internal storage – Photos made this afternoon disappeared after I rebooted phone – how to recover them?

This morning, since the memory of the internal storage reached its limit, I moved all the pics in the Camera album to the SD card. In the afternoon, I took a couple of pics which if I remember correctly were stored by default in the same album Camera (in the SD) in which I moved the other pictures in the morning. I checked them on the way home and they were still there. At some point, I wanted to edit one of the new ones but it kept giving me errors (no connection and “you can edit only pics larger than 50 x 50 pixels”- and I was surprised since they are always larger than that!).
I rebooted my phone, and when I opened the gallery the pics taken in the afternoon were gone (not to consider how many pics got corrupted among the ones I moved in the morning). I took other pictures, still ended up in the Camera folder (in the SD!), still editing error. I rebooted again, and they disappeared again.

Even weirder, after some time a retook some pics and these were saved in the Camera folder in the internal storage (Not in Camera SD!), and they are not disappearing anymore.

I already tried re-inserting SD. What can I do?

Can factory reset recover deleted built-in apps?

If ill root my phone and delete the browser and the play store for example… and then ill go into recovery mode and make a factory reset, will those app will come back?

If yes, is there a way to prevent simple factory rest to recover those app?

How to recover Google Authenticator on a broken phone ( no back up code)

on my google authenticator app, i have 2FA for my Discord account and now the phone is broken & i’m locked out of my Discord account ( Which is very important because i have 3000+ client contacts there)
The mobile phone is now either stuck at logo screen while booting or stuck at white screen , is there any option for me to fix it without losing data ? ( The local store told me they have to reinstall ROM and stuff, which would lead to data loss)
Or is there any option to get access to the recovery key without having to sucessfully boot the phone?
Thanks in advance guys.

Can i recover my bitcoin id with my names

Can I use my names to recover my bitcoin ID and account? I want to recover my bitcoin account but I don’t remember anything about it. I want to use my names.

mac – 35-pass erase for files; will it recover or not?

OK, I admit it; downloaded raunchy pictures and now want to ensure they’re deleted from a MacBook Pro bought in 2018 whenever I decide to gift it to someone.

Admittedly, the pictures are nothing illegal; just pictures of Holly McGuire, Jakki Degg, Samira Mighty and Georgia Toffolo.

I want to make sure they’re erased and unrecoverable, in addition to ensuring sensitive files are deleted too (the files are nothing more than 2004 tax data which is backed up on a Mac mini, anyway).

In general, I’ve used Edenwaith permanent eraser to do the job, set it to Gutmann 35-pass.

I’m not an expert in data recovery or erasure, but will this sort of tool make sure they’re unrecoverable, even after I reinstall the Macbook when giving it away as a gift?

Sure, Christmas is a long time away… but I want to do this right.

bitcoin core – Help me to recover my wallet. (I have cancer and have 1 year left to live)

apologize for typos, goggle translate <3

Hi. I invested in bitcoins at the beginning of 2015, in total it is about 6.7 bitcoins which were then worth about 650 dollars then. And they are worth a lot more now that everyone may know. 🙂

At the same time back in 2015, i installed Electrum wallet and somehow an offline version which meant that I stored the bitcoins on the computer’s hard drive, this offline version was not something I wanted, it just happened by a mistake. Once the bitcoins were sent to my Wallet, it took about 3 days until the hard drive crashed.

A good friend managed to get into the hard drive via the wrong safe mode, and ran a backup of all important files, including the files to Electrum, including my wallet.dat file, which I have understood is a relatively important file.

I bought a new computer and downloaded the files from my backup and tried to restore my wallet, but I could not solve this.

An error message appeared when I tried to access / restore Electrum. When I tried to open the wallet file in a program called something with HEX, (which people had written about in diffrent forums), it stod ”the file is corrupt” according to the program.

I let it all go and more or less forgot this until now. I have read and i was thinking, could the reason why the file apears to be “corrupt” , just because its encrypted? I know the password for the encryption and I have just finally finished syncing the Bitcoin core. But i dont now how to decrypt it, and is my idea about the file issue, possible?

What is my next step to recover my bitcoins?

It is vital that I have access to this money, as I have recently been told that I have less than a year left to live, skeletal cancer that has spread badly, and it cant be cured or stopped, I am 33 years old and I am leaving my wife and two daughters (7 and 12 years) after me.

Due to hospital costs and the fact that I can no longer work, the mountain of debt is growing. I can not leave my wife and family in a financial chaos with debts that my wife will have to live with for the rest of her life.

I appreciate all the tips and and whoever helps me get this fixed, I will compensate you.

I do not want to die with an anxiety over this, the three people I love more than anything else, do not deserve to live with huge debts that is entirely my fault.

I hope this is taken seriously and free from trolls. This is reality,

I compensate the person / persons who help me with this with 20.000$ each. In addition, you can also live with the knowledge that you changing the future of an entire family.

I am a man who stands by my word. Regards, Sam

server – Recover SSH access

Ubuntu 18 (I think).

I was being able to login to a machine via SSH using my public key. Later I edited “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” so I could give password access to a third-party user I just created. I changed:

PasswordAuthentication no


PasswordAuthentication yes
AuthenticationMethods publickey,password

I thought this would allow me to use the publickey as default authentication method (so I could still log in as usually), else being prompted for a password (for the new user).

But it turns that it’s now asking for BOTH things: publickey and password. I don’t know the password, as I was granted access using the public key, so I can’t access the website anymore. Additionally, the third party user can’t access either, as no public key was configured for him.

How could I re-gain access again??? I’ve asked the original sysadmin, but doesn’t seem able to help. Shouldn’t this sysadmin be able to login the machine using the original root password created when he first setup the machine??? (with the main objective or resetting or fixing “/etc/ssh/sshd_config”, then restarting the SSH server)

My photos are fully white, how can I recover the image?

All photos I took while travelling faced the same issue: they are fully white.

Why is that? And can I recover an image from this photo?

I have included a sample below.

enter image description here