I forgot my bitcoin core password. Is there any way to recover?

I tried brute force. It does not work

0.02 BTC in the wallet.

Unable to recover MySQL 5.6 database (InnoDB)

I have tried several different suggestions of other questions here, with no luck …

This is a MySQL database that runs version 5.6.41, which uses the InnoDB engine, and the instance is running out of a Docker image. (https://hub.docker.com/_/mysql?tab=tags&page=1&name=5.6.41) The image has my main database files (ibd and frm files) linked outside the instance.

Here is the error: InnoDB: Error: trying to access page number 0 in space 842,
InnoDB: space name /

InnoDB: which is outside the tablespace bounds.
InnoDB: Byte offset 0, len 16384, i/o type 10.
InnoDB: If you get this error at mysqld startup, please check that
InnoDB: your my.cnf matches the ibdata files that you have in the
InnoDB: MySQL server.
2019-09-12 14:59:26 7f2fe639e700 InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread 139843702744832 in file fil0fil.cc line 5666

I tried to use the innodb_force_recovery flag in all values ​​(including 5-6). The above error occurs when I use the mysql command line tool and login DROP TABLE .

. The main problem is that I can no longer access the database to try any of these recovery options.

This probably started to happen after a host system crash (MacOS 10.13.6) that caused an unexpected shutdown of my Docker container while writing files.

I think my ibdata or ib_logfiles files are corrupt, but I can't find a way to recover the database without cleaning everything and recover it from a mysqldump (which may not even work).

I don't care about the data in this table, I can recover data from a mysql development / test server. I would just like not to go through the trouble of starting everything from scratch.

Here are some other stackex q that I have seen: MySQL cannot delete the table

Trying to resolve the MySQL error "outside the limits of the table space", but the recovery of the table with mysqldump fails

Any suggestions?
(If you need more information, such as the configuration of my variables / my.cnf files or the information of the database structure, ask)

php – Recover session from sessionStorage

Good night, my question is very simple. I would like to know how to display the username of the session in the console. Tested this way but only returns null.



wallet recovery – How to recover funds from an Lnd lightning channel closed by force?

I lost the backup of my Lnd channel in a navigation accident, but I still have the mnemonic. I had a newly opened channel to my own c-lightning node that has never been used. I forced the channel to close from the lightning side c.

The funds are now in a P2WPKH address that I have imported into Bitcoin Core. Now I need to discover the private key to sweep it. This requires knowing how to derive it and then how to dump it.

There is a request to extract the wallet utility that I could adjust to dump the key I need once I know how to derive it.

I also know the identification of the financing transaction, the identification of the channel and all other details of the channel that c-lightning spits with listfunds.

The key derivation is explained in derivation.go:


The coinType for Bitcoin is 0, and I think the key family is 3: "used in scripts that pay us directly without delay"

I guess the index is 0 since it was the first channel.

BOLT 3 then explains how to adjust this key for a commitment transaction. Because the other side closed this channel, I need the to_remote output, which requires the remotepubkey.

pubkey = basepoint + SHA256(per_commitment_point || basepoint) * G 
privkey = basepoint_secret + SHA256(per_commitment_point || basepoint)

The specification says "remotepubkey uses the base_ paypoint of the remote node". Is that the key we just derived?

So that leaves the per_commitment_point be discovered, derived from per_commitment_secret. I am confused where that comes from.

What enchantment of Go should I use to dump the private key I'm looking for?

I think my Mac swallowed Facebook and Twitter: how to recover them?

I am sorry to say that, since you have updated to macOS Mojave, you are not lucky.

Apple eliminated the integration of macOS on Facebook and Twitter in the name of security.

Its main options are to share content manually through Twitter or Facebook directly, or with the use of browser extensions (although these will not extend its functionality to the Finder).

On the bright side, Twitter for Mac returns as a result of Apple's Catalyst project, so we can see many other applications that return or start on the Mac as a result. And that may mean that sharing content will be easier than it is now, although not with the same integration within macOS we've seen in the past.

client – Bitcoin SPV cannot recover transactions

I am developing a Bitcoin SPV wallet and I use third-party SDKs for it.

However, I tried to create a wallet and it was created successfully and I can also restore those wallets, but the amount and transactions do not arrive. Make the amount always 0 since the calculation of the amount depends on the transactions.

//  XORWallet.swift
//  Created by Paresh Thakor on 06/07/19.

import UIKit

let KEY_MNEMONIC = "wallet_mnemonic"

class XORWallet: NSObject {
    static let shared = XORWallet()

    var peerGroup: WSPeerGroup?
    var wallet: WSHDWallet?

    func create(_ seed: WSSeed? = nil) -> WSHDWallet? {
        let parameters: WSParameters = WSParametersForNetworkType(WSNetworkTypeMain)
        var theSeed: WSSeed? = seed

        if theSeed == nil {
            theSeed =  (WSSeedGenerator.sharedInstance()?.generateRandomSeed())!

        if let s = theSeed {
            let store: WSBlockStore = WSMemoryBlockStore.init(parameters: parameters)
            wallet = WSHDWallet.init(parameters: parameters, seed: s)
            let downloader: WSBlockChainDownloader = WSBlockChainDownloader.init(store: store, wallet: wallet)
//            wallet?.usedAddresses()
            let peerGroup: WSPeerGroup = WSPeerGroup.init(parameters: parameters)
            NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(forName: NSNotification.Name(rawValue: "WSPeerGroupDidStartDownload"), object: nil, queue: nil) {(note) in
                print("Jay Mataji")
            peerGroup.startDownload(with: downloader)
            NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(forName: NSNotification.Name(rawValue: "WSPeerGroupDidFinishDownload"), object: nil, queue: nil){(note) in

            self.peerGroup = peerGroup
        return wallet

    func generateSeed() -> WSSeed? {
        let theSeed: WSSeed? = WSSeedGenerator.sharedInstance()?.generateRandomSeed()
        return theSeed

    func saveToUserDefaults() -> Bool {
        if let w =  wallet,
            let m = w.seed()?.mnemonic() {
            let def = UserDefaults.standard
            def.set(m, forKey: KEY_MNEMONIC)

            return true

        return false

    func loadSavedWallet() -> WSHDWallet? {
        let def = UserDefaults.standard
        if let m = def.string(forKey: KEY_MNEMONIC) {
            let seed = WSSeed(mnemonic: m)
            return create(seed)

        return create()

Create a wallet like,

if let wallet = XORWallet.shared.create(XORWallet.shared.generateSeed()) {

Please help me solve the problem here. wallet.balance() always comes 0. There is balance for this account.

I am new to bitcoin development and I can spoil something.

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