azure: What is the recommended service if mariadb is built on a cloud server?

I want to build MariaDB on the cloud server.
I have now collected data from cryptocurrency time series on the local server.
But, now my server has been old, so I need alternatives.

In addition, I want to know how to use the service provided by large companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.
However, I am not familiar with them. I do not judge that what I want to do fits your service.

Please teach me what service I should use.

installation: recommended Drupal project missing Drush

I am looking to transform from drupal-project to recommended-project and seeing some difference in the folder structure.

drupal-project Contains a drush folder outside the & # 39; web & # 39; and & # 39; composer.json & # 39; contains the line "drush / drush": "^ 9.0.0".

Nevertheless, recommended-project You don't have this configuration although you could still install drush using composer require drush/drush. Drush is still not installed outside the & # 39; web & # 39 ;.

May I know why the configuration has changed and a way to have a drush folder outside of & # 39; web & # 39 ;?

Cannot install the nvidia-driver-390 recommended in 19.10

I'm having trouble logging in at 19.10 and following some suggestions (for example, ubuntu-18-04-stuck-in-login-loop-with-missing-xauthority-file), ubuntu-drivers devices show nvidia-driver-390 as recommended driver

When I sudo apt install_nvidia-driver-390 fails
enter the description of the image here

And trying sudo apt --fix-broken_install failure enter the description of the image here

How can i fix this? Thank you.

user expectation – Recommended web application practice: ephemeral session or sessions that expire?

While working on an application using Node.js and Express, I was finding an interesting and disconcerting problem in my UX tests. The application had session settings for "maxAge: 24 hours" and "ephemeral: true"; however, I discovered that neither of them was true, my session seemed to be always available unless I really disconnected.

A small investigation confirmed that, at least with the quick session, these 2 configurations do not work together. Further investigation reveals that in the world of UX, ephemeral and expiring sessions are like oil and water, for example: what is the purpose of having an expiring session if you are going to kill it when the browser closes and vice versa? I have been told that it would be a confusing UX to do both.

Now I am trying to determine which would be the best user experience. I realize that this may depend on the application. My application is a simple database administration interface. Users log in, they can manage tables in a database and that's it.

Should I put a maxAge in the session and expire them for inactive activity, or expire the session only when the browser is closed? I guess a short expiration after a period of time, ALSO covers the browser that is closing. On the other hand, a user can remain inactive for a period of time, while leaving the browser open, with the intention of returning to it. Which scenario provides the best end user experience that would be the least confusing?

android: Recommended framework for the development of multiplatform gamified utility applications?

What type of framework should I use to make a gamified utility application?

I need something with cross platform support.

My goal is to create a lightweight utility application that works similarly to

You must be able to handle a large number of users who are online at the same time.

It has to be light, fast and compatible with Android, iOS, web.

Is there a framework that works best for this?

They recommended me flutter and told me that Unity will be too "heavy" for the useful application.

Any other options?

Recommended approach to form errors

I am a little confused in terms of how to design flows for forms.

Let's consider a scenario

I have a form with fifteen fields (it is quite normal in my application). All these fields have their respective validations and corresponding error messages.

Now that there is a high probability that there may be multiple wrong fields, there will be multiple error messages returned by the API. I also have control over how the API returns those errors. Where I am stuck at the moment is if I only return the first error found or process the entire form and then return the error set. For me, both have their pros and cons.

But I'm not sure how others treat it in general. What would be a good practice? Would it be to process the complete form and then return the set of errors at once to save the multiple subsequent requests to complete the correction-submission-validation cycle or simply return the first error found?

What version of PHP is recommended to install in IIS version 10 of Windows Server 2016?

It turns out that we are going to update the WS 2008 R2 servers to the 2016 version, in the case of the 2008 R2 they have PHP version 5 and that is why I want to know which is the best version for 2016.

Greetings to all.

Recommended time for the global entry interview upon arrival?

When I arrived in New York JFK and wanted to do the interview on arrival, the officer told me that the waiting time would be around 1 hour, until another officer who could do the interview was available. This was in February 2019, just after the end of the closing. Then, with just 2 hours of connection time, I would ask them how long it would take, but it would prepare me to not be able to complete the interview in that period of time.

But another point that sounds strange to me: EoA counters are usually in the section where international flights arrive. Therefore, you must complete the regular immigration process anyway.

ios – Can I make the Xcode application icon 512×512 instead of the recommended 1024×1024?

I am following this tutorial on how to make icons for a React Native application using Xcode. It recommends using Icon Set Creator to create the icon set of various sizes for iOS and Android Asset Studio for Android. In both cases, they tell you to drag and drop their original icon, which applications will convert to icons of the size you need. The problem is that both say they use an original image of at least 1024×1024 pixels, but mine is 512×512.

One of the icons generated by the applications is 1024×1024, so I know that the image quality will be affected. What I want to know is, will it be a problem in practice? Does anyone know where that 1024×1024 image is used, and will it be a problem that the image quality is reduced by half for that icon?

html: is it recommended to put a price list on the same web page of a contact form?

I have a website that contains a pricelist website and a contact us web page that contains a simple contact form that contains the following mandatory fields:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Type of service the researcher is interested in (selected from a select list of up to five options)

A non-mandatory option field is also available to obtain a copy of the message in the applicant's email.

My problem

To further reduce the possibility of cognitive bias such as inconsistency between the price list and the contact form, I plan to join the two web pages into one.

I am not sure if this is a bad or good practice and I wonder what professional organizations or authorities (scientific or engineering) have concluded about this from a marketing point of view.


  • My price list page contains notes on international payment options and some other notes that make the page a little longer than a simple price table and is also divided into three chapters, each with another type of service.

  • An action I already took was to add (according to price list) Note as a text postfix in any selection field value, but that does not avoid the question about the merging of the two pages

My question

Is it recommended to put a price list on the same web page of a contact form (the contact form is below the price list)?