sending 'recovery' (21104 KB)...
OKAY ( 0.491s)
writing 'recovery'...
OKAY ( 0.235s)
finished. total time: 0.736s
C:adb>fastboot reboot

finished. total time: 0.010s

and then I expected to be able to enter recovery mode, but I tried every possible key combination and I can

Actually, before the "No command" screen I get a warning message asking me to visit: g.co/ABH

Also, my goal is to install Magisk, so if there is another way to do it you will be welcome too.

Can I install TWRP with stock recovery using the SD card update application if I change the file to update? Postal Code? I'm on zte trek 2

Can I install TWRP using stock recovery and SD card?

partitioning – is it possible to use a SATA DOM drive as a recovery boot device, while using the SATA DOM to host recovery VM OVA files?

For some background, I have loaded oVirt (similar to CentOS) v4.2.2 on a SuperMicro server. The server is using a RAID10 on 4TB 2TB drives, however the important part has to do with the SuperMicro SSD (DOM SATA). I can make this SATA DOM a recovery boot drive for the operating system using the command:

dd if= of=/dev/sde

where / dev / sde is the device path for the SATA DOM. While I can make this a boot drive, I was wondering if there was also a way to include OVA files in the SATA DOM, which could be mounted on the server and copied to import virtual machines in a recovery case. I've tried creating multiple partitions, which makes the device no longer bootable, and I've tried mounting the boot SATA DOM on the server and then adding the OVA files, but since the SATA DOM is converted to an ISO9660 file system After copying over the oVirt ISO, it is not read / write mountable. Any help is appreciated. You will be happy to attach / etc / fstab, lsblk, / dev / mapper /, etc.

data recovery: is it possible to restore to an earlier date on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A?

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mysql – Why does InnoDB corrupt tables after recovery?

When fit


MySQL discards all incomplete transactions before closing / locking. The default value is 1, which is understandable to preserve incomplete transactions.

However, in recovery mode (for example, innodb_force_recovery = 6), MySQL treats all incomplete transactions as committed. This obviously damages the table since the transactions are incomplete.

What is the purpose of preserving incomplete transactions when you corrupt the whole table?

If necessary in some cases, why not innodb_force_recovery has an option to simply discard all incomplete transactions (when they cannot be committed) like innodb_fast_shutdown=0 to save the table? Or am I missing something?