customs and immigration – Would I have to declare an arrest record when applying for an ESTA visa?

So a few years back, I was arrested by Irish police for prescription forgery. They let me go with a warning (adult caution) and that was it. I was under the impression that it was just a ‘slap on the wrist’ but my friend did tell me I was arrested even if I wasn’t put in handcuffs and that it goes on a record.

I travelled to the U.S. back in 2017 before this and now want to travel again at the end of this year/start of the next. If reapplying for my ESTA, would I have to declare this arrest record or is it okay as it’s not a criminal record?

sqlite – I want to search record of a single student but I cannot do this with my query

sqlite – I want to search record of a single student but I cannot do this with my query – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

❕NEWS – Square announces record revenue from Bitcoin transactions |

Mobile payments company Square announced its first quarter balance sheet of the year. According to the data announced and the official statement, the company reported that it earned $ 3.51 billion from Bitcoin transactions. The company also reported that the growth in this area means an 11-fold increase compared to 2020. The company sent a letter to its investors, stating that they will continue their bitcoin investments in the long term.
What do you think about the company’s rapid progress in this area?

20.04 – What tool I should use to record down Ubuntu voice input and output

I have a lot of online meetings for daily currently. I join these meetings with different tool, for example, ZOOM, or browser-based Google Hangout, or Microsoft team.

Is there a tool, can help me to record these meetings so I can review / reference after meetings finish? Because I don’t have a good memory.

PS: I don’t want to use ZOOM internal record function, besides, it is not common enough, I also need to use other tools for meetings

domain name system – Can’t Ping UNC Path With DNS A Record On Server


The following image is understood as such:

  • VLAN 10 (192.168.4.X) is a management VLAN connecting servers and equipment together.
  • VLAN 20 (192.168.10.X) is a production VLAN used by users for software development.
  • Top DC is a Parent Domain Controller serving DNS requests for the management network VLAN 10.
  • Top Server is a Member Server supplying file shares for the management network (VLAN 10) and the Production Network (VLAN 20)
  • Child DC is a Child Domain Controller under the Parent Domain forest and acts as a DNS server for the production level environment serving DNS requests for VLAN 20.
  • Top DC and Top Server are members of the parent domain and have a NIC for the production network to allow for file shares and other services.
    enter image description here

Child client is trying to access the file share for Top DC using UNC path TOP-DC over the production VLAN. When doing so it is unable to connect. Child client is able to ping the address for TOP-DC ( without an issue. Child Client can access Top Server using UNC path TOP-SERVER over the production VLAN without an issue. Because the TOP-DC is not accessible by UNC I checked the Child DC DNS Server and the Parent DC DNS server.

The Parent DNS server shows the A record for the Top DC VLAN 20 address in the Top Domain Zone. The Child DNS server shows the same A record in the copy of the Top Domain-Zone. So as I understand it the A record is in the DNS so it should resolve.

When on the Child Client I do an Nslookup. It will resolve Child DC DNS as it should. It also finds the VLAN 20 record in the copy of the Top Level Zone.

So why does it not resolve? If I go onto the Top DC and do an ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns the record comes back….. But only temporarily. Maybe 6-12 hours later the records disappears again. Why does it keep disappearing and how do I make it stay?

dns – Do I need to change CNAME record for email redirecting?

You are both right and wrong.

For email delivery to work, DNS wise all that is required is a valid MX record (but an A record would work absent an mx record). That only covers the MTA though.

In order for imap/pop etc to work, the mail client needs to know the appropriate settings. An autodiscover record linked to an appropriately configured web server makes this a llot easier and would appear to be what is requested.

I note that “autodiscover” should be a subdomain (eg – so if it already exists the cname should be updated or replaced, and this should not affect anything else A cnsme for the domain name would be a very bad idea (ie you dont want a cname for, and would likely break stuff. If you already have a cname for you are likely doing it wrong, and will be ignored.

auto set value of a specific column after 24 hours and to delete record after one week: Oracle SQL

Here is my table:

create table passwordResetLink(
link_id number(5) primary key,
link_date timestamp(0) default sysdate NOT NULL,
isExpired number(2)
email varchar2(110) UNIQUE NOT NULL,
linkUsed number(2)
  1. How can I auto update isExpired column? I mean when record is inserted its value should auto set to 0 and when 24 Hours passed the 0 should be updated as 1
  2. link_date is timestamp of inserted record. The record that has passed one week should auto be deleted from the table


Domain, DNS records and Cloudflare – An MX, A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found

I’m right now overwhelmed by the information out there. Hope some can point me in a direction.
I got a Dynadot domain ( that points to my hoster server IP where I also got a free domain ( which I deactivated. The hoster uses Plesk. WordPress Website and Email service works in that constellation (

In Dynadot I pointed to the Server IP through the DNS setting:
Domain Record Type A = Server IP
Subdomain (www) Record Type A = Server IP

Now I wanted to connect it to Cloudflare which I’ve done in the past with an other page with success, but now I get error messages by Cloudflare saying:

An MX record was not found for your root domain. An MX record is required for mail to reach addresses

An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found for the www subdomain. The subdomain will not resolve.

Do I need to go to Dynadot and set additionally A, AAAA or CNAME records for the “www” as subdomain?

I get mails in and out without errors now. I didn’t set any MX records in Dynadot DNS settings. With using Cloudflare do I need to have them set?

Reliable software to record webcam videos longer than 5 hours?

i’m doing university exams over the next, and due to covid, I have to do them at home, and record. I need to be able to record for around 5 hours continuously, – if the video fails i’ll fail the exam. I’ve never done this before, and don’t know about any software / any limits on software I have. + I don’t have a camera, – only macbook.

domain name system – Is it “safe” to remove an old DKIM record?

I have some old DKIM records from when I used a sending service that I no longer use and I’m wondering if it’s safe to remove them.

The last time an email was sent via this service was over a year ago. Is there an acceptable timeframe after which it’s ok to remove these old records, or are signatures likely to be rechecked by Exchange or some other server at a later date?

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